Jung Type Descriptions

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disorganized, timid, easily discouraged, socially uncomfortable, does not like leadership, easy to persuade, not self confident, not aggressive, lower energy, pessimistic, fearful, anxious, easily distracted, discontent, guarded, backs down when threatened, easy to fool, longs for a stabilizing relationship, overwhelmed by unpleasant feelings, easily disturbed, fears drawing attention to self, easily confused, private, second guesses self, quitter, underachiever, fears rejection in relationships, emotionally moody, sad

favored careers:

sports management, pediatrician, school teacher, carpenter, veterinary technician, singer, health educator, stay at home parent, hospitality worker, pastor, athlete, physician assistant, photographer, health care worker, shop assistant, stylist, website designer

disfavored careers:

professor, marketing, academic, criminal psychologist, politician, comic book artist, actor, psychoanalyst, dj, judge, entrepreneur, attorney

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*Jung types are based on the Myers-Briggs typology