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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a bloody mess, how can I fix that? Start working on the following two things
1. mental/existential health -
2. physical/organic health -

Are the tests free? yes, provided you take them directly on the similarminds website

Can I post a link to your tests on my website? yes

Can I have a paper version of one of your tests? The only printable test I have available is the Global 5-SLOAN test. This test is based on the dominant academic personality model (the Big 5) so it is ideal for research (please alert me or any research/project use and send me a copy of the results). You can download it here (an answer key is included). Global 5 Type summaries (for making sense of results) can be downloaded here. A 39 page manual on the Global 5 system can be downloaded here.

Can I use one of your tests on my website or in some other way? Not without my permission (although you can link to any test without permission). Email your requests/proposals to me. I am too busy to respond to everyone, so if I don't respond, the answer is no. You can then produce a better offer or accept the no. If you want to use a test for academic research (or a school project), the Global 5-SLOAN test linked above is available provided you inform me of your use and send me your research/project results.

- Tim Flynn