R-Drive Personality Trait Descriptions



Social status matters. .540
I have a need to appear better than others. .456
I have a strong need for power. .448
One of my main goals in life is to accumulate as much wealth and property as possible. .451
I focus entirely on being more attractive/perfect than others. .426
I am obsessed with rich/wealthy culture. .424
Winning is very important to me. .418
It is important to me to preserve my public image. .416
Image is important. .410
I believe that I am better than others. .405
I will never be satisfied until I get all that I deserve. .403
It's all about how much money you have. .401
Beauty/Power is my oxygen. .402
I want to do well in the public score board of life. .396
I find popularity rewarding. .383
I find appearing better than others rewarding. .382
It is important that I get my way. .378
Being famous/prestigious would make me happy. .377
I want to be famous. .369
Money can buy happiness. .366
I care about recognition. .360
I prefer romantic partners that enhance my image. .356
I find controlling others rewarding. .351
I seem to care less than my peers about wealth, fame, and status. -.350
I like to have power over others. .347
I am addicted to attention. .344
I would not be happy if I was poor. .376
Appearance to me, doesn't really strike me as a priority. -.365
Being physically attractive is very important to me. .356
I want to amount to something in the eyes of the world. .344
superficial .340
I am concerned about my social attractiveness. .339
Image is everything. .338
internal wealth ooooo external wealth .336
You can never have too much money. .336
internal seeking 00000 status-seeking .335
internal wealth 00000 material wealth .333
I do not like to appear better than others. -.333
To pace about, looking to obtain status, looking to attain 'importance', I can think of nothing more ridiculous. -.329
I find getting attention rewarding. .325
I prefer a basic/simple/spartan living space to a high-end/luxury one. -.324
Colleagues are competitors. .321
My self esteem is based on how attractive I am to others. .321
Public opinion can mean a lot. .320
I focus more on being liked (being attractive) than what I like (what I find attractive). .313
fit in 00000 be oneself -.311
External indicators of success such as power or recognition seem shallow to me. -.311
introspective 00000 power seeking .311
My own happiness and success are more important than the happiness and success of others.- -.309
I think I deserve a better life than others. .307
Beauty is what I seek. .307
I usually buy the best and most expensive things. .304
I find being in control rewarding. .302
be as I am 00000 be attractive .301
Physical appearance is everything. .307
No matter how much attention I get, it's never enough. .305
Things that make me unattractive to others should be changed. .304
I have a big ego. .303
My self esteem is based on how attractive others think I am. .303
All my life I've wanted to do something big, bigger and better than the rest. .303
I am concerned about my physical attractiveness. .299
I have no need for power over others. -.299
I set high standards for myself and others. .297
I find being in control rewarding. .295
non-superficial ooooo superficial .294
It's all about who you know. .294
I am controlling. .289
I focus entirely on getting attention. .288
I feel perfectly justified in getting my way, all the time. .288
unassuming ooooo ostentatious (showy) .287
It's not my life goal to be at the top of any ladders. -.286
My image is more important than the truth. .286
I am determined to have my own way. .283
I want to stand out. .281
I seek out positions of leadership. .279
I worry about what people think of me. .220
I don't mind being the center of attention. .281
People who have no utility to me, don't matter to me. .278
I am not competitive. -.278
fit in ooooo be oneself -.277
I live a life based on ordered, deductive logic based on objective criteria and external hierarchies(status, prestige, etc.). .276
My reputation is important to me. .275
I would not enjoy being a famous celebrity. -.273
I prefer to eat at expensive restaurants. .272
I try to surpass others' accomplishments. .272
I value beauty the most. .272
I like to be masculine. .272 (men)
I'm jealous of people that I think are better than me. .269
I identify with powerful / dominating types. .269
I would be uncomfortable living in a multi-million dollar house/apartment. -.268
I am the center of my universe. .266
Physical beauty is truth. .266
I am preoccupied with myself. .263
I am correct. .262
I care about being sexually attractive to others. .262
I have a sense of entitlement. .261
I don't like being in the spotlight so getting recognition isn't a big priority. -.260
I am highly ambitious. .259
I don't care about dressing nicely. -.257
I control others. .257
Image is not important. -.257
I find being in control rewarding. .256
I try to maximize pleasure. .256
I like people I can control. .256
Poor and content is rich and rich enough. -.255
I can make anybody believe anything I want them to. .254
