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Materialistic (External Narcissism)

*Ascetic types will tend towards the opposite of the characteristics below

High scoring Materialist testimonials
Low scoring Materialist testimonials

Motivation: To appear better than others
Purpose: Determining value
Conflict: External Narcissism vs. Internal Narcissism (Asceticism)
Historic antecedent: Jungian Extroversion
Historic example: Alexander the Great
Film example: Gordon Gekko (Wall Street)
Counter example: J.D. Salinger
Characteristics: strong need for power, desires to accumulate lots of wealth and property, winning is very important, image is important, finds popularity rewarding, needs to get their way, fame/prestige would make them happy, desires notoriety, cares about recognition, addicted to attention, would not be happy if they were poor, greatly values physical attractiveness, superficial, concerned about social attractiveness, more external than internal, focuses more on being liked (being attractive) than what they like (what they find attractive), would rather fit in than be themself, values their own happiness and success over others, thinks they deserve a better life than others, has a big ego, self esteem is based on how attractive others think they are, sets high standards for self and others, likes expensive things, controlling, ostentatious (showy), likes to brag, seeks out positions of leadership, worries about what people think of them, competitive, divisive, puts a lot of effort into how they dress/look, would hate to be considered odd or strange (more)

The following items all had statistically significant factor loadings (similar to correlations) on the Materialist drive:

Healthy items | Materialist factor score / Vital factor score
I'm very popular in mainstream society. 390/270
My primary goal is to maximize my happiness. 240/270
I'm very aware of my value to others. 210/400

