modus operandi: intuition, scientific method, regular exercise


music - cloud control, the vaccines, bear hands, radio dept, the envelopes, the shout out louds, koufax, interpol, nada surf, the anniversary, stephen malkmus, pavement, velocity girl, seam, chainsaw kittens, ben lee, weezer, modest mouse, built to spill, death cab for cutie, postal service, the shins, desaparecidos, julian cope, the magnetic fields, neds atomic dustbin, superdrag, low, sunny day real estate, replacements, grandaddy, pixies, frank black, local h, kitchens of distinction, sparta, swervedriver, stone roses, unrest, yo la tengo.

movies - metropolitan, the philadelphia story, north by northwest, your friends and neighbors, zero effect, rushmore, bottle rocket, american movie, rodger dodger, my man godfrey

thinkers - carl jung, erich fromm, aldous huxley, wilhelm reich

nonfiction - the greening of america, the holigraphic universe, fury on earth, next of kin, from good to great

fiction - separate peace, the rules of attraction, bright lights big city