R-Drive Personality Trait Descriptions



I am happy with my life. .532
Optimism is my oxygen. .524
I am generally a very happy person. .517
My trajectory in life is downhill. -.508
happy ooooo sad -.502
know myself ooooo don't know myself -.500
I have little control over my own life. -.474*
If people knew who I really was they wouldn't like me. -.473
autonomy ooooo shame/doubt -.456
I am at peace with myself. .456
I am defective. -.450
I will likely never accomplish anything impressive. -.456
I feel hugely anxious and self-conscious all the time. -.448
I feel lost. -.443
I have little control over life. -.442*
I am on the right path in life. .438
My life has never been worse than it is now. -.427
Life is significant (meaningful). .423
I see myself as calm, emotionally stable. .420
I don't feel like anyone really knows me. -.410
I feel comfortable around people. .407
I often feel blue. -.403
I hide who I really am from others. -.393
I am unable to change my circumstances. -.393
I've always felt that something is missing inside me. -.390
I have an unrelenting feeling of not being wanted. -.389
I am optimistic. .386
fantasy 00000 reality .386
I don't know what will make me happy. -.383
I find being who I am rewarding. .380
outgoing ooooo reserved -.378
I would be better off dead. -.376
I don't know what I'm doing with my life. -.373
I'm very smart but I'm not happy. -.370
I'm just surviving. -.369
identity ooooo role confusion -.368
initiative ooooo guilt -.367
I find living my life rewarding. .365
Most people are better than me. -.363
My life has never been better than it is now. .361
I feel comfortable with myself. .359
I have identity issues. -.358
calm ooooo worrying -.357
relaxed ooooo stressed -.348
I am incapable of changing my circumstances. -.358
I find being alive rewarding. .353
I am easily discouraged. -.350
emotional control ooooo emotional overload -.345
I often feel uncomfortable around others. -.343
born leader .342
I don't have trust in my own judgement. -.341
I like to conceal my body. -.339
I have a lot of will power. .339
I am an outsider. -.339
depressed 00000 stressed .338
I radiate joy. .337 3.06
I lack an interior life. -.336
The image I present to others and who I really am are not the same. -.334
I have taught myself to stuff and disconnect from my own feelings for years. -.331
I'm living in the best part of my life right now. .328
If everyone in the world was like me, the world would probably self destruct. -.318
I lack motivation. -.318
I have not sorted things out yet. -.318
I remain in touch with what I want for myself, what motivates me, and what is good. .314
I have no close friends. -.314
athletic 00000 unathletic -.313
My body is nothing special. -.313
I have learned to behave helplessly. -.313*
I mostly live in the my head, not in the world. -.312
I feel attacked by others. -.311
No matter how good things are I find something th complain about. -.310
People tell me that I am distant. -.310
I can't determine whether I am good or bad. -.309
I don't let anyone get too close to me. -.307
I have a defeatist outlook on life. -.307
I prefer to be alone. -.305
My life has never been better than it is now. -.395
I don't feel like many people really know me. -.305
I experience shame a lot. -.302
I don't like most people. -.302
confident 00000 uneasy .301
In most things, I generally don't try too hard. -.299
I'm generally just trying to get by. -.296
I am courageous. .295
I hurt people. -.295
I keep others at a distance. -.294
I am fun. .294
I have a very good reputation. .291
I prefer to keep people at a distance. -.289
I meet my obligations. .289
When I'm not happy, I make changes to my life. .288
I find believing in myself rewarding. .287
If I like someone romantically, it is hard for me to express that. -.286
I live inside my head. -.283
I know how to enjoy myself. .282
Knowing who I am makes me happy. .281
I am very suspicious of others. -.281
I panic easily. -.278
I'm so different that I won't be accepted. -.276
I have a slow pace to my life. -.276
I fear being judged by others. -.276
I am very skilled at achievement. .275
I don't know what I want. -.274
stylish 00000 unstylish -.274
independent ooooo dependent -.274
I have the freedom to become something other than my circumstances would normally produce. .273
Rejection shakes my confidence more than anything else. -.272
If I was independently wealthy, I could be happy not working my whole life. -.272
