R-Drive Personality Trait Descriptions



Being different is my oxygen. .405
respect customs ooooo reinvent customs .396
I love to think up new ways of doing things. .394
innovate ooooo maintain -.391
I am unconventional. .370
I take risks. .361
I want to be different from others. .349
I have a strong need for individuality. .342
I'm a free spirit. .338
respect customs 00000 discard customs .328
I love to examine the unusual. .325
revolution ooooo status quo -.321
I find non-conformity rewarding. .320
I know that my ideas sometimes surprise people. .317
I do things that others find strange. .317
obscure .317
I wnat to form my own opinions. .315
non-conformist .314
I am peculiar. .310
I am considered to be kind of eccentric. .308
abstract .308
My interests are both wildly eclectic and intensely focused. .305
I have a lot of theories. .305
revolution 00000 status quo -.304
eccentric .304
I live life on my own terms. .303
I seek adventure. .299
I seek danger. .293
I'm alternative..288
I take existing ideas and link them together in new and interesting ways. .287
I don't care what others think. .281
I engage in daily acts of rebellion. .280
I am defined by my internal compass (not an external one). .280
I am more aware of how I want to act than of what actions would be most rewarded by others/society. .280
transcendental .279
I know how to get around the rules. .278
I am inclined to rely more on improvisation. .277
planner ooooo spontaneous .274
The normal rules don't apply to me. .273
I find adventure seeking rewarding. .270
Curiosity is my oxygen. .270
I am more preoccupied with what I like than with being liked. .268
math oooo art .267
I have a natural talent for influencing people. .269
I thrive on problem solving. .265
I am an outsider. .261
I am experimental. .259
Freedom of action and thought is very important to me. .259
unartistic 00000 artistic .266
I am quick to spot inconsistencies. .265
I like to rebel for the sake or rebellion. .264
I am courageous. .262
I am very particular about who/how I am, but it's entirely for me, not to please/impress anyone else on this planet. .262
As long as I still want something, I keep trying different things until I succeed. .256
I need a varied life. .245
I have taken frequent stands in the face of strong opposition. .256
I have the freedom to become something other than my circumstances would normally produce. .253
I am inclined to do the opposite of what people want me to do. .250
I have no respect for the status quo. .250
I come up with something new. .249
invent ooooo build -.248
I quickly perceive similarities, differences, and anomalies. .247
deceptive -.246
I am a radical. .245
I want to follow a path in life which is ambitious, unconventional, logical, beneficial to the world, and makes me happy. .243
I find taking risks rewarding. .242
When I want something, I'll sometimes go out on a limb to get it. .241
People tell me that I am distant. .238
Question everything, even question why you question everything. .236
I offer various unrelated ideas and see what potential they might suggest. .236
I have a lot of will power. .235
I focus entirely on getting my own way, helping myself. .227
I find conformity rewarding. -.226
simple ooooo complex -.225
I act wild and crazy. .218
atypical .239
idiosyncratic .238
I am open to change. .238
I like losing myself in things. .238
I see myself as open to new experiences, complex. .237
uncreative 00000 creative .236
I often act on the spur of the moment. .234
I like to do frightening things. .234
improviser .234
I seek out the patterns of the universe. .241
I do not need the validation of my parents. .232
I feel best when I am taking risks. .231
brainiac .231
fit in ooooo be oneself .229
My main motivation is to be different. .228
I feel attracted to the symbolic, archetypal, or mysterious. .227
I crusade for what is right even if it creates tension with the external world and may endanger a personal relationship. .227
I prefer variety to routine. .226
Taking risks does not bother me if the gains involved are high. .225
I trust my logic over the logic of others. .225
atheist ooooo theist -.225
I love to customize things. .224
I don't measure my success by public opinion. .224
I am insane. .224
I have a vivid imagination. .223
Every day is a new adventure. .223
I love intellectual pursuits more than most other things in life. .223
spontaneous .223
I am good at making impromptu speeches. .222
I do things when I feel like doing them. .222
Defending my own ideas is very important. .221
People tell me that I am cold. .220
Sometimes rules should be bent. .219
I am prone to excess. .219
I am more obedient than rebellious. -.219
I am very intense. .219
easy book ooooo challenging book .218
I do things that impress me. .218
artistic .217
I enjoy being reckless. .217
I am extremely intuitive. .216
I love exploring abstract concepts. .216
I'm random. .216
I am mystical. .215
I keep following tangents and new ideas without limiting myself to one. .215
If the happiest path in life for me also resulted in everyone thinking I was an idiot, I would still take that path. .215
I conform to others' opinions. -.214
