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Vitality (Identity)

*Depressed types will tend towards the opposite of the characteristics below

High scoring Vital testimonials
Low scoring Vital testimonials
Highest scoring Vital traits

Motivation: To be alive
Purpose: Life drive/instinct
Conflict: optimism/motivation vs. pessimism/apathy
Historic antecedent: Freudian Life vs. Death instinct
Historic example: Viktor Frankl
Film example: Chuck Noland (Cast Away)
Counter example: Sylvia Plath
Characteristics: making progress in life, happy, knows who they are, open about who they are, doesn't hide who they are, autonomous, optimistic, realistic, finds being who they are rewarding, knows what they are doing with their life, thriving, not prone to depression, takes initiative, feels comfortable with who they are, emotionally controlled, trusts their own judgment, not stressed, radiates joy, thinks they are living in the best part of their life right now, motivated, has close friends, athletic, good sense of right and wrong, confident, hard working, comfortable expressing romantic interest, knows how to enjoy themself, capable of trust, is capable of getting over social or romantic rejection, feels that their life belongs to them, seeks pleasure, true to self at all costs, not prone to complaining, independent, gregarious, prefers to participate fully rather than view life from the sidelines, not prone to anger, energetic, creative, trusts others, not easily confused, considered attractive by others, feels lucky much of the time, self reliant, true to their word, not a private person, not superficial, doesn't hide their failures from others, more calm than worrying, makes friends easily, good at taking advice, team player, has a lot of fun, not prone to addiction, honest, rational, respects customs (more)

*for a low score assume the opposite of the above. the descriptions listed here are made up of personality items. people who scored high on this type scored higher on the above items compared to the average. (more info)
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