I would say I'm more of a critic than a contributor. -.271
If there is a problem in my life that would upset me to deal with / figure out, I'm prone to ignore/deny it's existence. -.270
I'm living in the past. -.269
I enjoy bringing people together. .266
I am flexible. .266
thriving ooooo surviving -.265
I do a lot in my spare time. .265
No matter how bad life gets, I'll always fight though it. .264
I am good at setting goals. .262
I am in control of almost every aspect of my life. .261
I am in love with myself. .260
Being disliked by others causes me anxiety. -.260
I do too little work. -.256
I reveal little about myself. -.256
I find other people unrewarding. -.255
I accomplish a lot of work. .253
Everybody likes to hear my stories. .253
I find being around others for too long unrewarding. -.252
I don't feel that my life belongs to me. -.251
I am gloomy and argumentitive. -.249
minimize pain ooooo maximize pleasure .248
I am true to myself at all costs. .248
I am always busy. .248
I complain a lot. -.247
I have a history of health problems. -.247
No matter how bad life gets, I get through it. .247
Sometimes I focus too much on who I like and don't grasp who likes me. -.246
I am weak and need a stronger person to carry me through life. -.245
introspective 00000 power seeking .244
open ooooo private -.244
I repress my feelings. -.244
It is entirely possible that no one I romantically loved enough to stick with would love me enough to stick with. -.243
I keep my thoughts to myself.- .243
I am more outgoing than reserved. .243
I see myself as dependable, self-disciplined. .243
I see most people in my life as replaceable. -.243
I am energetic. .242
My formula for happiness is minimizing pain. -.242
After a break up, I'd rather mourn the end of the relationship for months than move on with my life. -.242
If a certain behavior benefited me but had a negative effect on the world, I would still engage in it. -.241
I am unable to commit to anything for very long. -.241
I hang around doing nothing. -.240
I am prone to escapism. -.239
I make plans and stick to them. .239
I will cheat in order to win. -.239
dependent -.237
I hold a grudge. -.237
I enjoy being part of a group. .236
I say little.- .235
I prefer to participate fully rather than view life from the sidelines. .233
survive ooooo strive .232
I have rage issues. -.232
calm ooooo emotional -.231
Romantically, I imagine abandoning behavior, even when/where it doesn't exist. -.231
I take the initiative. .230
I maintain high energy throughout the day. .229
I find it hard to forgive others. -.228
I am reliable. .228
If I meet someone I like, it's easy for me to ask them to hang out some time, i.e. initiate a friendship. .227
uncreative 00000 creative .226
I find having little to no responsibilities rewarding. -.226
I trust others. .226
I don't trust others. -.226
People tell me that I am cold. -.226
I'm jealous of people that I think are better than me. -.225
I am insane. -.225
I get confused easily. -.224
I am adaptable. .224
I usually fear for the worst.- .224
I am special and chosen. .224
I find not being who I am rewarding. -.224
obscure -.223
I am close to my parents. .223
Growing up I had to be different from who I really was to survive. -.223
I am considered attractive by others. .222
I am a private person. -.222
Freedom is an illusion. -.222
At a certain point in my life I distanced myself from my parents (and I remain distant). -.222
I am always on the go. .222
I associate love with longing for something that doesn't love me. -.222
I would associate with someone whose behavior had a negative effect on the world if that association was beneficial to me. -.222
I feel comfortable with myself. .221
People have to be responsible for their own actions. .221
I either love people or hate people. -.221
I tend to have an internal dislike/disdain for people that are more attractive than me. -.221
I am self sufficient. .221
I have a bad temper. -.220
I am usually quite confident when learning a new game or sport. .219
I feel lucky most of the time. .218
rely on self ooooo rely on others -.218
At a certain point in my life my parents distanced themselves from me (and they remain distant). -.218
I am dutiful. .218
exercise trait .217 (on triword 1.13)
When I'm depressed I don't have much attention to give. -.217
I don't always do what I say I will do.- .216
I hide/conceal my strengths/advantages. -.216
I am inclined to do the opposite of what people want me to do. -.215