Average Health items | Materialist factor score
My attractiveness is very important to me. 820
I prioritize being attractive to most people. 798
I am compelled to be attractive. 797
I have a need to be attractive to everyone. 789
I prioritize being attractive to others. 776
I am compelled to be desirable. 771
I am preoccupied with my appearance rank. 770
I am compelled to look good. 661
I am preoccupied with my appearance. 760
I'm obsessed with how I look. 750
I am preoccupied with my appearance to others. 750
I am a slave to being attractive. 752
Appearance-centric would be a good description of me. 747
Attractiveness-centric would be a good description of me. 740
I am concerned about my clothes and appearance. 740
Looks-centric would be a good description of me. 733
I obsess about my looks. 732
Social recognition is important. 731
I tend to want others to admire me. 730
I am concerned with fashion and elegance. 729
I like to be popular. 722
I am preoccupied with my image to others. 720
I spend a lot of time exploring my appearance rank. 720
I am compelled to attract. 719
My life's work is trying to be attractive. 718
I am preoccupied with my social rank. 710
I desire the rewards that popularity grants. 710
Beauty-centric would be a good description of me. 703
Image-centric would be a good description of me. 700
Status seeker would be a good description of me. 699
I am compelled to be popular. 697
I am addicted to attention (positive or negative). 690
I desire special attention / treatment. 690
I desire excessive social rewards. 689
I define myself by my social rank. 685
Whether I like it or not, social recognition matters to me. 681
I tend to want others to pay attention to me. 680
I'm preoccupied with the path that will make me look best to others. 680
Being attractive is the most important thing. 680
I live for external beauty. 675
Being attractive is everything. 670
I excel at making myself attractive to others. 670
My identity is my attractiveness. 666
If someone is more attractive than me, it bothers me. 665
I want prestige. 670
A better appearance can set me apart from those around me. 668
I want others to view me as the best. 660
I like being attractive. 657
I love that people are always looking at me. 654
Popularity-centric would be a good description of me. 651
There is value in getting the admiration of society. 651
External rewards mean a lot to me. 650
I always try to make myself look as good as possible. 639
I believe happiness can be achieved through popularity. 636
I've always wanted to be part of the cool crowd. 627
I am attracted to prestige. 614
I try to be stylish. 613
My primary need is status and the esteem of others. 612
I make things all about me. 610
I define others by their social rank. 607
Image-ist would be a good description of me. 601
I check myself out in the mirror frequently. 600
I want to have a fancy life. 600
When I'm not attractive I feel off. 600
Clothes reflect one's status. 596
It is important to me to be part of a social scene. .590
I find getting attention rewarding. 582
I want to appear successful. 580
I've thought better of a person because they were attractive. 580
Social rank is more important than objective rank. 580
I feed on praise. 576
Personal branding is important. 570
I've thought better of a person because they were wealthy. 570
Others dress to live, I live to dress. 563
I am compelled to be fancy. 561
I require constant attention. 560
The details of getting ready (picking out specific clothing items, styling my hair, etc.) is something I enjoy. 560
I have a history of trying to make myself seen/noticed by people I like. 560
Reputation is important. 550
I want others to be attentive to me. 550
I always notice the most attractive person in the room. 550
I want to have the best of everything. 547
I don't like being unattractive. 546
I like to look at myself in the mirror. 544
I think about other people in terms of how much they increase or decrease my social attractiveness. 540
I prefer to live in the most expensive cities. 540
Fashionista would be a good description of me. 538
I live for external rewards. .533
I value getting awards. .536
I would not be happy if I was poor. 530
I would not be happy if I had less money. 530
I think money is important. 520
I follow the latest trends. .524
I need a car that makes me look like I have some class. 523
I talk alot about myself. 520
Taking care of your physical appearance is a very important skill. 517
I want a lot of money. 516
I see other attractive people as sexual competition. .515
I prefer to date fancy people. 510
My goal is to be rich. 510
When I was younger, I was attracted to those in the popular group. 510
I'm attached to money. 510
I prefer luxury living to exploring the fringe. 510
How people look means something. 500
The most important quality in a romantic partner is how attractive they are to others. 500
I care about beauty for the sake of beauty. 500
I like flirting with other people even when I'm in a relationship. 500
My romantic partner's attractiveness is very important to me. 490
I'm more energized by external things than internal things. 490
I am drawn to expensive things. 490
I am biased to whatever path is fanciest. 480
I prefer to live in fancy cities. 480
I like to be checked out when I exercise outside. 480
Who doesn't want to be envied. 470
I like people to wait on me. 470
The most important quality in a friend is how attractive they make me look to others. 466
The most appealing path to me is whatever path society rewards most. 450
I'm addicted to feeling good. 450
I live for the physical buzz I get when I meet someone I'm romantically into. 440
People's value to me corresponds to how much they make me feel good. 440
It is important to date around a lot. 440
Clothes reflect one's taste. 437
I frequently spend hours in a day on social media. 430
Peacock would be a good description of me. 421
The most important quality in a friend is how attractive they are. 420
I don't like being treated like I'm not special. 420
I could not date an unimpressive person. 420
Modeling the successful behavior of others is the best skill. 416
I have a weakness for beauty. 410
Winning motivates me. 400
I would love to have a chauffeur (personal driver). 400
Mating-centric would be a good description of me. 395
I would want to see who has searched for me on the internet. 390
I have difficulty not judging potential life paths based solely on how financially rewarding they are. 389
I only like talking about myself. 380
I am attracted to people who are arrogant. 380
I mainly look outside myself for stimulation. 374
I Google / Facebook people before going on a date. 370
Avoiding physical aging entirely interests me. 370
I enjoy eavesdropping. 370
I have very good taste. 360
In a crowded elevator, I think about who the top mating partners would be. 360
I would move to a different city solely for better romantic prospects. 360
Fop would be a good description of me. 355
If something makes me feel good, I have to maintain that. 350
I live for the physical buzz I get when I'm around someone I'm romantically into. 350
If someone makes me feel good, I have to keep them around. 330
You should share your accomplishments on social media. 320
I online shop to unwind. 320
I frequently spend hours a day online shopping/browsing. 320
I come on very strong in the beginning of a relationship. 310
Yuppie would be a good description of me. 305
My gender is a big part of my identity. 300
Who you spend time with is who you become. 280
I could not be friends with someone significantly smarter than me. 270
Social Media has made the world a better place. 260
There is power in public opinion. 251
I like being part of a tribe. 250
I believe that everyone thinks as I do. 244
I believe the whole world shares my feelings and desires. 246
If I never had sex again that would be upsetting. 230