How I dress is important to me. .253
I recognize other people only as means to obtain what I desire. .252
I'm used to getting what I want. .252
I get what I want by controlling others. .252
I would hate to be considered odd or strange. .251
I like clear goals and clear ways of measuring success. .250
I don't mind being the center of attention. .249
I get upset when people don't notice how I look when I go out in public. .248
I always notice the most attractive person in the room. .248
It would be cool if I had a ton of money, but I would also enjoy life if I was poor. -.246
I am self-centered. .246
When I want something, I want it right away. .243
I do things that impress me. .243
I expect other people to entertain me. .242
I am obsessed with perfection. .241
I like to work behind the scenes without credit. -.241
My actions are predominately motivated by how they'll cause others to view me. .241
If I'm not moving forward, I feel like I'm going to explode. .239
I need to be influential. .238
I go out of my way to get things I want. .238
Whats the use of being better than others if you cant profit from it. .238
I would rather please myself than others.- (I would rather please others than myself) -.237
attractive to self 00000 attractive to others .236
My need to be appreciated exceeds my capacity to appreciate others. .235
I want to impress my parents. .234
Internal beauty is more important than external beauty. -.234
I expect others to serve me without reciprocating. .234
When I want something, I'll sometimes go out on a limb to get it. .234
money ooooo freedom -.233
Pleasure (the gratification of my desires) is very important to me. .232
I like to show off. .232
expert .232
I ridicule others. .231
more authentic 00000 more presigious .230
I require a certain amount of attention. .230
I like to show off my body. .230
For a really good purse $500 is not too much. -.230
I dislike people who chase wealth and status. -.229
I plan my life logically. .228
It is a disgrace to appear to be wrong. .228
If I fix all my (imagined) external flaws, I can feel happy and lovable. .228
I find it easy to manipulate others. .228
If I see a chance to get something I want I move on it right away. .228
I would rather please myself than others.- -.228
The best rewards are external. .227
I want everything to be 'just right.' .226
If I feel bad in a relationship, I tend to think/feel it's the other person's fault. .226
I believe vengeance is sometimes necessary. .225
It's been a real struggle for me to find a balance between being honest and being nice. .222
I want to have an impact on people and events. .222
I am intensely possessive. .222
Life is a game. .222
I an unhappy if I don't have the upper hand in Romantic relationships. .222
I value cooperation over competition. -.221
I have kept people on the hook who I had no interest in romantically because I enjoyed the attention. .221
How much I am loved is more important than how much I love others. .221
I seek out pleasure. .220
I know I could be happy if I could trade places with certain people. .220
The world should be as I want it to be. .220
I focus entirely on getting my own way, helping myself. .210
I'm always looking for the best situation for myself regardless of whether it's good for anyone else. .218
I like things I can control. .218
When I want something I usually go all-out to get it. .217
I like to look at myself in the mirror. .217
I don't measure my success by public opinion. -.217
It is very important that I am liked and I will bend the truth if I have to to ensure that. .217
I get by on my looks. .216
I need the approval of others. .216
I would have no problem taking a large amount of money to work for a corrupt corporation. .216
Power for its own sake doesn't interest me. -.215
I think I'm great. .215
If a certain behavior benefited me but had a negative effect on the world, I would still engage in it. .215
I have a nice/accommodating personality and a mean/controlling personality. .215
I am in love with myself. .214
I would prefer to achieve eternal fame and die at 40 to living an ordinary life till 100. .214
I love to be complimented.- (I don't love to be complimented) -.213
People who are more capable should carry more responsbility. .213
I like myself more than I like anyone else. .213
I am special and chosen. .213
I tend to have an internal dislike/disdain for people that are more attractive than me. .213
I like to imagine I have a better life than I do. .212
sly .211
aggressive .211
I value justice higher than mercy. .211
Internal beauty and external beauty are equally important. .210
I will cheat in order to win. .210
I like feeling a heightened sense of pleasure. .210
I would associate with someone whose behavior had a negative effect on the world if that association was beneficial to me. .210
I don't care if people think I'm awesome. -.209
I find unpopularity rewarding. -.207
When I get something I want, I feel excited and energized. .206
My desires exceed my consideration. .206
Being in control is the most important thing in a romantic relationship. .205