I am more calm than worrying. .215
I do things when I should do them. .215
superficial -.215
I'm a born leader. .214
I am open about myself to others. .214
I prefer to hide my failures from others. -.214
I am genuine. .213
Doing volunteer work is a waste of time. -.213
I know I could be happy if I could trade places with certain people. -.213
People are things to be used. -.212
Other people think I'm great. .211
I see myself as open to new experiences, complex. .211
I have good self restraint. .211
Criticism or scolding hurts me quite a bit. -.211
I am unable to change who I am. -.211
I make friends easily. .210
I deserve to be loved a great deal. .210
I have a short fuse. -.210
rational 00000 irrational -.208
I like to look at my body. .208
untrustworthy -.208
I am ruled by my emotions. -.208
Honesty doesn't pay. -.208
I find pleasure in isolation. -.208
It is important that I change who I am. -.207
thriving 00000 surviving -.206
I am open to change. .206
respect customs 00000 discard customs -.205
I would be happy if I was more physically attractive/perfect. -.205
I can be needy in a romantic relationship. -.205
I am an ethical person. .205
I an very good at picking up on whether people are lying. .205
I talk to many different people at parties. .204
I don't like to be judged. -.203
My needs for closeness and emotional safety overwhelm me. -.203
I do things when I'm supposed to do them. .203
Maintaining my physical health is very important to me. .203
I am good at taking advice. .202
I always know why I do things. .202
I feel drained after being out and about, even if I've enjoyed myself. -.202
My self esteem is based on how attractive others think I am. -.202
I am a team player. .201
I love surprise parties. .201
I enjoy duping/decieving people. -.201
I focus entirely on avoiding romantic relationship rejection. -.201
I was bullied growing up. -.201
I have addictive tendencies -.20
I have a lot of fun. .200
My friends are very different from me. -.200
I lack conviction. -.200
honest 00000 dishonest -.200
I look at the bright side of life. .200
I ask for help. .199
I am very skilled at seduction. .199
People just tend to like me. .198
I seek quiet. -.198
I am a cold person. -.197
I see flaws/weaknesses as opportunites for fixes/improvements. .197
greedy ooooo generous .195
I always treat others as I would like to be treated. .195
I always remain true to what I want for myself or others. .194
I am hypersensitive. -.194
I'm defensive. -.194
I express my thanks to those who care about me. .193
I cannot improve without changing who I am. .193
nice ooooo standoffish -.193
I put zero effort into what I wear. -.193
intimacy ooooo isolation -.193
I believe I can improve the world by influencing others. .193
hurt others ooooo hurt self -.193
I'm not interested in friendships I can't control. -.192
I am elegant. .192
I don't trust others but I want others to trust me.-.192
I am good at everything I do. .191
I felt rejected by my mother. -.191
I look up to my parents. .191
Applause is meaningless to me. -.190
I am easily intimidated. -.190
A person's family is the most important thing in life. .189
Love is stronger than hate. .189
Things are never going to be perfect. -.189
My friends are very similar to me. .189
It's difficult to get me excited. -.189
It's all in what you and your heart tell you and how you percieve those messages. .189
I believe that others have good intentions.- -.189
I am physically attracted to my own gender. -.188
People tell me that I am stiff. -.188
We are responsible for who we are. .188
I need a push to get started. -.188
I tend to express my aggression towards others indirectly or passively. -.188
Helping others is my oxygen. .188
I believe that love happens all the time, everywhere. .188
I require a lot of external stimulation. -.187
I envy those more fortunate. -.187
If I feel bad in a relationship, I tend to think/feel it's my fault. -.187
I can be clingy in a romantic relationship. -.187
I felt rejected by my father. -.186
I'm romantically attracted to people who don't like themselves. -.186
I ridicule others. -.186
I say little.- .186
take risks 00000 play it safe -.185
Every day is a new adventure. .185
I am not easily frustrated. .185
I attract attention from the opposite sex. .185
In most things, I generally try very hard. .184
Happiness is truth. .184
I am dependable. .184
be challenged ooooo be supported -.184
My inner world is much more stimulating and rewarding to me than the external world. -.184