I trust my feelings over the feelings of others. .214
I focus more on what I find attractive/validating than what others find attractive/validating. .213
theist 00000 athiest .212
I stick to the rules. -.212
I require novelty and change. .212
money ooooo freedom .211
I find reinforcement within myself, not others. .210
Happiness is about self improvement not ascending the social hierarchy. .210
take risks 00000 play it safe -.209
I frequently attempt to conceive the future, possible contingences, and significance of things..209
I'm happy to occupy whatever position in society I best fit into regardless of whether it's prestigious. -.209
I spur action and pull off results simply by making my presence felt. .208
I'm too lost in my own world to actually care what other people might be thinking/feeling about me. .208
I'm so different that I won't be accepted. .208
I find it easy to manipulate others. .208
I can usually talk my way out of anything. .208
prestige /= happiness ooooo prestige = happiness .207
Life is a puzzle that I will figure out. .206
How I feel/think about myself does not rely on the opinions of others. .205
be challenged ooooo be supported -.204
I'm a born leader. .204
witty .203
I can live my life in any way I want to. .203
I create theories for the sake of theories. .203
I am highly theoretical. .203
Nothing is more important than critical thinking. .202
Rules are rules. -.201
work ooooo play .201
I want to stand out. .201
I am adaptable. .200
I know things no one else knows. .200
I am right, others are wrong. .200
I dislike small talk, but I enjoy talking in depth about topics that matter to me. .200
I try to examine myself objectively. .213
complex .200
I try to make the world more like I want it to be. .200
I enjoy playing with random interconnections and patterns. .199
I look for hidden meanings in things. .199
I am willing to be misunderstood. .199
Boredom motivates me to do things. .199
Being unique/special has allowed me to survive and/or be loved. .198
fit in 00000 be oneself .198
I worry about what people think of me. -.198
I focus more on what I like (what I find attractive) than being liked (being attractive to others). .198
I readily see cause-effect relationships. .198
I need to be influential. .195
I try to experience life entirely in the moment. .195
The future is always uncertain. .195
I embrace disdain. .194
hedonist .193
I frequently look at possibilities and meanings behind things. .193
I see beauty in things that others might not notice. .192
passionate .192
I mostly live in the my head, not in the world. .191
I am willing to try anything once. .190
I get insights that seem to come out of thin air and I have learned to rely on them. .190
I achieve metamorphosises, definitive insights, or powerful visions of change. .190
I freely follow my gut instincts and exciting physical impulses as they come up. .190
I would love to pursue a career in art. .188
I find political discussions interesting. .188
I'm romantically attracted to people who don't like themselves. .187
I wish more people liked better music. .187
I can talk others into doing things. .187
I am highly ambitious. .187
I frequently get lost for long periods working on one of my intellectual projects. .187
I will often do things for no other reason than that they might be fun. .187
Life is a game. .187
Artistic achievement is very important to me. .186
I could be happy alone. .186
I believe in brutal honesty. .186
I carry the conversation to a higher level. .186
I fear being controlled. .186
I'm an idealist. .185
I am self sufficient. .185
I judge my own and other peoples behavior according to cultural norms. -.185
My inner world is much more stimulating and rewarding to me than the external world. .184
I understand people who think differently. .183
I can read minds to some degree. .183
conceptual ooooo tangible -.183
I prefer to date people who have an independent trajectory in life. .183
I have very divergent feelings toward things. .182
No matter how bad life gets, I'll always fight though it. .182
We create ourselves. .182
I am determined to have my own way. .182
I have a lot of opinions. .181
When I'm not happy, I make changes to my life. .181
Rules are rules. -.180
I constantly seek improvement and ways of doing things better. .180
I enjoy conflict. .179
I like to argue. .179
I have very good instincts. .179
I am flexible. .179
I don't like taking orders. .179
I'm impulsive in my actions. .179
I feel it's OK that some people don't like me. .179
I enjoy the thrill of action and physical experience in the present moment. .177
thrill-seeking .177
I am fascinated with myself. .177
I view obligation as a position of weakness and vulnerability to other's control. .177
I an very good at picking up on whether people are lying. .177
I find theoretical physics interesting. .177
I weave into the current dynamics of a situation aspects of other, random contexts. .176
I am independent to a fault. .176
I live to create beautiful things. .175
Objective greatness is not necessarilly accurately defined/determined externally. .175
Everything is related to everything. .175
