R-Drive Personality Trait Descriptions



Logical thinking is my oxygen. .633
I focus entirely on making decisions logically. .599
feelings ooooo analysis .556
If something doesn't make logical sense there's a problem. .475
feels right ooooo makes sense .465
I am guided by definitions, logical deductions, or other nuggets of reasoning. .469
I am primarily motivated by the quest for logical purity. .446
I strive for internal logical consistency. .443
I make decisions based on specific real world metrics. .439
Nothing is more important than critical thinking. .419
I modify models and frameworks to accommodate new data, thereby preserving inner logical consistency. .407
I organize data and ideas into a logical internal framework or sets of categories. .400
Being logical makes me happy. .396
I logically determine sequences and priorities needed to efficiently complete a task of manage a program. .395
I live a life based on ongoing analysis, searching for definitive principles and mismatches thereof. .391
I am often skeptical, critical, and evaluative. .379
When my life doesn't make logical sense, I'm unhappy. .377
If I had to choose between an illogical path that I felt strongly drawn to and a logical path that I didn't feel strongly drawn to, I would choose the logical path. .375
systematic .374
brainiac .362
I do things in a logical order. .359
If I can't come up with rational reasons to do something, I don't do it. .354
I thrive on problem solving. .353
I often attack complicated material by separating it into components and analyzing it systematically. .353
rational 00000 irrational -.345
exact .342
systematic .341
I find analytical living rewarding. .341
I like clear goals and clear ways of measuring success. .339
I objectively measure the external world to achieve measurable goals. .337
factual .333
I recognize that the real world is exactly what it appears to be and work with data provided by it. .333
Super logical people annoy me. -.331
rational ooooo irrational -.329
diagnostic .325
I live a life based on ordered, deductive logic based on objective criteria and external hierarchies(status, prestige, etc.). .321
exact .318
I am quick to spot inconsistencies. .317
I trust my logic over the logic of others. .317
I plan my life logically. .309
I frequently look at past and current concrete situations and data. .307
An internally consistent feeling state is more important than an internally consistent logic/rationality. -.296
I love intellectual pursuits more than most other things in life. .295
I always know why I do things. .293
How I feel about things has greater influence on me than my logic. -.293
I quickly perceive similarities, differences, and anomalies. .289
investigative .283
If a life choice made logical sense to me I would stick with it no matter how unpopular or even unpleasant it made me feel. .276
gut 00000 evidence .274
fantasy 00000 reality .274
calm ooooo emotional -.272
I make decisions based on feelings. -.269
I find theoretical physics interesting. .269
I readily see cause-effect relationships. .267
One should always be willing to carry on the discussion in the opponent's terminology. .267
I am highly theoretical. .266
I am a serious person. .266
Others should be made to pay for their stupidity. .261
I'm the type of person that thinks of escaping into a world where everything is solved using equations. .260
professorial .259
I analyze and critique what doesn't fit with a well-defined principle. .258
You have to take things apart (figuratively and/or literally) to understand how they work. .256
I would be happy if I had a more logical undertanding of things. .255
Question everything, even question why you question everything. .254
My decisions involve extensive research. .251
I have a history of making and sticking to long term plans. .251
I find it rewarding to be very aware of my environment at all times. .251
I fine-tune a definition or concept to support a theory, perspective or framework. .250
categorizer .247
scholarly .245
expert .244
I value justice higher than mercy..243
People tell me that I am stiff. .241
My goal in life is omniscience. .239
I tend to think before I speak. .239
I search for and acknowledge any internal contradictions, then I amend my beliefs accordingly. .238
I see the world as it is. .237
I enjoy work that allows me to dive in with few interruptions. .237
I try to identify the reasons for my actions. .236
emotional control ooooo emotional overload -.236
I am more interested in intellectual pursuits than anything else. .235
orderly trait .234 (on triword 1.13)
studied .231
Only through the awareness of all possibilities am I fully satisfied. .231
Justice is very important to me. .230
literal .226
I love to read challenging material. .221
My intellectual interests define me. .218
I strive for internal consistency of my ideals/morals. .216