I honor my parents and elders. .183
I have trouble asking for what I want from people I am romantically interested in. -.183
I make people feel welcome. .182
I get upset easily.- .182
I get chores done right away. .182
If a relationship I really cared about didn't work out, it would be hard for me to stay in the same city with them. -.182
unreliable -.182
People are so boring and predictable. -.182
The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results. .182
I don't need any more anxiety in my life. -.181
I spend a lot of time analyzing myself. -.181
I don't like to accept help from anyone.- .181
I find the world a very interesting place. .181
I am highly ambitious. .180
theist 00000 athiest -.179
I do things that impress me. .179
work ooooo play -.179
I am driven to live the healthiest life possible. .178
I find it difficult to discuss emotions. -.178
It's been a real struggle for me to find a balance between being honest and being nice. -.178
I don't like to draw attention to myself. -.177
I worry about what people think of me. -.177
Skin diving in the ocean would be much too dangerous for me. -.177
Most of the people I'm friends with initiated the frienship. -.177
I don't care if people think I'm awesome. .177
I am very different from my family members. -.176
I sympathize with others' feelings. .176
I recognize other people only as means to obtain what I desire. -.176
I wish my parents had told my I was special more as a child. -.176
external ooooo internal -.175
I have a mature understanding of life. .175
I am apathetic. -.175
There's not much more for me to learn in life. -.175
I like to rebel for the sake or rebellion. -.175
I have a morose sense of humor. -.175
When I'm doing well at something I love to keep at it. .174
I seem to do more listening than talking in conversations with others. -.174
I push myself very hard to succeed. .174
My parents were both overly complimentary and rejecting, alternately. -.174
One or both my parents was very selfish. -.174
I can get pretty much anyone to like me romantically. .173
I concentrate easily. .173
I am more likely to avoid feeling certain things that will conflict with how I think. -.173
I have a plan for my future. .172
One should always be willing to carry on the discussion in the opponent's terminology. .172
I don't ever want to grow up. -.172
It's hard for me to put myself out their romantically when I like someone. -.172
math oooo art -.172
I don't know who I am. -.171
I have a fear of public speaking. -.171
I don't always listen to my instincts/feelings. -.171
I like performing and/or speaking in front of an audience. .171
I try to forgive and forget. .171
I people I am romantically attracted to tend to be messed up. -.171
I generally have the upper hand in my romantic relationships. .171
I wish more people liked better music. -.171
self-reliant .170
I think I'm great. .170
I disregard others and look down on them with an arrogant eye. -.170
I repress my thoughts. -.170
I need another person similar to me to help get me through life. -.170
My need to be loved may exceed my capacity to love. -.170
I can be callous. -.170
Freedom must be earned..169
I have a history of very close friendships. .169
People who have no utility to me, don't matter to me. -.169
One or both my parents suffered from depression. -.169
I've been very lucky. .168
I'm uncomfortable having friends that are better looking than me. -.168
I look up to no one. -.167
I like to stand during the national anthem. .167
I was my mother's favorite child. .167 (men)
I respect authority. .167
I am very private. -.166
I am unconventional. -.166
I have engaged in bullying. -.165
I have very divergent feelings toward things. -.165
I work best alone. -.165
I get back at others. -.164
selfish 00000 selfless .164
When I'm depressed, I like to do nothing. -.164
I complete tasks successfully. .164
I always honor my promises to others. .164
I don't like to confess. -.163
I would rather be too mean than too nice. -.163
I drove or rode somewhere without remembering later what happened during all or part of the trip. -.163
I get things done quickly. .162
I confuse commitment with engulfment. -.162
I have a lot of pride. .162
I find theoretical physics interesting. .162
I avoid considering how I feel about certain things, because if I do, it will unsettle me. -.162
Adulthood is the best time of life.- -.161
I let other people take the credit for my work. -.161
I am open about myself to others. .160
