R-Drive Personality Trait Descriptions



I am or have been a regular smoker or drinker (alcohol). .541
Many of the people I've been close friends with have been smokers or heavy drinkers (alcohol). .438
I have addictive tendencies .384
I am good at resisting temptation. -.344
I break rules .306
I engage in daily acts of rebellion. .306
I seek out pleasure. .301
Pleasure (the gratification of my desires) is very important to me. .291
I'm impulsive in my actions. .291
I have good self restraint. -.290
If a certain behavior benefited me but had a negative effect on the world, I would still engage in it. .287
I like feeling a heightened sense of pleasure. .268
I am prone to escapism. .265
I go on binges. .262
I confuse commitment with engulfment. .259
I focus entirely on getting attention. .253
When I want something, I want it right away. .248
I seek danger. .247
Life is a game. .246
I am a theist. -.244
I focus entirely on being more attractive/perfect than others. .244
I'm the type that needs to burn my hand on a hot stove to learn to stop putting my hand on a hot stove. .242
I would associate with someone whose behavior had a negative effect on the world if that association was beneficial to me. .238
I have a lot of self restraint. -.238
I enjoy being reckless. .235
I am sexually aroused by things that I think are bad. .233
I try to maximize pleasure. .230
I am on the right path in life. -.229
I have not sorted things out yet. .229
The normal rules don't apply to me. .228
I have kept people on the hook who I had no interest in romantically because I enjoyed the attention. .228
I can be demanding in a romantic relationship. .228
I become obsessed with manipulating how others feel about me. .227
In private, I like being naked. .226
I will cheat in order to win. .226
I disregard others and look down on them with an arrogant eye. .226
I would have no problem taking a large amount of money to work for a corrupt corporation. .224
I care about being sexually attractive to others. .224
When I'm depressed I don't have much attention to give. .223
I can be clingy in a romantic relationship. .223
I know how to get around the rules. .222
My desires exceed my consideration. .220
Money can buy happiness. .220
I enjoy being reckless. .219
Enjoyment of life (food, sex, leisure, etc.) is very important to me. .218
I would prefer to achieve eternal fame and die at 40 to living an ordinary life till 100. .215
I make decisions historically on what I think is / will be the most fun. .215
My sex drive is very high. .214
I am very sexual. .213
Rules are rules. -.211
I am insane. .211
I need a push to get started. .207
I enjoy lying, duping others. .207
spender ooooo saver -.210
I can be needy in a romantic relationship. .210
My image is more important than the truth. .210
If I feel bad in a relationship, I tend to think/feel it's the other person's fault. .209
I find appearing better than others rewarding. .207
My needs for closeness and emotional safety overwhelm me. .205
I ridicule others. .202
I find getting attention rewarding. .201
I meet my obligations. -.200
I see myself as calm, emotionally stable. -.200
I live life as it comes without any long term plan. .200
I have identity issues. .200
I support my teammates or fellow group members. -.199
I have a need to appear better than others. .199
My self esteem is based on how attractive I am to others. .199
I find it easy to manipulate others. .197
I have a bad temper. .197
I feel lost. .196
I always want to know everything about my new friends and nothing of my old. .196
I rebel against authority. .195
I am willing to try anything once. .195
I am hot-headed (overtly or covertly). .195
I will have sex whenever my romantic parnter wants to have sex. .194
I want to stand out. .193
If it feels better to do A than B, I will do A everytime. .192
My need to be loved may exceed my capacity to love. .192
I am right, others are wrong. .192
I shoot my mouth off. .191
I enjoy hurting others. .191
I have little control over life. .188
I attack others. .188
Physical immortality, never aging/deteriorating physically, appeals to me. .187
Taking risks does not bother me if the gains involved are high. .187
I focus more on being liked (being attractive) than what I like (what I find attractive). .187
I like to be viewed as proper and conventional. -.186
I control others. .186
I enjoy duping/decieving people. .186
I am impatient. .186
I like to show off. .186
I tend to spend more money than I have.- -.185
I express my affection physically. .185
I have or want to get a tattoo. .185
I get upset when people don't notice how I look when I go out in public. .185
I like losing myself in things. .184
atheist oooo theist -.184
I do too little work. .184
I have a defeatist outlook on life. .184
I'd rather put problems/mistakes behind me, instead of taking responsibility for them / figuring out what caused them. .183
Saving money is not in my nature.- -.183
Safety is very important to me. -.183
I am a considerate jerk. .182
It is very important that I am liked and I will bend the truth if I have to to ensure that. .182
If everyone in the world was like me, the world would probably self destruct. .182
I like to rebel for the sake or rebellion. .180
I am reliable. -.180
I like to antagonize others. .180
