Enneagaram Personality Type Descriptions

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Type 3 (The Face)

Motivation: To be impressive, attractive, successful
Potential problem: substituting being liked/impressive for having a real authentic personality
Historic antecedent: Materialism/Capitalism
Historic example: Most Politicians
Film example: Gordon Gecko (Wall Street)
Characteristics: strong need for and preoccupation with social status, winning is very important, image is important, finds popularity rewarding, needs to get their way, fame/prestige would make them happy, desires notoriety, cares about recognition, addicted to attention, would not be happy if they were poor, greatly values physical attractiveness, superficial, more external than internal, focuses more on being liked (being attractive) than what they like (what they find attractive), would rather fit in then be themself, values their own happiness and success over others, thinks they deserve a better life than others, has a big ego, self esteem is based on how attractive others think they are, sets high standards for self and others, likes expensive things, controlling, ostentatious (showy), likes to brag, seeks out positions of leadership, worries about what people think of them, competitive, divisive, puts a lot of effort into how they dress/look, would hate to be considered odd or strange

Healthy Type 3: The Performer
impressive without being arrogant, can effortlessly handle the spotlight, skilled performer/entertainer.
Average Type 3: The Histrionic
preoccupied with fame, prestige, social status; wants others to find them impressive; preoccupied with how attractive or unattractive they are to others
Unhealthy Type 3: The Envyist
longs for what they don't have; competitive; compares themselves to others who are more accomplished/successful; envious; feels that to be ignored is to not exist; will act inappropriately in order to get attention

*for a low score assume the opposite of the above. the descriptions listed here are made up of personality items. people who scored high on this type scored higher on the above items compared to the average. (more info on construction)
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