R-Drive Personality Trait Descriptions



I am dependent on the support and nurturance of others. -.315
I fix my own problems. .322
I can't make it on my own. -.281
I need others to assume some responsibility in areas of my life. -.284
I find reinforcement within myself, not others. .274
I don't like to accept help from anyone.- -.274
I am self sufficient. .266
I work best alone. .244
I detest being dependent. .244
I am very skilled at achievement. .243
I can't allow myself to need anyone. .241
I do my best work alone. .232
I ask for help. -.229
I am independent to a fault. .228
I trust my logic over the logic of others. .227
I can't do without the company of others. -.226
I have a lot of will power. .219
I recharge by being alone. .218
I get things done quickly. .215
I like to be alone. .214
I am in control of almost every aspect of my life. .212
I need the approval of others. -.21
I complete tasks successfully. .211
I don't trust others. .211
When I am depressed, I seek out more attention. -.205
I copy others. -.202
I find independence/autonomy rewarding. .202
I thrive on problem solving. .202
I work hard. .198
I feel it's OK that some people don't like me. .150
I keep others at a distance. .195
I don't ever want to grow up. -.192
conventional 00000 unconventional .192
I rely on assurances from others. -.191
I don't let anyone get too close to me. .191
I am dependent on my parents. -.190
I am always busy. .189
I prefer to keep people at a distance. .188
I take the initiative. .187
I reveal little about myself. .187
I am courageous. .187
I focus entirely on making decisions logically. .180
I am very private. .178
I don't talk unless I have something meaningful to say. .178
People are so boring and predictable. .177
I love to be complimented.- .176
I get confused easily. -.176
I prefer to be alone. .174
I require a certain amount of attention. -.174
I see most people in my life as replaceable. .173
I could be happy alone. .172
I continue until everything is perfect. .171
Being disliked by others causes me anxiety. -.171
If I was put in isolation with only food and water I would not last very long. -.170
I live life on my own terms. .169
I accomplish a lot of work. .169
I know that to survive I need to be needed. -.168
I see myself as dependable, self-disciplined. .168
I need another person similar to me to help get me through life. -.168
I don't care what others think. .167
I am quick to spot inconsistencies. .167
My need to be appreciated by others is very low. .167
I seek quiet. .166
I am messy.- .166
I make friends easily. .166
I am weak and need a stronger person to carry me through life. -.166
Achieving an aim or task gives me greater satisfaction than receiving praise or recognition. .166
I reveal little about myself. .165
I always know why I do things. .165
I enjoy being part of a group. -.163
I don't always do what I say I will do.- .151
I am always prepared. .163
I am good at everything I do. .174
I keep my emotions under control. .161
Nothing is more important than critical thinking. .161
I avoid being indebted to anyone or anything. .160
I always know how to act. .160
I find pleasure in isolation. .160
I don't let anyone get too close to me. .159
I seldom get emotional. .159
I don't like to be vulnerable. .159
I am better in a relationship than alone. -.159
It's difficult to get me excited. .159
I push myself very hard to succeed. .158
I am easily intimidated. -.158
I am a serious person. .158
If something is not meaningful to me, I will not pursue it regardless of how pleasurable it might be. .158
I have a strong need for feedback on my achievements and progress. -.158
I rarely overindulge.- -.157
I have a history of making and sticking to long term plans. .157
I need a push to get started. -.156
I'm a born leader. .156
I don't like people to pry into my life for any reason. .156
If someone I romantically like says they are not interested in me enough to pursue things, I move on. .155
I can handle complex problems. .154
I do not need the validation of my parents. .154
I have taught myself to stuff and disconnect from my own feelings for years. .154
I don't make excuses when I screw up. .154
I feel best when I am working. .153
I find it rewarding to be very aware of my environment at all times. .153
I crusade for what is right even if it creates tension with the external world and may endanger a personal relationship. .153
I work hard. .152
I am addicted to attention. -.152
I prefer friends that challenge me and just think I'm ok to friends that don't challenge me and think I'm awesome. .152
I take more than I give. .152
I am a cold person. .152
Logical thinking is my oxygen. .151
I plan my life logically. .150
I don't think anyone is awesome. .150
I purchase only practical things. .150
I expect other people to entertain me. -.150
I am a private person. .150
My best same sex friends have been more interesting to talk to than my best romantic partners. -.149 (women)
I express my affection physically. -.147
I focus entirely on getting my own way, helping myself. .147
I logically determine sequences and priorities needed to efficiently complete a task of manage a program. .147
My decisions involve extensive research. .147
I am a capable person. .147
I quickly perceive similarities, differences, and anomalies. .147
I learn quickly. .146
I do things I later regret. -.146
I don't care what others think. .146
I act without consulting others. .145
I find other people unrewarding. .145
I'd prefer one day with someone I really loved and 355 days of hanging out alone to hanging out with someone I liked a little less for 365 days. .144
Other people energize me. -.142
Approval is very important to me. -.143
People tell me that I am distant. .143
I don't care if people think I'm awesome. .143
I'm standoff-ish. .142
My goal in life is omniscience. .142
I do things when I should do them. .142
I have very good instincts. .142
I see the world as it is. .142
I often attack complicated material by separating it into components and analyzing it systematically. .142
I often eat too much. -.141
If I was to design my own house, I would design it to resemble others houses that I really liked (which I had seen in person or in pictures). -.141
I find having little to no responsibilities rewarding. -.141
I always honor my promises to others. .128
I need to know how things work. .140
I look up to no one. .140
I enjoy being part of a group. -.139
I fear taking control, leading. -.139
I don't care what others think. .139
I take existing ideas and link them together in new and interesting ways. .139
I am more interested in intellectual pursuits than anything else. .139
I am not easily affected by my emotions .139
I have a heart of stone. .139
I modify models and frameworks to accommodate new data, thereby preserving inner logical consistency. .138
I make decisions based on specific real world metrics. .138
I make decisions based on feelings. -.138
I enjoy work that allows me to dive in with few interruptions. .138
I complain a lot. -.138
I swim against the current. .137
It is hard for me to make a decision if I don't know how others feel about it. -.137
I don't know what I'm doing with my life. -.137
I remain in touch with what I want for myself, what motivates me, and what is good. .137
I am sure of my ground. .137
I worry about what people think of me. -.136
When I am depressed, I desire less attention. .136
My needs for closeness and emotional safety overwhelm me. -.136
I go out of my way to attend educational events. .135
Question everything, even question why you question everything. .135
I do things when I'm supposed to do them. .134
I am a very organized person. .133
It is hard for me to make a decision if I don't know how I feel about it. -.133
I believe in being accountable. .133
Super logical people annoy me. -.133
I value internal rewards/validation more than external rewards/validation. .133
I am a physical coward. -.132
In most things, I generally try very hard. .132
My friends are very similar to me. -.132
People have to be responsible for their own actions. .132
I pay attention to details. .132
I try to identify the reasons for the actions of others. .131
I have a mature understanding of life. .131
I have not sorted things out yet. -.131
Nothing is more important than freedom. .131
I am highly ambitious. .131
It's better to undershare than overshare personal info. .128
I am not familiar with failure. .130
People tell me that I am cold. .130
I concentrate easily. .130
I don't like to feel left out. -.130
I recharge by being with other people. -.130
I remain calm under pressure. .130

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