Enneagaram Personality Type Descriptions

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Type 6 (The Cautioneer)

Motivation: To survive, be safe/secure
Potential problem: Playing it too safe, seeing dangers where they don't exist
Historic antecedent: The Insurance Industry
Historic example: Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
Film/TV example: Niles (Frasier)
Characteristics: proceeds with care in most endeavors, favors sameness and consistency to suprises, does things by the book, feels that something bad will happen if they let their guard down, not reckless, prefers structure, thinks the world is a dangerous place, prefers the familiar to the unfamiliar, wants everything to add up perfectly, protective of their feelings, prone to paranoia, fears being harmed or controlled, suspicious of others until they have proven themselves trustworthy, worries about making the wrong choices, thinks of things in terms of costs and benefits, prioritizes personal safety, more contemplation than action, perfectionist, refiner, goal oriented, trouble shooter, prefers to stick with what they know, worries about consequences

Healthy Type 6: The Security Expert
sees dangers before others, skilled at averting danger, capable of bravery
Average Type 6: The Cautioneer
safe, secure, stable, reliable, predictable, cautious
Unhealthy Type 6: The Paranoid
suspicious, jealous, into conspiracy theories, unsure, fearful, erratic

*for a low score assume the opposite of the above. the descriptions listed here are made up of personality items. people who scored high on this type scored higher on the above items compared to the average. (more info on construction)
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