When I see a person I like connecting with someone else, it bothers me. .180
I don't know what will make me happy. .179
Romantically, I imagine abandoning behavior, even when/where it doesn't exist. .179
I am self-centered. .179
I don't pretend to be more than I am. .178
The person who likes least, cares least, in a relationship has the most power. .178
I am unable to commit to anything for very long. .178
I see myself as dependable, self-disciplined. -.178
I would be happy if I was more physically attractive/perfect. .178
A lot of people want to have sex with me. .177
I am intensely possessive. .177
I lack motivation. .177
I am prone to excess. .175
I seek adventure. .175
I feel hugely anxious and self-conscious all the time. .174
When I'm depressed, I like to do nothing. .174
I mostly live in the my head, not in the world. .174
People tell me that I am distant. .173
open ooooo reserved -.173
The illusion of internal correctness is more important than being correct..173
Jobs are for suckers. .172
I should never be frustrated, life should be easy. .172
I always notice the most attractive person in the room. .172
I hurt people. .171
I focus entirely on getting my own way, helping myself. .171
I have romantically cheated on a significant other. .171
I avoid considering how I feel about certain things, because if I do, it will unsettle me. .170
I have a short fuse. .170
I believe vengeance is sometimes necessary. .169
I find controlling others rewarding. .169
I prefer to date people who I feel are superior to me. .169 women
I follow a schedule. -.168
I have boundary issues. .168
I spend a lot of time thinking about food. .169
I am more obedient than rebellious. -.168
I am preoccupied with myself. .167
I am happy with my life. -.167
I try to experience life entirely in the moment. .167
I need to be needed. .167
If I fix all my (imagined) external flaws, I can feel happy and lovable. .167
I can be condescending to people. .166
If I don't reply to a text message, I probably don't want to talk to the person again. .166
My need to be appreciated exceeds my capacity to appreciate others. .166
I find having little to no responsibilities rewarding. .166
My parents want to be closer to me than I want to be with them. .166
I am unorthodox. .166
open ooooo private -.166
I am humble. -.166
It is entirely possible that no one I romantically loved enough to stick with would love me enough to stick with..165
I am physically attracted to my own gender. .165
I do things when I feel like doing them. .165
I am determined to have my own way. .165
I take risks. .163
I have learned to behave helplessly. .163
Things that make me unattractive to others should be changed. .163
I have taught myself to stuff and disconnect from my own feelings for years. .163
Sometimes rules should be bent. .162
I want to have an exciting life (stimulating experiences). .162
I like to have power over others. .162
I feel I must respect the decisions made by my group. -.161
I find adventure seeking rewarding. .161
I value beauty the most. .161
I either love people or hate people. .161
I require a certain amount of attention. .161
When in school, I rarely tried bluffing my way through an assignment. -.161
I will often do things for no other reason than that they might be fun. .160
I am physically attracted to my own gender. .160 (women)
I do things when I'm supposed to do them. -.160
I would be more motivated if the world was more attractive. .160
I embrace disdain. .160
I love exploring abstract concepts. .159
I find taking risks rewarding. .159
The future is always uncertain. .159
My philosophy on what I like is - Iíll know it when I see it. .159
I get by on my looks. .159
I believe that I am better than others. .159
I live inside my head. .159
I prefer to initiate hooking up more often than my partner in a romantic relationship. .159
I would never go hang gliding or bungee jumping. -.158
I rarely overindulge.- -.157
I am the product of circumstance. .157
I know I could be happy if I could trade places with certain people. .157
I can usually talk my way out of anything. .157
I go out of my way to get things I want. .157
I am dutiful. -.157
I have a broad outlook on what is going on. .157
If getting a face tattoo ensure high status for me, I'd probably get one. .156
I get upset easily.- -.155
I prefer romantic partners that enhance my image. .155
My mother was controlling and critical. .155
I believe in sexual modesty. -.154
I am apathetic. .154
I am fascinated with myself. .154
When I am depressed, I seek out more attention. .154
I amuse others. .154
I spend a lot of time analyzing myself. .154
I have been duped/burned before by someone I cared about. .153
I am driven to live the healthiest life possible. -.153
I have contempt for people that are inferior to me. .153
No matter how good things are I find something th complain about. .153
I enjoy being thought of as a normal "mainstream" person. -.153
I avoid dangerous situations. -.153
People tell me that I am cold. .153
I don't know who I am. .153
I would never make a high risk investment. -.153
I am the life of the party. .152
I prefer sexually dominant romantic partners. women .152
My religious faith is important to me. -.151
Early in a relationship, I can quickly discern what's important to someone I like, and become that. .151 women .04 men
