R-Drive Personality Trait Descriptions



meticulous ooooo forgetful -.454
I get chores done right away. .442
I do things when I'm supposed to do them. .424
I do things when I should do them. .413
I make plans and stick to them. .403
I meet my obligations. .374
I am good at setting goals. .368
I see myself as dependable, self-disciplined. .365
planner ooooo spontaneous -.361
I accomplish a lot of work. .357
I have a history of making and sticking to long term plans. .334
I am driven to live the healthiest life possible. .325
I am dutiful. .321
I do too little work. -.316
I organize data and ideas into a logical internal framework or sets of categories. .303
I like clear goals and clear ways of measuring success. .300
I have not sorted things out yet. -.295
I stick to the rules. .294
I am reliable. .285
I lack motivation. -.284
I enjoy being reckless. -.268
I am almost never late for my appointments. .267
I logically determine sequences and priorities needed to efficiently complete a task of manage a program. .268
I have a very good reputation. .266
I do things when I feel like doing them. -.264
I am dependable. .253
I live life as it comes without any long term plan. -.252
work ooooo play -.251
I focus entirely on making decisions logically. .251
I respect authority. .249
I find having little to no responsibilities rewarding. -.244
I am a perfectionist. .241
I consider security an important element in every aspect of my life. .240
I am inclined to rely more on improvisation. -.239
I believe in being accountable. .236
I live a life based on ordered, deductive logic based on objective criteria and external hierarchies(status, prestige, etc.)..232
I am in control of almost every aspect of my life. .231
I am very skilled at achievement. .228
I want everything to be 'just right.' .227
I need a push to get started. -.223
If everyone in the world was like me, the world would probably self destruct. -.217
When I'm not happy, I make changes to my life. .217
I enjoy lying, duping others. -.217
I hang around doing nothing. -.215
If I had to choose between an illogical path that I felt strongly drawn to and a logical path that I didn't feel strongly drawn to, I would choose the logical path. .215
I am a serious person. .215
I have a lot of will power. .214
I am unable to commit to anything for very long. -.213
I am happy with my life. .213
I concentrate easily. .213
Jobs are for suckers. -.212
I have good self restraint. .211
My decisions involve extensive research. .209
Safety is very important to me. .207
math oooo art -.207
I am aware at a detailed level of what is going on in my body including my emotional state. .206
I have little control over life. -.200
When in school, I rarely tried bluffing my way through an assignment. .200
I like to stand during the national anthem. .200
I have little control over my own life. -.203
I am always busy. .199
I have a lot of self restraint. .195
Maintaining my physical health is very important to me. .193
I always know how to act. .193
I am more obedient than rebellious. .192
I honor my parents and elders. .190
I mostly live in the my head, not in the world. -.188
I am good at resisting temptation. .183
I objectively measure the external world to achieve measurable goals. .182
I see myself as calm, emotionally stable. .181
I find not having to be in control rewarding. -.180
The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results. .178
I feel lost. -.177
I do a lot in my spare time. .176
No matter how bad life gets, I'll always fight though it. .175
I have high self esteem. .171
I don't know who I am. -.170
I am obsessed with perfection. .170
I'd rather put problems/mistakes behind me, instead of taking responsibility for them / figuring out what caused them. -.170
I am a capable person. .17
I am insane. -.169
I find being in control rewarding. .169
I can manage many things at the same time. .168
I'm impulsive in my actions. -.168
I create theories for the sake of theories. -.166
I often attack complicated material by separating it into components and analyzing it systematically. .166
I modify models and frameworks to accommodate new data, thereby preserving inner logical consistency. .165
National security (i.e. protection from anything that would hurt my country) is very important to me. .164
I don't know what will make me happy. -.163
I always know how I feel. .163
I find believing in myself rewarding. .163
I am an ethical person. .161
I avoid spending my time just sitting around resting. .158
My life has never been better than it is now. .158
I have vigorous health. .157
Helping others is my oxygen. .157
It is entirely possible that no one I romantically loved enough to stick with would love me enough to stick with. -.156
I believe that we should be tough on crime. .155
I don't know my heart. -.155
I don't know what I want. -.155
I am generally a very happy person. .154
I am highly ambitious. .154
I'm the type that needs to burn my hand on a hot stove to learn to stop putting my hand on a hot stove. -.154
I lack conviction. -.151
I get upset easily.- .151
I see flaws/weaknesses as opportunites for fixes/improvements. .151
I hide/conceal my strengths/advantages. -.149
I am prone to escapism. -.148
I guide my life using religious scriptures. .147
I find it very hard to lie. .147
I am an outsider. -.147
I am sincere. .147
I am very serious. .146
innovate ooooo maintain .144
I tend to think before I speak. .144
I spend lots of my free time playing video games. -.144
I frequently look at past and current concrete situations and data. .144
People have to be responsible for their own actions. .144
I like to look at my body. .143
I am close to my parents. .143
Life is a game. -.143
I am self sufficient. .142
Optimism is my oxygen. .142
My body is nothing special. -.141
I find living my life rewarding. .141
People tell me that I am distant. .140
I make decisions based on specific real world metrics. .139
I am on the right path in life. .138
I am impatient. -.138
It is hard for me to make a decision if I don't know how others feel about it. .138
As long as I still want something, I keep trying different things until I succeed. .138
I am usually quite confident when learning a new game or sport. .136
I am special and chosen. .135
Respect is very important to me. .135
I embrace disdain. -.135
I'm too lost in my own world to actually care what other people might be thinking/feeling about me. -.135
I am physically attracted to my own gender. -.135 (women)
I live inside my head. -.133
I disregard others and look down on them with an arrogant eye. -.133
Logical thinking is my oxygen. .132
I like to antagonize others. -.131
Super logical people annoy me. -.131
I am courageous. .131
I am energetic. .131
I am obedient to others. .130

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