MOTIVES Personality Key

materialistic offbeat thinking interpersonal vital easygoing sectarian
healthy popular with everyone, focused on maximizing their own happiness, very aware of their value to others has a strong desire to pursue their life interests, loves all kinds of new things, innovative organized, focused, consistent, highly productive, academic, finishes most everything they start generous, shows faith in others, believes every one matters, deeply concerned about the community enthusiastic, excited for tomorrow, loves being alive, thinks they are right where they need to be peaceful, tranquil, doesn't obsess about anything, feels lucky takes pride in their culture/country, likes strong leaders, economic conservative
average prioritizes being attractive, attentive to social status, likes to be fancy, likes adulation experimental, risk taking, exploring, challenging, seeks new techniques, abstract, rebellious compelled to be planned and orderly, makes lists, procedural, feels lost without structure puts others first, compelled to be helpful, empathetic, nurturing, loving, forgiving likes to take it easy, nonchalant, leisure-centric, selects the most relaxing life path supports border walls and limited immigration, pro racial profiling, thinks their culture is best
unhealthy obsessed with looks / social rank, slave to social validation, jealous, dishonest, prone to putting on a fake front has difficulty following social rules, slave to danger, eccentric, mysterious, outlier overly regimented, anal, ocd, habit driven, biased towards rationality over feelings can't say no, overly loyal, can only experience happiness through the happiness of others slacker, spends a lot of time awake laying around, energy conservation biased xenophobic, doesn't like feeling vulnerable, thinks people should stay in their places

ascetic conventional haphazard withholding depressive rigid globalist
average doesn't care about social status / popularity, not into being being fancy, minimalist style, non-showy not risk taking, prefers the familiar, doesn't like being different, not very curious unplanned, disorganized, non-systematic doesn't live for others, difficult, unempathetic, priotizes logic over people / feelings doesn't value calm, has not chill, doesn't prioritize relaxation pro-immigrants, politically liberal, cosmopolitan
unhealthy doesn't care about appearance, prefers to avoid spotlight, hermit, prefers to be away from the mainstream risk averse, doesn't try new things, doesn't like intensity, unadventurous messy, disorderly, doesn't prioritize getting up every morning, rarely cleans uninterested in the feelings of others, uncaring, unhelpful, unaccomodating struggles with depression, doesn't like being alive, upset, distressed, self destructive, anxious, non-trusting unrelaxed, easily agitated, not even-tempered, tense, high strung dislikes their own culture