I am a learning engine. .215
intimacy ooooo isolation .214
I like to be viewed as proper and conventional. .211
I need to know how things work. .211
I purchase only practical things. .210
work ooooo play -.210
masculine .209
I strive for internal consistency of my feelings. .209
I am interested in science. .208
I review a lot of information over time to confirm what is customary or standard. .208
studious .207
People who have no utility to me, don't matter to me. .206
I avoid mistakes. .203
I see flaws/weaknesses as opportunites for fixes/improvements. .203
academic .203
I try to examine myself objectively. .200
I am highly self aware. .200
I tend to take precautions. .199
People have to be responsible for their own actions. .197
I am not easily affected by my emotions. .196
concrete .195
I am correct. .195
Life is a puzzle that I will figure out. .195
I like to be thought of as a normal kind of person. .194
I am very picky about movies. .191
Doing volunteer work is a waste of time. .190
I have a very good reputation. .189
math oooo art -.189
complex .188
I reveal little about myself. .187
I love to examine the unusual. .187
When I'm depressed, I desire things to make more sense. .186
depressed 00000 stressed .186
The world should be as I want it to be, but I can still be happy if/when it isn't. .186 (men)
I am a cold person. .185
planner ooooo spontaneous -.184
theoretical oooo proven .184
Use only that which works, and take it from any place you can find it. .182
self-reliant .181
I don't like people to pry into my life for any reason. .181
Rules are rules. .181
I value females over males. -.181 (male)
I find being in control rewarding. .181
The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results. .181
Winning is very important to me. .180
When it comes to romantic attraction, captivating my mind is more important than captivating my heart. .180
I would never want to have more than one or two kids. .179
I grew up in a parent centered household. .179 men
The definition of a good agreement is one that benefits me and the other party equally. .178
People who are more capable should carry more responsbility. .177
wise .177
I am a private person. .177
I like things I can control. .177
I find it rewarding to let my feelings guide me in life. -.177
I dislike being the center of attention. .176
I find being in control rewarding. .176
I don't feel I deserve anything but I will aim to attain/accomplish anything I am interested in attaining/accomplishing. .176
accountable .176
born leader .176
I like to solve complex problems. .175
I have a lot of theories. .175
I am always prepared. .174
The external is merely a means/template for which my internal reinforces itself. .173
I find reinforcement within myself, not others. .172
I find being in control rewarding. ,172
I like to dress in a neutral way. .171
I go out of my way to attend educational events. .171
People tell me that I am cold. .171
I concentrate easily. .170
I am very picky about music. .169
I have contempt for people that are inferior to me. .169
I am exacting in my work. .168
I like order. .168
If I think something I'm attracted to might cause me pain, I avoid it. .168
In romantic relationships, I tend to make more of the big/important decisions. .168
I let my feelings strongly guide me. -.167
I am very serious. .167
I learn quickly. .166
I am very careful. .166
Integrity is more important than loyalty. .166
I'm not interested in friendships I can't control. .165
I always know how I feel. .165
It is very important for me to maintain my preferred internal feeling state(s). .165
I notice whether the details in front of me match what I am accustomed to. .164
Privacy is very important to me. .164
I seek quiet. .163
I believe in being accountable. .163
I do things when I'm supposed to do them. .163
Colleagues are competitors. .162
I always know how to act..162
more authentic 00000 more presigious .161
I'm always conflicted between being authentic and being polite. .161
I value males over females. .160 (men)
When I determine someone I'm romantically involved with isn't the type of person I want to be with, I move on. .160
My own happiness and success are more important than the happiness and success of others.- -.160
I compare an experience against a storehouse of familiar experiences to find what's reliable. .159
People are things to be used. .159
I fix my own problems. .158
As long as I still want something, I keep trying different things until I succeed. .158
I feel perfectly justified in getting my way, all the time. .158
I find it rewarding to put my life in the hands of fate. -.158
I focus entirely on avoiding the spotlight. .157
People are so boring and predictable. .156
I am selfless/considerate when it comes to those close to me but selfish/inconsiderate when it comes to strangers. .156