I have boundary issues. -.160
I don't believe in objective truth. -.160
I find appreciating others rewarding. .160
accountable .160
concrete .160
I love to think up new ways of doing things. .160
When I see an opportunity for something I like I get excited right away. .160
I like clear goals and clear ways of measuring success. .159
My parents are my foundation. .159 (women)
I focus entirely on being obscure. -.159
I need others to assume some responsibility in areas of my life. -.158
Having a family is the most important thing to me. .158
I always know how I feel. .158
If someone I romantically like says they are not interested in me enough to pursue things, I move on. .158
Anything is possible. .158
I find taking risks rewarding. .158
Romantically, I focus more on whether someone wants me than whether I want them. -.158
I am a learning engine. .157
I like to show off my body. .157
I become obsessed with manipulating how others feel about me. -.157
atheist oooo theist .157
If someone hurts me, I have a need to get revenge. -.156
I'm standoff-ish. -.156
If I fix all my (imagined) external flaws, I can feel happy and lovable. -.156
I am asexual. -.156
I like myself more than I like anyone else. .156
Death is the goal of life. -.156
Jobs are for suckers. -.156
I automatically take charge. .155
I am controlled by my environment. -.155
expert .155
I express anger passively, through sullenness (gloomy silence/reserve). -.155
I have a natural talent for influencing people. .155
meticulous ooooo forgetful -.155
I prefer one-on-one conversations to group activities. -.155
My self esteem is based on how attractive I am to others. -.155
I want to have an impact on people and events. .154
I tend to undersell myself to others. -.154
I would be more motivated if the world was more attractive. -.154
I help make people feel comfortable by engaging in hosting and care-taking. .153
I am not easily bothered by things. .153
stability .153
I enjoy exercising. .153
I enjoy a good rapport with most. .153
I had one or more intrusive parents. -.153
When I see a person I like connecting with someone else, it bothers me. -.152
I can't handle romantic rejection. -.153
I guide my life using religious scriptures. .153
I seek out positions of leadership. .153
I like to share my successes with others. .153
I am peculiar. -.152
When I am depressed, I seek out less attention. -.152
I was my father's favorite child. .152 (men)
I go straight for the goal. .151
I've gotten more enjoyment out of music that most anything else in life. -.151
I like to start new fads and fashions. .151
I can manage many things at the same time. .151
I find helping others rewarding. .151
I am aware at a detailed level of what is going on in my body including my emotional state. .151
I like to look at myself in the mirror. .151
unassuming ooooo ostentatious (showy) .150
I am preoccupied with myself. -.150
Things that make me unattractive to others should be changed. -.150
external 00000 internal -.150
He who seeks beauty will find it. .150
I believe vengeance is sometimes necessary. -.158
I avoid spending my time just sitting around resting. .149
I sometimes feel as if I could sleep for a week. -.149
I'm not interested in romantic relationships I can't control. -.149
People ocassionally tell me that I'm attractive. .149
I keep my thoughts to myself.- .149
I am able to control my reality. .149
I don't pretend to be more than I am. .148
I dislike physical/manual labor of any kind. -.148
I believe in being accountable. .148
I cannot improve without changing who I am. -.148
I have a formula for my happiness. .147
I prefer not to show my work or discuss it with others until it is finished. -.147
I enjoy lying, duping others. -.147
I find adventure seeking rewarding. .147
I am often skeptical, critical, and evaluative. -.147
I had an ideal childhood. .147
When I want something, I'll sometimes go out on a limb to get it. .147
sensual .147
I am faithful to friends. .146
I have almost no sex drive. -.146
How I feel/think about myself does not rely on the opinions of others. .146
Social justice is very important to me. .146
My actions are predominately motivated by how they'll cause others to view me. -.146
The world should be as I want it to be, but I can still be happy if/when it isn't. .146 (women)
I think I deserve a better life than others. -.145
I am capable of telling elaborate lies. -.145
I readily communicate personally to all members of a group to feel unity. .145