A person's family is the most important thing in life. -.174
People are so boring and predictable. .174
I am able to manipulate others. .174
I am very skilled at achievement. .173
I will not be taken advantage of. .172
Many of the people I've been close with have been smokers. .171
I will never be satisfied until I get all that I deserve. .171
I believe I can improve the world by influencing others. .171
I find it rewarding to be very aware of my environment at all times. .171
I live a life based on ongoing analysis, searching for definitive principles and mismatches thereof. .171
I am capable of telling elaborate lies. .170
My greatest strength is artistic creativity. .170
One should always be willing to carry on the discussion in the opponent's terminology. .170
Many of the people I've been close friends with have been smokers or heavy drinkers (alcohol). .170
rational ooooo irrational .169
I want to have an impact on people and events. .169
I am more interested in intellectual pursuits than anything else. .169
I look up to no one. .168
I am often skeptical, critical, and evaluative. .169
I am the greatest human being that has ever existed. .168
I'm always willing to try something new if I think it will be fun. .167
My need to be appreciated by others is very low. .167
I identify with powerful / dominating types. .167
I fear taking control, leading. -.167
I can't allow myself to need anyone. .167
I prefer friends that challenge me and just think I'm ok to friends that don't challenge me and think I'm awesome. .167
My parents were both overly complimentary and rejecting, alternately. .167
Pursuing the path in life I care most about is the most important thing for me. .167
I am fun. .166
I'm not a big risk taker. -.166
I would be happy if I cared even less about money/power/image. -.085 .166 .049 -.261 .287
I don't feel I deserve anything but I will aim to attain/accomplish anything I am interested in attaining/accomplishing. .166
I am more talented than average and thus have more responsibility to contribute to the world. .166
I don't want to stand out. -.166
We are responsible for who we are. .166
I am uncomfortable being subject to the authority or control of someone. .165
I am aware at a detailed level of what is going on in my body including my emotional state. .165
I am interested in the paranormal. .164
People tell me that I am stiff. .164
I enjoy work that allows me to dive in with few interruptions. .164
I don't like predictable people. .163
I instantly read visible cues to see just how far I can go. .163
nice ooooo standoffish .161
The things I value most are internal. .161
I want to have an exciting life (stimulating experiences). .161
erotic .161
Identity is the imprint of one's will on existence. .161
I have addictive tendencies .16
I am very sexual. .160
theoretical oooo proven -.160
I am obedient to others. -.160
I don't respect sell outs. .160
I grew up in an intense household. .159
I amuse others. .159
I find independence/autonomy rewarding. .159
I am argumentitive. .159
I am weak and need a stronger person to carry me through life. -.158
I hate the mundane. .155
I'm an idealist. .155
happy 00000 sad .157
I act according to my own feelings. .157
I am or have been a regular smoker or drinker (alcohol). .156
I spend a lot of time analyzing myself. .156
I fear being judged by others. -.156
I want to always be better than I was yesterday. .156
I focus entirely on being obscure. .154
Achievement is more important than material or financial reward. .155
It is hard for me to make a decision if I don't know how others feel about it. -.155
I detest being dependent. .155
rational 00000 irrational .154
If I ruled the world it would be a better place. .154
meticulous ooooo forgetful .154
I like the band The Pixies. .154
I like to be masculine. .154 (women)
I live inside my head. .154
If a life choice felt right I would stick with it no matter what. .154
If I see a chance to get something I want I move on it right away. .154
I am highly self aware. .153
I don't like most people. .153
must first approve of the job's larger impact on the world before I'll agree to perform it. .153
I value internal rewards/validation more than external rewards/validation. .153
I fix my own problems. .153
Pleasure (the gratification of my desires) is very important to me. .153
instinctive .152
I like change.- -.152
It is inevitable to be flawed. .152
I had a lot of philosophical discussions with my family growing up. .152
Only through the awareness of all possibilities am I fully satisfied. .152
In private, I like being naked. .152
I avoid being indebted to anyone or anything. .152
I would not date someone crazier than me. -.151
I do my best work alone. .151
I would like to climb Mount Everest. .151
When I want something I usually go all-out to get it. .150
I have a fear of public speaking. -.150
Jobs are for suckers. .150
As a child I prefered the company of older children and adults to that of my peers. .150
I am very picky about music. .149
I have a morose sense of humor. .149
I have a lot of pride. .149
I had one or more intrusive parents. .149
I'm always open to being wrong about what I think. .149
