R-Drive Personality Trait Descriptions



I would be happy if I could avoid change/risk. -.512
I am open to change. .503
I require novelty and change. .460
I need a varied life. .372
I take risks. .306
I love to think up new ways of doing things. .292
I seek adventure. .292
I'm not a big risk taker. -.291
I am adaptable. .289
I am easily discouraged. -.284
I avoid dangerous situations. -.283
I see myself as open to new experiences, complex. .275
I consider security an important element in every aspect of my life. -.273
I find taking risks rewarding. .260
I am flexible. .258
I feel comfortable around people. .256
I find adventure seeking rewarding. .253
I am willing to try anything once. .251
I want to leave a mark, do something that will have a real impact in the world. .251
Doing volunteer work is a waste of time. -.247
I have a fear of public speaking. -.247
I am inclined to rely more on improvisation. .238
I talk to many different people at parties. .228
Skin diving in the ocean would be much too dangerous for me. -.227
I stick to the rules. -.224
I try to experience life entirely in the moment. .224
I am unable to change my circumstances. -.221
I don't want to stand out. -.221
I am incapable of changing my circumstances. -.220
Taking risks does not bother me if the gains involved are high. .219
I believe I can improve the world by influencing others. .218
My formula for happiness is minimizing pain. -.218
I am courageous. .217
When I'm not happy, I make changes to my life. .214
I have difficulty enduring even a mild degree of conflict with those close to me. -.214
If I was independently wealthy, I could be happy not working my whole life. -.213
I fear taking control, leading. -.213
I feel drained after being out and about, even if I've enjoyed myself. -.213
I don't care what others think. .210
I am fun. .208
I'm a born leader. .208
I have high self esteem. .207
Change, when it occurs at all, follows long and arduous trying. -.205
I am unable to change who I am. -.203
I usually fear for the worst.- .201
I reveal little about myself. -.200
I find paths with uncertain outcomes unappealing. -.199
I worry about what people think of me. -.198
I am or would like to be a stay at home parent. -.194
I dislike physical/manual labor of any kind. -.194
I like to start new fads and fashions. .192
I am weak and need a stronger person to carry me through life. -.192
I am energetic. .192
Safety is very important to me. -.190
must first approve of the job's larger impact on the world before I'll agree to perform it. .190
I want everything to be 'just right.' -.188
I'm living in the past. -.187
I feel hugely anxious and self-conscious all the time. -.186
I understand people who think differently. .185
When my life doesn't make logical sense, I'm unhappy. -.185
I am good at making impromptu speeches. .185
My needs for closeness and emotional safety overwhelm me. -.185
I am generally a very happy person. .182
I avoid extremes of feeling and action. -.181
I tend to reject any thought, however logical, that might lead to a disturbance of feeling. -.181
I have a slow pace to my life. -.179
I judge my own and other peoples behavior according to cultural norms. -.178
I want to be different from others. .177
I can be clingy in a romantic relationship. -.177
I take existing ideas and link them together in new and interesting ways. .177
I wnt to form my own opinions. .177
My actions are predominately motivated by how they'll cause others to view me. -.177
Every day is a new adventure. .175
I prefer friends that challenge me and just think I'm ok to friends that don't challenge me and think I'm awesome. .174
I enjoy performing in front of people. .173
If a band I've seen and liked before is playing and another I like but haven't seen is too, I go to the one I haven't seen before. .172
In romantic relationships, it's normal for the girl to like the guy more. -.172 (women)
I focus more on the hearts of the whole world in determining the right choices to make. .172
I am a capable person. .171
I am more likely to avoid feeling certain things that will conflict with how I think. -.170
Being disliked by others causes me anxiety. -.170
It is hard for me to make a decision if I don't know how I feel about it. -.169
When I see a person I like connecting with someone else, it bothers me. -.169
I fear being judged by others. -.169
Freedom of action and thought is very important to me. .168
I am more outgoing than reserved. .168
I have the freedom to become something other than my circumstances would normally produce. .167
It is hard for me to make a decision if I don't know how others feel about it. -.165