If someone hurts me, I have a need to get revenge. .203
Approval is very important to me. .203
Others should be made to pay for their stupidity. .203
I have a strong need for feedback on my achievements and progress. .202
I would be more motivated if the world was more attractive. .202
I am fascinated with myself. .201
I tend to think of the world in terms of how it relates to myself. .201
I can get pretty much anyone to like me romantically. .201
If I'm not the best at something, I'm not interested in it. .200
I get back at others. .200
My formula for happiness is maximizing pleasure. .199
please self 00000 please others .199
prestige /= happiness ooooo prestige = happiness -.199
I am the greatest human being that has ever existed. .198
Early in a relationship, I can quickly discern what's important to someone I like, and become that. .198 female .033 male
When I go out, I expect to be bought drinks by members of the opposite sex. .197
I believe that we should be tough on crime. .197
I find being appreciated rewarding. .197
I judge my own and other peoples behavior according to cultural norms. .197
I dislike being the center of attention. -.196
I expect a great deal from other people. .196
Defending my own ideas is very important. .195
I don't care about getting attention. -.195
I become obsessed with manipulating how others feel about me. .194
I put others first. -.193
My ego is bigger than my heart. .193
I have contempt for people that are inferior to me. .193
I break rules .192
I like to start new fads and fashions. .192
I find it easy to manipulate others. .192
I am not familiar with failure. .190
The truth is more important than my image. -.190
I have had or would consider getting cosmetic plastic surgery. .188
I rely on assurances from others. .187
I always know how to act. .187
I am good at everything I do. .199
People are things to be used. .194
I do too little work. -.191
I want to leave a mark, do something that will have a real impact in the world. .191
I attempt to make my inner self more like the outer world. .190
I can be demanding in a romantic relationship. .189
deceptive .188
calm ooooo worrying .188
I need a significant other who entertains me. .188
I tend to be prone to intrusiveness. .188
Physical immortality, never aging/deteriorating physically, appeals to me. .188
I will do almost anything to avoid feeling low, powerless, down. .188
If something doesn't make logical sense there's a problem. .188
I would not want to live in a city where people were obsessed with status / prestige. -.187
I am very skilled at seduction. .187
I continue until everything is perfect. .186
In romantic relationships, I tend to make more of the big/important decisions. .186
I know whether I'm physically attracted to someone within seconds. .186
I value female attention more than male attention. .186 (men)
I prefer to hide my failures from others. .185
I can talk others into doing things. .185
I always want to know everything about my new friends and nothing of my old. .185
I attack others. .185
I'm always conflicted between being authentic and being polite. .184
stylish 00000 unstylish -.184
I dislike people I can't control. .184
Freedom must be earned. .184
honest -.184
Rejection shakes my confidence more than anything else. .180
I don't like to draw attention to myself. -.183
born leader .182
My looks exceed my personality. .182
professorial .181
I enjoy duping/decieving people. .181
I am right, others are wrong. .181
I fear being judged by others. .181
I'm not interested in friendships I can't control. .181
extravagant ooooo minimalist -.180
I have a lot of pride. .180
I only care about myself. .180
Enjoyment of life (food, sex, leisure, etc.) is very important to me. .180
I enjoy being thought of as a normal "mainstream" person. ,179
I like to dress in a way that resembles the subculture that I identify with. .179
categorizer .179
If it feels better to do A than B, I will do A everytime. .179
I am financially wealthy. .184
I believe my race is superior. .184
I can usually talk my way out of anything. .180
relaxed ooooo stressed -.200 .179
I like to be thought of as a normal kind of person. ,178
I have a natural talent for influencing people. .178
I idealize superiors. .178
I have shallow emotions. .178
The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results. .178
I am elegant. .178
I am humble. -.177
When I like someone, I become entirely focused on them. .176
I don't like to apologize. .176
I am hot-headed (overtly or covertly). .175
I have little sympathy for the unemployed. .175
I enjoy lying, duping others. .175
I value males over females. .175 (men)
Being an authority doesn't mean that much to me. -.175
If I was to design my own house, I would design it to resemble others houses that I really liked (which I had seen in person or in pictures). .173
I believe that men should be masculine and women should be feminine. .173
I would be happy if I was more physically attractive/perfect. .173
I automatically take charge. .172
outgoing ooooo reserved -.172
