R-Drive Personality Trait Descriptions



Maintaining my physical health is very important to me. .407
I dislike physical/manual labor of any kind. -.366
I am driven to live the healthiest life possible. .343
I can run very fast. .328
I am usually quite confident when learning a new game or sport. .318
I am energetic. .314
I have vigorous health. .306
I like to show off my body. .253
The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results. .249
I have a lot of will power. .245
I don't like doing manual labor. -.243
I like to look at my body. .241
If I was independently wealthy, I could be happy not working my whole life. -.233
I do a lot in my spare time. .232
Doing volunteer work is a waste of time. -.231
I feel drained after being out and about, even if I've enjoyed myself. -.223
I seek adventure. .216
I believe I can improve the world by influencing others. .215
I enjoy performing in front of people. .211
I would like to climb Mount Everest. .211
I spend lots of my free time playing video games. -.210 men
Most people are better than me. -.210
overweight -.210
I am happy with my life. .207
I like to conserve my energy. -.206
I find adventure seeking rewarding. .206
I generally watch sports on a weekly basis. .205
I like to be masculine. .205 (men)
When I'm not happy, I make changes to my life. .205
I take risks. .204
I see myself as dependable, self-disciplined. .202
I like to conceal my body. -.201
Optimism is my oxygen. .200
Skin diving in the ocean would be much too dangerous for me. -.200
Every day is a new adventure. .195
I am very skilled at achievement. .192
I talk to many different people at parties. .190
I would like to pursue a career in social justice. .185
My body is nothing special. -.185
If I meet someone I like, it's easy for me to ask them to hang out some time, i.e. initiate a friendship. .185
thin .185
I avoid spending my time just sitting around resting. .182
I accomplish a lot of work. .181
I find taking risks rewarding. .180
I am courageous. .178
I have the freedom to become something other than my circumstances would normally produce. .177
I'm not a big risk taker. -.176
If I had to choose, I'd prefer a weekend with absolutely nothing to do to one with too many things scheduled. -.176
I am in control of almost every aspect of my life. .174
I have little control over my own life. -.173
I like to look at myself in the mirror. .173
I am easily discouraged. -.170
I am a capable person. .170
I'm a born leader. .167
My need to be appreciated by others is very low. .167
I see myself as open to new experiences, complex. .167
I fear taking control, leading. -.166
I am optimistic. .166
I lack motivation. -.166
I see myself as calm, emotionally stable. .165
I want to leave a mark, do something that will have a real impact in the world. .163
I don't like doing menial labor. -.163
My formula for happiness is minimizing pain. -.162
I am elegant. .161
I have a defeatist outlook on life. -.160
I have a mature understanding of life. .159
I am fun. .159
No matter how bad life gets, I'll always fight though it. .158
I am flexible. .157
When I don't want to explain things I just say 'its complicated'. -.156
I find living my life rewarding. .156
I find having little to no responsibilities rewarding. -.155
I seek danger. .153
I tend to be the comedian around others. .153
I want to have an exciting life (stimulating experiences). .152
I am an outsider. -.152
If I was put in isolation with only food and water I would not last very long. -.152
I have almost no sex drive. -.150
I don't know who I am. -.149
I am good at setting goals. .149
must first approve of the job's larger impact on the world before I'll agree to perform it. .148
I make plans and stick to them. .147
I mostly live in the my head, not in the world. -.147
I am a grammar nazi. -.146
I almost never get sick. .146
I am generally a very happy person. .145
I have a very good reputation. .145
My needs for closeness and emotional safety overwhelm me. -.145
Anything is possible. .145
Being disliked by others causes me anxiety. -.144
I am more talented than average and thus have more responsibility to contribute to the world. .144
I focus more on the hearts of the whole world in determining the right choices to make. .143
I don't like to experience pain. -.143
I am unable to change who I am. -.142
I find being alive rewarding. .142
It is a disgrace to appear to be wrong. -.140
I see flaws/weaknesses as opportunites for fixes/improvements. .140
I like to stand during the national anthem. .139
I have high self esteem. .139
Life is significant (meaningful). .139
I don't like most people. -.139
It is hard for me to make a decision if I don't know how I feel about it. -.139
No matter how good things are I find something th complain about. -.139
I reveal little about myself. -.138
Boredom motivates me to do things. .138
I am aware at a detailed level of what is going on in my body including my emotional state. .137
I concentrate easily. .137
I usually fear for the worst.- .136
I like to educate others. .135
I can't handle romantic rejection. -.135
I am adaptable. .135
I am more outgoing than reserved. .134
I either love people or hate people. -.134
I find being around others for too long unrewarding. -.133
I try to conserve my energy. -.133
I like to start new fads and fashions. .132
I have a history of making and sticking to long term plans. .132
After a break up, I'd rather mourn the end of the relationship for months than move on with my life. -.132
I experience shame a lot. -.131
When I want something, I'll sometimes go out on a limb to get it. .131
I guide my life using religious scriptures. .131

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