R-Drive Personality Trait Descriptions



Love is my supreme virtue. .488
I spend a lot of time talking about love. .429
I cannot survive without being loved by someone. .388
I very much want to be loved. .370
My needs for closeness and emotional safety overwhelm me. .370
I want to find someone I love. .347
I seek deep emotional and spiritual intimacy. .340
I can be clingy in a romantic relationship. .313
I need a significant other who entertains me. .308
I can be needy in a romantic relationship. .303
When it comes to romantic attraction, captivating my heart is more important than captivating my mind. .303
I could not pursue a career which was harmful to the world in any way. .297
I don't understand people who get emotional. -.296
When I'm attracted to someone I enjoy finding out if it's mutual. .294
I make decisions based on feelings. .281
I would rather be with someone I sort of liked than be alone feeling unwanted. .275
I need another person similar to me to help get me through life. .273
I believe that love happens all the time, everywhere. .270
I need to be needed. .268
I want to be in romantic relationship with someone that I think is awesome. .265
Happiness is the most important thing in life. .256
Love is stronger than hate. .255
I believe I can improve the world by influencing others. .253
When I'm in a relationship I pretty much stop seeing my friends. .251
My heart has dictated the path i've taken in life. .250
After a break up, I'd rather mourn the end of the relationship for months than move on with my life. .247
I focus more on the hearts of the whole world in determining the right choices to make. .246
My sense of happiness is affected by the quality of life of everyone on the planet. .243
I'm usually in a romantic relationship. .243
When I am depressed, I desire more attention. .243
I must first approve of the job's larger impact on the world before I'll agree to perform it. .242
I require a certain amount of attention. .240
Happiness is truth. .239
If I feel bad in a relationship, I tend to think/feel it's my fault. .239
I am easily moved to tears. .238
I reveal little about myself. -.238
Correcting injustice in the world is very important to me. .238
I could be happy alone. -.236
I have a tendency to think whoever I'm dating is better than all of my previous partners. .232
When I am depressed, I seek out more attention. .226
I can't handle romantic rejection. .226
I let my feelings strongly guide me. .226
I deserve to be loved a great deal. .223
I love to chat. .223
My need to be appreciated by others is very low. -.221
I enjoy being part of a group. .219
I find it rewarding to let my feelings guide me in life. .219
An internally consistent feeling state is more important than an internally consistent logic/rationality. .219
I focus more on being liked (being attractive) than what I like (what I find attractive). .217
When I see a person I like connecting with someone else, it bothers me. .215
I have never been in love. -.210
I find being appreciated rewarding. .210
If I'm just sort of into someone romantically but they're really into me, that makes me more interested. .210
My self esteem is based on how attractive I am to others. .209
Protecting the environment (nature) is very important to me. .208
Having close friends is very important to me. .206
Social justice is very important to me. .205
I care about being sexually attractive to others. .204
I could be happy without having kids. -.204
My actions are predominately motivated by how they'll cause others to view me. .201
I have tended to notice my significant others before they noticed me. .201 male
I want to leave a mark, do something that will have a real impact in the world. .198
I find appreciating others rewarding. .198
Being disliked by others causes me anxiety. .197
I focus entirely on getting attention. .194
Doing volunteer work is a waste of time. -.193
I would risk my life for something I cared about a lot. .193
I prefer romantic partners that enhance my image. .192
I am sexually aroused by things that I think are bad. .192 men
I live a life based on strongly held personal values and raw emotion associated with my individual human experience. .191
I value females over males. .189 (male)
It is hard for me to make a decision if I don't know how others feel about it. .188
If I'm not moving forward, I feel like I'm going to explode. .187
Enjoyment of life (food, sex, leisure, etc.) is very important to me. .187
A promising first date makes me more nervous than an important interview. .187
I express anger passively, through sullenness (gloomy silence/reserve). .186
I have difficulty enduring even a mild degree of conflict with those close to me. .186
Romantically, I imagine abandoning behavior, even when/where it doesn't exist. .185
Approval is very important to me. .184
I will have sex whenever my romantic parnter wants to have sex. .183
Things that make me unattractive to others should be changed. .182
If a relationship I really cared about didn't work out, it would be hard for me to stay in the same city with them. .182
Helping others is my oxygen. .181
Even if I know I don't like someone enough for it to work long term, it can hurt if they break up with me. .180
If I fix all my (imagined) external flaws, I can feel happy and lovable. .179
I get upset easily.- -.177
I value female attention more than male attention. .177 (men)
A healthy romantic relationship involves equal interest by both parties. .177
A healthy romantic relationship involves equal effort by both parties. .177
I get teary eyed easily. .176
My need to be loved may exceed my capacity to love. .176
I seek out pleasure. .176
Physical chemistry is the most important quality in who I like romantically. .173
I tend to be the comedian around others. .173
I fear being judged by others. .173
I focus entirely on being more attractive/perfect than others. .173
I need a push to get started. .172