My parents were affectionate with each other but not with me. .151
I like to show off my body. .151
I usually fear for the worst.- -.150
I don't know what I want. .150
I tend to think of the world in terms of how it relates to myself. .149
Physical beauty is truth. .148
I get what I want by controlling others. .148
I create theories for the sake of theories. .148
I expend a lot of energy maintaining my internal view of things. .148
I am inclined to rely more on improvisation. .148
Sex is a little overrated.- .147
I view obligation as a position of weakness and vulnerability to other's control. .147
I am willing to take risks to establish a relationship. .147
I don't know why I do some of the things I do. .146
I tend to be prone to intrusiveness. .146
Even the prospect of something better romantically, can eclipse past romantic interests. .146
If someone I was in a relationship with wanted to play out a rape fantasy, I would be into that. .146
I avoid thinking about certain things, because if I do, it will unsettle me. .146
I would not associate with someone whose behavior had a negative effect on the world. -.146
My trajectory in life is downhill. .145
When I'm in a relationship I pretty much stop seeing my friends. .145
When I want something from someone I can be very nice, when I don't I can be very mean. .145
I have tended to date people who are meaner than me. .145 (women)
My belief in God affects my life. -.144
When I'm in a relationship that I prefer to a recent one, I still occasionally think fondly of the recent one. .144
If there is a problem in my life that would upset me to deal with / figure out, I'm prone to ignore/deny it's existence. .144
I hold a grudge. .144
Super logical people annoy me. .144
I do things when I should do them. -.144
I have a lot of will power. -.144
I felt rejected by my father. .144
I an unhappy if I don't have the upper hand in Romantic relationships. .144
I think of myself as a commodity. .143
I would be better off dead. .143
I like to demean other people. .143
I have a morose sense of humor. .143
I am weak and need a stronger person to carry me through life. .143
I hang around doing nothing. .142
Others should be made to pay for their stupidity. .142
I can get pretty much anyone to like me romantically. .142
A promising first date makes me more nervous than an important interview. .142
I fear being controlled. .142
I tend to have an internal dislike/disdain for people that are more attractive than me. .142
I find submissive types very attractive romantically. .142
I tend to alternately push people away and pull them back. .142
Beauty is what I seek. .141
I can make anybody believe anything I want them to. .141
I am an outsider. .141
I'm alternative. .141
I would never cheat on my taxes. -.140
I focus entirely on avoiding romantic relationship rejection. .140
I'm uncomfortable having friends that are better looking than me. .140
I am physically attracted to my own gender. .140 (men)
At a certain point in my life I distanced myself from my parents (and I remain distant). .140
I like the band The Pixies. .140
I find it easy to manipulate others. .139
After a break up, I'd rather mourn the end of the relationship for months than move on with my life. .139
I experience shame a lot. .139
I bullied people growing up. .139
I concentrate easily. -.139
Use only that which works, and take it from any place you can find it. .139
You can never have too much money. .138
I like order. -.137
I have a history of health problems. .137
I am dependable. -.137
I have a sense of entitlement. .137
I am very sarcastic. .137
Physical chemistry is the most important quality in who I like romantically. .137
I honor my parents and elders. -.136
I can be insensitive to the feelings of others. .136
Being in control is the most important thing in a romantic relationship. .136
I'm jealous of people that I think are better than me. .136
I often act on the spur of the moment. .135
Being disliked by others causes me anxiety. .135
I use anger to control people and situations. .135
I was in to skate boarding when I was younger. .135 .135
I like the band The Pixies. .134
I take more than I give. .134
I let my feelings strongly guide me. .134
If you get me talking about a subject I'm interested in, I might go on for awhile. .134
I'm always willing to try something new if I think it will be fun. .134
My formula for happiness is maximizing pleasure. .134
Talented people shouldn't have to work hard. .134
I want to be in relationship with someone that thinks I'm awesome. .134
I'm always conflicted between being authentic and being polite. .133
I will never be satisfied until I get all that I deserve. .133
Romantically, the burden is on the other person to prove they love me. .133
I have no respect for the status quo. .133
I believe in letting people be who they are, even if I really care about them, even if who they are is killing them. .133
Finding out my thinking about something important is wrong unsettles me. .133
If I can't come up with rational reasons to do something, I don't do it. -.133
When I am depressed, I desire more attention. .132
I am an ethical person. -.131
Defending my own ideas is very important. .131
I believe in a universal power or god. -.130
The world should be as I want it to be. .127

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