Gender neutral personality items

In counterpoint to the previous article which focused on personality items which had prominent gender differences, I compiled a list of the most gender neutral personality items. Each of the following items shows no gender preference (i.e. men and women score the same, on average).

I am a little superficial.
I carry the conversation to a higher level.
I am very unique.
I am sometimes full of thoughts, ideas, and images in my mind.
I am not very good at delaying gratification.
I act according to my conscience.
I think the world is a dangerous place.
I wish I understood the world better.
I can't control my romantic thoughts.
I can say things beautifully.
I never fantasize about the best case scenario.
I am a bit of a snob when it comes to my artistic tastes.
I go after what I want.
I am not an extraordinary person.
I am a good loser.
I am a social chameleon.
I am defensive.
I dislike changes.
I am easily calmed down by others.
I believe that planning ahead makes things turn out better.
I believe that there are universal truths.
My conscious thought filter is not very good
I defend my own beliefs.
I like the world to reflect me.
I sabotage myself.

The gender neutral items above seem to be linked to artistic, intellectual, paranoid, and narcissistic tendencies. Who knows why this is. Artistic types (and intellectuals too) do seem to be less gender typical in personality and appearance. Narcissists in their efforts to achieve may have to appeal to both men and women. I'll have to look into the meaning of this list more.

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