This test utilizes more indirect questions (compared to the typical tests on this site) to help you determine your Big 5/SLOAN and Jung personality type. It's an early beta version at this point.

Update: I've suspended development of this test for now (and removed it from the personality tests page). It will still be available at this link though (if people find it useful for whatever reason). The issue, I think, is that a test made up of entirely indirect items (specifically, items which all have a medium correlation to the target type traits) exponentially increases the amount of mistyping you would see normally on a test full of entirely high correlation items. So, it seems like for too many people it's not useful/accurate enough. If you want useful/accurate/challenging/scientific/cutting-edge, the two most advanced tests (on those metrics) on this site are the R-Drive test and the MOTIV test.


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