extravagant ooooo minimalist -.144
I like to celebrate birthdays on a small scale with only one or two close friends or family members. -.144
I am/was very close to my father. .144 (men)
It bothers me when a movie I don't like is highly regarded. -.144
I am the product of circumstance. -.144
professorial .143
I attack others. -.143
I find not having to be in control rewarding. -.143
I am very serious. -.143
I am not good at working with a group.- .142
I don't think that other people are 'better or worse' than me. .142
I have vigorous health. .142
I view obligation as a position of weakness and vulnerability to other's control. -.142
I am always busy. .142
I'm always conflicted between being authentic and being polite. -.142
I tend to alternately push people away and pull them back. -.142
I can be insensitive to the feelings of others. -.142
I keep myself well-groomed. .141
I do things that others find strange. -.141
I'm not a big risk taker. -.141
It's hard for me to find the time to do things such as get a haircut. -.140
I'm a free spirit. .140
I spend lots of my free time playing video games. -.140
It is hard for me to make a decision if I don't know how others feel about it. -.140
When I am depressed, I desire less social interaction. -.140
It's always been easy for me to determine who I like romantically the most. .140
I am very considerate of my own feelings but not so considerate of other people's feelings. -.139
Finding out my thinking about something important is wrong unsettles me. -.139
When something is right, you just know. .139
I leave a mess in my room. -.138
I don't think anyone is awesome. -.138
I am concerned about my social attractiveness. -.138
I am sure of my ground. .138
I don't make excuses when I screw up. .138
In romantic relationships, it's normal for the girl to like the guy more. -.138 (women)
I am the life of the party. .137
I want to leave a mark, do something that will have a real impact in the world. .137
It's easy for me to determine who I like the most romantically. .137
I don't value happiness. -.137
I can be demanding in a romantic relationship. -.137
When good things happen to me, it affects me strongly. .136
I like change.- -.136
When I determine someone I'm romantically involved with isn't the type of person I want to be with, I try to change them. .136
I like to imagine I have a better life than I do. -.136
The people I like the most, make me smile the most. .136
Sex is a little overrated.- .136
I have difficulty enduring even a mild degree of conflict with those close to me. -.136
I have trouble saying yes to people. -.135
As long as I still want something, I keep trying different things until I succeed. .135
I don't stay in a relationship if it makes me unhappy. .135
Raising children is essential to my happiness. .135
I'm too lost in my own world to actually care what other people might be thinking/feeling about me. .135
I would prefer to achieve eternal fame and die at 40 to living an ordinary life till 100. -.134
What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others. .134
respect customs ooooo discard customs -.133
I like to collect things. -.133
I know how to be happy. .133
My religious faith is important to me. .133
I can't allow myself to need anyone. -.133
I can't make it on my own. -.133
If I get too close to someone romantically, I fear I'll have to relinquish too much of me. -.133
I am able to manipulate others. .132
I need to be needed. -.132
I don't need to be any better than I am.
When I determine someone I'm romantically involved with isn't the type of person I want to be with, I move on. .132
I seldom joke around. -.131
I don't like people to pry into my life for any reason. -.133
I am willing to take risks to establish a relationship. .132
I am loyal to the tradition/values I was raised with. .132
I require novelty and change. .132
I am correct. .132
I need a varied life. .131
If I'm not the best at something, I'm not interested in it. -.131
I find controlling others rewarding. -.131
I'm the type that needs to burn my hand on a hot stove to learn to stop putting my hand on a hot stove. -.131
I question my ability to do my work properly. -.131
It is difficult for me to detach and be objective. -.131
I am good at resisting temptation. .131
selfish ooooo selfless .130
I almost never get sick. .130
I have never been in love. -.130
My friends are very similar to me. .130

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