I would never make a high risk investment. -.164
I have a defeatist outlook on life. -.164
I am more obedient than rebellious. -.163
I could be happy living anywhere. .162
I like performing and/or speaking in front of an audience. .162
I hold a grudge. -.161
I like to conceal my body. -.160
No matter how bad life gets, I'll always fight though it. .160
I'm a free spirit. .160
I feel it's OK that some people don't like me. .160
I love surprise parties. .159
I want to have an exciting life (stimulating experiences). .159
I enjoy being reckless. .158
I can't make it on my own. -.158
I don't like to draw attention to myself.- .158
I want to have an impact on people and events. .157
I like to show off my body. .157
Most people are better than me. -.157
Curiosity is my oxygen. .157
I find political discussions interesting. .156
When I'm depressed, I like to do nothing. -.155
I like things I can control. -.154
Being different is my oxygen. .154
I avoid thinking about certain things, because if I do, it will unsettle me. -.154
I don't like people to pry into my life for any reason. -.153
I tend to be the comedian around others. .153
I am optimistic. .152
If there is a problem in my life that would upset me to deal with / figure out, I'm prone to ignore/deny it's existence. -.151
I see flaws/weaknesses as opportunites for fixes/improvements. .151
I can be needy in a romantic relationship. -.151
I have a natural talent for influencing people. .150
I conform to others' opinions. -.150
I am dependent on my parents. -.150
I can't handle romantic rejection. -.149
I think I could have been happy ending up with any of the people I've seriously dated. -.149 (men)
When I'm in a relationship I pretty much stop seeing my friends. -.149
I have little control over my own life. -.147
I can run very fast. .147
I mostly live in the my head, not in the world. -.146
I get by on my looks. .146
No matter how good things are I find something th complain about. -.145
I am obedient to others. -.144
I focus entirely on avoiding romantic relationship rejection. -.144
I keep my thoughts to myself.- .142
I avoid spending my time just sitting around resting. .141
I don't like to experience pain. -.141
I am tolerant to different ideas and beliefs. .143
I am a serious person. -.142
I need another person similar to me to help get me through life. -.140
I am disinterested in sex. -.140
It is very important that I am liked and I will bend the truth if I have to to ensure that. -.139
I find being around others for too long unrewarding. -.139
I rarely feel self-conscious in a strange group. .138
I need to be needed. -.138
A person I know / have met is more real to me than a stranger. -.138
I am more likely to avoid thinking certain things that will upset how I feel. -.138
I repress my feelings. -.138
After a break up, I'd rather mourn the end of the relationship for months than move on with my life. -.138
I tend to defer-to/go-along with the wishes of others. -.138
Finding out my thinking about something important is wrong unsettles me. -.137
I prefer not to show my work or discuss it with others until it is finished. -.137
I tend to have an internal dislike/disdain for people that are more attractive than me. -.136
I don't like most people. -.136
Optimism is my oxygen. .136
I either love people or hate people. -.135
I don't like to be judged. -.134
I am highly ambitious. .134
I can live my life in any way I want to. .134
I search for and acknowledge any internal contradictions, then I amend my beliefs accordingly. .134
How I feel/think about myself does not rely on the opinions of others. .134
If something doesn't make logical sense there's a problem. -.133
I want to follow a path in life which is ambitious, unconventional, logical, beneficial to the world, and makes me happy. .133
I am intensely possessive. -.133
Anything is possible. .133
I tend to avoid situations that contradict my ideals. -.132
I get teary eyed easily. -.132
If I had to choose, I'd prefer a weekend with absolutely nothing to do to one with too many things scheduled. -.132
When I am depressed, I desire less social interaction. -.132
I am controlled by my environment. -.132
I sometimes feel as if I could sleep for a week. -.131
I believe in equality between all races. .131
I dislike conflict. -.131
Social justice is very important to me. .131
If I fix all my (imagined) external flaws, I can feel happy and lovable. -.130
I live a life based on ordered, deductive logic based on objective criteria and external hierarchies(status, prestige, etc.). -.130
I'm not a fan of subtitled (foreign) movies. -.127

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