I tend to reject any thought, however logical, that might lead to a disturbance of feeling. .172
My spiritual life is very important to me. .172
I conform to others' opinions. .171
I am or would like to be a stay at home parent. .171
I feel a responsibility to care for the weak. .169
I am weak and need a stronger person to carry me through life. .169
If someone I romantically like says they are not interested in me enough to pursue things, I move on. -.168
I try to maximize pleasure. .168
If I was put in isolation with only food and water I would not last very long. .168
I have a history of health problems. -.167
I can't make it on my own. .167
I want to be in relationship with someone that thinks I'm awesome. .166
People ocassionally tell me that I'm attractive. .165
I can't allow myself to need anyone. -.165
I get upset when people don't notice how I look when I go out in public. .164
When it comes to romantic attraction, captivating my mind is more important than captivating my heart. -.163
I am concerned with finding harmony and abiding by social structures based on my own subjective beliefs and experiences. .161
How much I like someone romantically is more important than how much they like me. .161
I need to be inspired. .161
I spend a lot of time thinking about food. .160
I would rather be too mean than too nice.-.160
I don't like to feel left out. .159
I am currently or would like to be a stay at home parent in the future. .159
If it feels better to do A than B, I will do A everytime. .158
I enjoy being controlled by someone I love. .158
I think I could have been happy ending up with any of the people I've seriously dated. .158 (male)
If someone I romantically like says they may not be interested in me enough to pursue things, I move on. -.158
The safety of my loved ones is very important to me. .157
It is important to me that I live in a world free of war and conflict. .157
My sex drive is very high. .155
I am or would be unhappy if I was overweight. .154
I value male attention more than female attention. .154 (women)
I am a cold person. -.154
I am at peace with myself..154
I am not concerned with making a good impression. -.153
My mother was more dominant than my father. (men)
I am easily discouraged. .152
I see the world as a struggle between right and wrong. .151
Early in a relationship, I can quickly discern what's important to someone I like, and become that. .151
Even the prospect of something better romantically, can eclipse past romantic interests. .151
I have learned to behave helplessly. .150
I worry about what people think of me. .150
I prefer to date people who I feel are superior to me. .150 women
I believe everything happens for a reason. .150
When I determine someone I'm romantically involved with isn't the type of person I want to be with, I try to change them. .150
I an unhappy if I don't have the upper hand in Romantic relationships. .149
I can get pretty much anyone to like me romantically. .149
I can be demanding in a romantic relationship. .149
I become obsessed with manipulating how others feel about me. .149
I know whether I'm physically attracted to someone within seconds. .148
People are things to be used. -.147
It is a disgrace to appear to be wrong. .147
I try to forgive and forget. .146
I am open about myself to others. .146
Our lives are controlled by unknown and unknowable forces. .146
I prefer sexually submissive romantic partners. .145 (women)
The sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being. .145
If someone I romantically like says they may not be interested in me enough to pursue things, I keep at it. .145 (men) .132 (women)
I don't mind being the center of attention. .144
I find getting attention rewarding. .144
I live to make people laugh. .144
Finding meaning/purpose in my life is very important to me. .144
I don't care what others think. -.143
I prefer a romantic partner that is more accommodating than me. .143
I want to do well in the public score board of life. .143
I don't need any more anxiety in my life. .143
I would be more motivated if the world was more attractive. .143
I would like to pursue a career in social justice. .142
I am intensely possessive. .142
I wish my parents had told my I was special more as a child. .141
I want to maintain harmony with external things I feel attached to. .141
I have tended to notice my significant others before they noticed me. .141 male
If I was to design my own house, I would design it to resemble others houses that I really liked (which I had seen in person or in pictures). .141
Physical beauty is truth. .140
My mother was enmeshed/overly-attached (smothering). .140
The number one quality I look for in a friend is loyalty. .139
I tend to defer-to/go-along with the wishes of others. .139
I value beauty the most. .138
I expect other people to entertain me. .138
Pleasure (the gratification of my desires) is very important to me. .137
I have a need to appear better than others. .137
I strive for internal consistency of my feelings. .137
If I don't reply to a text message, I probably don't want to talk to the person again. .136
I get by on my looks. .135
I prefer sexually dominant romantic partners. .135 (men)
When I'm in a relationship that I prefer to a recent one, I still occasionally think fondly of the recent one. .135
A lot of people want to have sex with me. .134
I always notice the most attractive person in the room. .133
I am not a fan of the idea of death, of ceasing to exist forever. .133
When I like someone I give them compliments. .133
Correcting injustice in the world is very important to me. .132
I give more than I take. .132
I tend to want to help people even when it's not good for them and/or me. .132
Super logical people annoy me. .132
I like to look at my body. .131
It is hard for me to make a decision if I don't know how I feel about it. .130
I lack empathy. -.130
I think taxing inheritance is a bad idea. .125

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