Global 5 Primary Type Descriptions

social | reserved | limbic | calm | organized | unstructuredaccommodating egocentric | non-curious | inquisitive

(11.4% of women; 8.4% of men)

more controlled than random, more logical than abstract, uncomfortable when things are imperfect, more grounded than in the clouds, overachiever, likes the security of working for a company, motivated, wants everything to add up perfectly, saves money instead of spending it, feels best when working, does not go to concerts frequently, feels success provides a good model/example for others, not a fan of political instability and revolution, /wants to be good, balanced, and have integrity; fears being corrupt, evil, or defective/, does not like to look weird, financially prudent, mature, prefers non fiction to fiction, not a big partier, values tradition, values hard work, anti-tattoos, purposeful, thinks of most things in terms of costs and benefits

*the descriptions listed here are made up of personality items people who scored high on this type scored higher on the above items compared to the average. (more info on construction )

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favored careers:

office administrator, administrator, office worker, business administrator, office manager, administrative assistant, financial planner, executive assistant, supervisor, administrative support, financial advisor, event planner, executive, business manager, office assistant, business analyst, business consultant, manager, account manager, financial analyst, financial manager, banker, management consultant, project manager, data analyst, secretary, ceo, legal assistant, government employee, legal secretary, clerical employee, investment banker, international business specialist, operations manager, consultant, wedding planner, human resources employee, personal assistant, health care worker, receptionist, nutritionist, human resources manager, event coordinator, database administrator, academic, bank teller, systems administrator, public health

disfavored careers:

rock star, professional musician, assassin, comedian, filmmaker, songwriter, entertainer, film producer, radio dj, artist, cartoonist, movie director, music industry, music performer, video game designer, freelance artist, disc jockey, comic book artist, game designer, music producer, performing arts, playwright, performer, music journalist, poet, bartender, actor, movie producer, arts and media, cinematographer, screenwriter, record producer, entertainment industry, freelance writer, tattoo artist, bar owner, record store owner, theater industry, film critic, film editor, animator

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