I don't like to feel left out. .172
I tend to act out when I am being ignored. .183
external ooooo internal -.171
When I am depressed, I desire more attention. .171
Identity is the imprint of one's will on existence. .171
I am more likely to avoid feeling certain things that will conflict with how I think. .171
I require a lot of external stimulation. .170
I want everything to be 'just right.' .170
I find not having to be in control rewarding. -.170
I like to be viewed as proper and conventional. .169
When I see a person I like connecting with someone else, it bothers me. .169
I have no problem with the fact that some people are better than me. -.169
I have rage issues. .169
When I want something that belongs to someone else, it is as good as mine. .168
I am driven to live the healthiest life possible. .168
A healthy romantic relationship for me involves more interest by the other party. .168
I like to argue. .167
I am often skeptical, critical, and evaluative. .167
I don't pretend to be more than I am. -.167
I am capable of telling elaborate lies. .167
I either love people or hate people. .167
I have addictive tendencies .166
I consider security an important element in every aspect of my life. .166
If people knew who I really was they wouldn't like me. .166
I go straight for the goal. .166
I am very skilled at achievement. .166
please self ooooo please others .166
I prefer sexually submissive romantic partners. .166 (men)
open ooooo private -.166
I'm a born leader. .165
I disregard others and look down on them with an arrogant eye. .165
I am more talented than average and thus have more responsibility to contribute to the world. .165
The bigger the wealth difference between the rich and the poor the better. .165
When I am depressed, I seek out more attention. .165
Maintaining my physical health is very important to me. .165
I love excitement. .165
I am not helpful generally, but when I'm in a relationship I tend to be the more helpful one. .164
I am politically conservative. .164
hyper-focused .163
My need to be loved may exceed my capacity to love. .163
I need to be needed. .163
I am impatient. .163
innovate ooooo maintain .162
I take more than I give. .162
I'm not interested in romantic relationships I can't control. .162
I am too proud to admit my weaknesses. .162
I jump into things without thinking. .162
I am not concerned with making a good impression. -.161
The world should be as I want it to be, but I can still be happy if/when it isn't. .161 (women)
My decisions involve extensive research. .161
I am hypersensitive. .160
When I want something from someone I can be very nice, when I don't I can be very mean. .160
I have constructed an image of self that is more attractive than reality. .160
I see most people in my life as replaceable. .160
I deserve to be loved a great deal. .160
I make decisions historically on what I think is / will be the most fun. .160
I only care about being physically attractive to a romantic partner. .160
I enjoy conflict. .159
I am usually quite confident when learning a new game or sport. .159
I am a perfectionist. .158
I value male attention more than female attention. .158 (women)
I have engaged in bullying. .157
I prefer to date people who I feel are superior to me. .157 women
If the people I was close to didn't like someone, it would be hard for me to date them. .157
When I see an opportunity for something I like I get excited right away. .157
I want to be in relationship with someone that thinks I'm awesome. .157
I keep myself well-groomed. .156
I find taking risks rewarding. .156
I have a short fuse. .156
If I think something unpleasant is going to happen I usually get pretty 'worked up'. .156
I try to make the world more like I want it to be. .155
Taking risks does not bother me if the gains involved are high. .155
I make decisions based on specific real world metrics. .155
A healthy romantic relationship for me involves more effort by the other party. .155
hedonist .154
I am guided by definitions, logical deductions, or other nuggets of reasoning..155
I come from a wealthy family. .154
Use only that which works, and take it from any place you can find it. .154
I love Apple products. .154
I have a bad temper. .154
sarcastic .154
external 00000 internal -.153
I like to demean other people. .153
I have tended to date people who are nicer than me. .153 (men)
Truth is defined by the group(s) I am a member of. .153
I have tended to notice my significant others before they noticed me. .152 male
know myself 00000 don't know myself .151
I spur action and pull off results simply by making my presence felt. .151
My goal in life is omniscience. .151
I do most of the talking. .150
rely on self ooooo rely on others .150
If someone I romantically like says they may not be interested in me enough to pursue things, I keep at it. .150 (men)
lots of facebook friends (as measured by user inputed number of friends) .149
I am more outgoing than reserved. .149
I don't think I'm particularly attractive but I prefer looking at my face in the mirror than looking at most other people's faces. .149