I don't trust others. .156
explanatory .153
I want to follow a path in life which is ambitious, unconventional, logical, beneficial to the world, and makes me happy. .153
I focus entirely on getting my own way, helping myself. .153
I fulfill the same regular work or activity everyday at a comfortable pace. .152
I would like to be a politician. .152
I like to be alone. .151
Pleasure (the gratification of my desires) is very important to me. .151
Rules are rules. .151
I tend to prefer liberal political candidates. .151
I have a heart of stone. .151
I transform myself by focusing inward on a specific way I foresee I will need to be. .150
extravagant ooooo minimalist .150
I try to identify the reasons for the actions of others. .149
I want everything to be 'just right.' .149
It's difficult to get me excited. .149
I strive for internal consistency of my ideals/morals. .149
I am very private. .149
I believe everything happens for a reason. -.148
I have a lot of will power. .148
I am very particular about who/how I am, but it's entirely for me, not to please/impress anyone else on this planet. .148
I have a plan for my future. .147
I make plans and stick to them. .147
I put zero effort into what I wear. .147
I avoid extremes of feeling and action. .146
I see myself as dependable, self-disciplined. .146
Strict observance of the established rules is likely to prevent a good outcome. .146
I seek out the patterns of the universe. .138
I have a lot of fun. -.145
questioning .145
I am highly aware of my immediate surroundings and using my five senses (hearing, sight, smell, touch, taste) to immediately react to them. .145
external 00000 internal .144
I am determined to have my own way. .144
I spend a lot of time analyzing myself. .144
I am a perfectionist. .144
I frequently get lost for long periods working on one of my intellectual projects. .144
I will never be satisfied until I get all that I deserve. .144
open ooooo private .144
I am right, others are wrong. .144
I don't talk unless I have something meaningful to say. .144
I meet my obligations. .143
Truth is best found externally. .143
I see myself as calm, emotionally stable. .143
I frequently look at possibilities and meanings behind things. .143
brutally honest .143
I operate based on an ideology. .142
I dislike small talk, but I enjoy talking in depth about topics that matter to me. .142
I see most people in my life as replaceable. .142
I find independence/autonomy rewarding. .142
minimize pain ooooo maximize pleasure -.141
Happiness is about self improvement not ascending the social hierarchy. .141
I detest being dependent. .140
I am in control of almost every aspect of my life. .140
Morality is relative. .140
I have always achieved at the top of my class academically. .139
I apply leverage to a situation to solve a problem impersonally using minimal effort. .139
I would hate to be considered odd or strange. .139
altruistic ooooo non-altruistic .139
I am frugal. .139
I am obsessed with perfection. .139
My need to be appreciated by others is very low. .139
witty .138
I am dutiful. .138
I enjoy being thought of as a normal "mainstream" person. .137
I believe that I am better than others. .137
My own happiness and success are more important than the happiness and success of others.- -.137
I am the life of the party. -.136
I am very skilled at achievement. .136
I have a need to appear better than others. .136
I jump into things without thinking. -.136
I do things when I should do them. .136
Architecture interests me a great deal..136
I am more talented than average and thus have more responsibility to contribute to the world. .136
I am fun. -.135
It would be nice to have allies. .135
My ego is bigger than my heart. .134
The truth is more important than my image. .134
I find non-analytical living rewarding. -.133
I don't enjoy most people but I'm still very happy. .133
I am good at everything I do. .132
I live inside my head. .132
I can be callous. .132
I am ruled by my emotions. -.132
People tell me that I am distant. .132
I have taught myself to stuff and disconnect from my own feelings for years. .132
Curiosity is my oxygen. .132
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. .131
I would be happy if I could avoid change/risk. .131
Knowing who you are = knowing what makes you happy. .131
I frequently attempt to conceive the future, possible contingences, and significance of things. .131
I follow directions. .130
self-interested ooooo othercentric -.130
rely on self ooooo rely on others -.130
'Bohemians' and people who lead wild lives are just unwilling to accept the fact that some kinds of social controls are necessary (for example, laws concerning what you can wear on the street). .129
I like to downplay my merits to others. .125

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