Unhealthy items | Materialist factor score / Depressive factor score
I'm obsessed with how I look to others. 720/250
I am obsessed with what I look like. 666/209
It saddens me when I look unattractive. 662/191
I need to be a part of what others think is great. 656/189
If I'm not attractive to others I feel lost. 650/250
I'd hate people to think I'm ugly.640/230
I think a lot about where I rank. 640/250
I believe happiness can be achieved through attractiveness. 628/209
I don't like when people find me unattractive. 500/163
I'm a slave to my social ranking. 589/246
I need to be likable to others so that people don't find out who I really am. 460/510
A loss of attractiveness makes me less of a person. 570/340
I tend to enhance/exaggerate my emotions so others take notice of me. 560/200
If I had to choose between looking more attractive and feeling better, I would choose looking more attractive. 560/190
I'm a slave to social validation. 558/308
My self esteem is tied to my attractiveness. 541/217
I live and die before a mirror. 539/176
My self esteem is tied to my desirability. 538/222
I tend to select the life path that will make me look best to others. 530/168
I see other attractive people as sexual competition. 515/158
I'm obsessed with how others look. 510/220
I'm attached to money. 506/154
I want to be liked so I'm not entirely honest about who I really am. 480/460
I think a lot about where I rank in relation to my peers. 490/400
I try to get people to think I'm better than I am. 481/324
I want others to recognize my existence. 471/198
Highly attractive people have a power over me. 466/211
I feel like I'm not accepted if I'm not talked about. 458/328
I don't like feeling less than others. 417/150
feel mildly depressed when I post something to social media and it doesn’t meet my minimum requirement for likes. 373/378
I need to see how other people see me because it's the only way I can see myself. 381/463
I don't like when people make me look bad. 380/206
I'm attracted to unavailable romantic partners. 370/280
I feel mildly depressed when I post something to social media and it doesn’t meet my minimum requirement for likes. 370/380
I hate that I am not more impressive to others. 362/581
How much a significant other likes me is more important than how much I like them. 360/280
I would rather be intellectually unattractive than physically unattractive. 356/157
It hurts too much to lose.350/310
If someone better than me walks into a room, my value instantly drops. 330/540
If I feel unattractive, I don't enjoy being around others. 330/460
I tell people what they want to hear. 330/210
I have difficulty saying no to immediate gratification. 320/300
I hate that I am not more attractive to others. 311/574
I can't tolerate being humiliated. 310/300
Who I am with or will end up with romantically preoccupies my thinking. 310/230
The value of your life is based on your sexual success. 382/161
I don't react well when someone offends me. 320/-350
I don't like to admit when I've made a mistake. 300/220
I don't stick with a plan if I don't get results right away. 300/350
If a new romantic interest stops responding to me I obsess about why. 290/380
I get annoyed when I experience bad cell phone reception during a call. 270/260
I tend to ignore friends when a romantic interest is around. 270/200
I'm prone to violence. 270/410
When talking with friends, I steer the conversation around/away from topics that are unpleasant for me. 260/230
When I'm interested in someone romantically, I tend to forget everyone else, even good friends. 260/260
I'm prone to aggression. 210/400
When I love someone a lot, it's destabilizing. 210/450
I'm depressed that I'm not impressive enough. 199/762
I want to become something different from who I am. 192/573
I'm uncomfortable being around people I perceive as better than me. 190/390
I have faked emotion for as long as I can remember to fit in. 180/610
I feel unrewarded. 176/572
In my life, I struggle between under-reaching and over-reaching. 175/459
I hate that I am unimpressive. 174/648
I am skilled at faking emotional expressions. 168/371
I hate that I am unattractive. 155/607
I prefer for the people I'm close to, to have little contact with others. 153/404

*for a low score assume the opposite of the above. the descriptions listed here are made up of personality items. people who scored high on this type scored higher on the above items compared to the average. (more info on construction)
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