I copy others. .149
I can be needy in a romantic relationship. -.149
I prefer a romantic partner that is more accommodating than me. .149
I would rather be too mean than too nice. .149
I want to have an exciting life (stimulating experiences). .149
I objectively measure the external world to achieve measurable goals. .148
I seek adventure. .148
I like to antagonize others. .148
I am energetic. .148
I very much want to be loved. .148
I prefer to participate fully rather than view life from the sidelines. .148
When good things happen to me, it affects me strongly. .148
I know how to get around the rules. .147
No one is good enough for me. .147
Romantically, the burden is on the other person to prove they love me. .147
When my life doesn't make logical sense, I'm unhappy. .147
I would not be involved with someone romantically if I felt/thought they liked me less than I liked them. .147
Doing volunteer work is a waste of time. .147
I like to dress in a way that resembles the subculture that I identify with. .146
I am defective. .146
The normal rules don't apply to me. .146
I trust my logic over the logic of others. .146
I talk to many different people at parties. .146
I am able to control my reality. .145
I am very sexual. .144
I rebel against authority. .144
I tend to be the comedian around others. .144
If you make your opponent flinch, you have already won. .144
I need another person similar to me to help get me through life. .144
Sometimes it's not what I want, it's what others want that's more important.-.144
I feel attacked by others. .143
I generally have the upper hand in my romantic relationships. .143
I like to educate others. .143
I focus entirely on avoiding romantic relationship rejection. .143
My sex drive is very high. .143
revolution ooooo status quo .142
I only compete with myself. -.142
I prefer to date people who have an independent trajectory in life. .142
I feel worried when I think I have done poorly at something important. .142
I have an unrelenting feeling of not being wanted. .141
I'm uncomfortable having friends that are better looking than me. .141
I would be happy if I looked out for my own interests more. .141
I find believing in myself rewarding. .141
I am highly self aware. .140
identity ooooo role confusion .140
When I'm depressed, I desire things to make more sense. .140
I am primarily motivated by the quest for logical purity. .140
Physical chemistry is the most important quality in who I like romantically. .140
erotic .140
National security (i.e. protection from anything that would hurt my country) is very important to me. .139
I find it rewarding to only put myself in environments that affirm my values. .139
How I feel/think about myself does not rely on the opinions of others. -.139
I would rather be with someone I sort of liked than be alone feeling unwanted. .139
I want to be in romantic relationship with someone that I think is awesome. .139
I am very suspicious of others. .138
I want to find someone I love. .138
People I decieve are fools who should have known better. .138
My need to be appreciated by others is very low. -.138
I readily communicate personally to all members of a group to feel unity. .138
I value internal rewards/validation more than external rewards/validation. -.137
I am good at setting goals. .137
I dare to say anything. .136
My intellectual interests define me. .136
Even the prospect of something better romantically, can eclipse past romantic interests. .136
I enjoy the thrill of action and physical experience in the present moment. .136
revolution 00000 status quo .136
When I'm attracted to someone I enjoy finding out if it's mutual. .136
I don't like to confess. .135
My enjoyment admiring things exceeds my desire to be admired. -.135
I don't trust others but I want others to trust me. .135
I use anger to control people and situations. .135
I don't care what others think. -.134
Super logical people annoy me. .134
I am the life of the party. .134
I attract attention from the opposite sex. .133
I think of myself as a commodity. .133
I have a tendency to think whoever I'm dating is better than all of my previous partners. .133
I hurt people. .133
I like order. .133
genuine ooooo flashy .133
I am willing to forgive others. -.133
I get things done quickly. .132
I complain a lot. .132
I do things in a logical order. .132
I embrace disdain. .132
I love attention but I dislike intimacy (a person getting too close to me). .132
It bothers me when a movie I don't like is highly regarded. .132
exact .132
I am constantly reflecting about myself. .131
I am or would be unhappy if I was overweight. .131
I am very picky about movies. .131
Being happy is my number one priority. .131
I hate to judge others on how they look. -.131
I push myself very hard to succeed. .130
I am prone to excess. .130
If I ordered a bagel with chive cream cheese and got one with regular, I would send it back. .130
Money is the cheapest thing, liberty/freedom is the most expensive. -.130

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