I find unpopularity rewarding. .149
I enjoy duping/decieving people. .149
I always remain true to what I want for myself or others. .148
I am correct. .148
Anything is possible. .148
I've always felt that something is missing inside me. .148
The people I am romantically attracted to tend to be messed up. .148
I act without consulting others. .147
I had a lot of intellectual discussions with my family growing up. .147
I experience premonitions or foresee the distant future. .147
I work best alone. .147
I fear being controlled, being led. .147
It is important that I get my way. .146
I can run very fast. .146
I engage in magical thinking. .146
My sex drive is very high. .146
At a certain point in my life I distanced myself from my parents (and I remain distant). .146
I am very different from my family members. .146
Most people are better than me. -.146
Others should be made to pay for their stupidity. .146
questioning .145
I believe that I should be free to fully control my life, other people should be free to fully control their lives. .145
I avoid dangerous situations. -.145
My friends are very different from me. .145
I see flaws/weaknesses as opportunites for fixes/improvements. .145
I like to have power over others. .144
I frequently assess other peoples emotional states by watching their behavior. .144
I try to maximize pleasure. .144
humorous .144
I would make a good actor. .144
My reputation is important to me. .143
The best rewards are internal. .143
I am in control of almost every aspect of my life. .143
Having a family is the most important thing to me. -.142
I attempt to make the outer world more like my inner self. .142
I disregard others and look down on them with an arrogant eye. .142
I respect authority. -.142
If you get me talking about a subject I'm interested in, I might go on for awhile. .142
I want to leave a mark, do something that will have a real impact in the world. .141
I don't care if people think I'm awesome. .141
I have a great need to improve the world. .140
All my life I've wanted to do something big, bigger and better than the rest. .140
I feel pretty worried or upset when I think or know somebody is angry at me. -.140
I am prone to escapism. -.140
When something is right, you just know. .140
I can make anybody believe anything I want them to. .140
I feel a oneness with nature. .139
expert .139
I am constantly reflecting about myself. .139
I like feeling a heightened sense of pleasure. .139
I need to know how things work. .139
When it comes to romantic attraction, captivating my mind is more important than captivating my heart. .139
I am more calm than worrying. .138
Truth is best determined internally. .138
I modify models and frameworks to accommodate new data, thereby preserving inner logical consistency. .138
investigative .137
I search for and acknowledge any internal contradictions, then I amend my beliefs accordingly. .139
I was bullied growing up. .137
I am controlled by my environment. -.137
Morality is relative. .137
introspective 00000 power seeking -.136
Most of how I've ended up is a result of my own choices/design. .136
Finding meaning/purpose in my life is very important to me. .136
I go out of my way to get things I want. .136
I tend to be the comedian around others. .136
I like to look at my body. .135
My goal in life is omniscience. .135
I would be happy if I could avoid change/risk. -.135
I could be happy without having kids. .135
When I'm depressed, I like to help people. .135
I like the band The Pixies. .134
I like performing and/or speaking in front of an audience. .134
I enjoy solitude. .134
I believe in letting people be who they are, even if I really care about them, even if who they are is killing them. .134
I would prefer anarchy to a living in a faschist police state. .134
Money is the cheapest thing, liberty/freedom is the most expensive. .133
Mistakes are just a normal part of life. .133
Complete freedom is the best way to bring up a child if you want it to be free and active. .133
Approval is very important to me. -.133
I hurt people. .133
Skin diving in the ocean would be much too dangerous for me. -.133
born leader .132
I hate to judge others on how they look. .132
The external is merely a means/template for which my internal reinforces itself. .132
There are things I believe that I have no empirical proof for and pretty much no one else believes. .132
I live life as it comes without any long term plan. .132
I often attack complicated material by separating it into components and analyzing it systematically. .132
I am not easily frustrated. .131
I only care what my inner circle thinks. .131
If the people I was close to didn't like someone, it would be hard for me to date them. -.131
I have an unrelenting feeling of not being wanted. .131
I transform myself by focusing inward on a specific way I foresee I will need to be. .131
I have a big ego. .131
I prefer one-on-one conversations to group activities. .131
masculine .131
What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others. .131
I am easily intimidated. -.130
When I'm depressed, I like to do something random. .127

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