Global 5 Type Descriptions

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withdrawn, not wild and crazy, private, loner, not relationship obsessed, not swayed by emotions, insensitive to the needs of others, unhelpful, interested in intellectual pursuits, avoidant, does not put the needs of others ahead of self, thinks before acting, very scientific, not upset by the misfortune of strangers, avoids small talk, values solitude, private, does not get worked up about most things, fearless, unaffected by the suffering of others, calm in crisis, not easily excited, won't do much to avoid rejection, not known for generosity, not easily confused, cold, not prone to complimenting others, dislikes most people but tries to get along to minimize hostility, hard to get to know, more dominant than submissive, not easily hurt, driven by reason, influenced more by self than others, rarely worried, hard to impress, not that interested in relationships, hard to influence, not concerned about failing when trying something new, self confident, knows why they do things, not easily moved to tears, not prone to jealousy, not guided by moods

*the descriptions listed here are made up of personality items people who scored high on this type scored higher on the above items compared to the average. (more info on construction )

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favored careers:

scientist, research scientist, computer scientist, researcher, strategist, aerospace engineer, astronomer, nuclear engineer, biotechnology, analyst, chemical engineer, scholar, systems engineer, academic, engineer, computer engineer, mechanical engineer, biochemist, data analyst, military intelligence, philosopher, chemist, physicist, industrial engineer, mathematician, information technology professional, genetics researcher, software engineer, software developer, philosophy professor, systems analyst, biomedical engineer, research assistant, computer programmer, lab technician, astronaut, microbiologist, geneticist, computer industry, civil engineer, electrical engineer, information technology consultant, network engineer, financial analyst, information technology manager, business analyst, economist, computer consultant, database administrator, environmental scientist, computer tech, archelogist, statistician, diplomat, financial advisor, software designer, biologist, architect, chemistry teacher

disfavored careers:

entertainer, child care worker, makeup artist, wedding planner, fashion merchandiser, actor, fashion industry, kindergarten teacher, performer, fashion editor, social services worker, fashion designer, hair stylist, model, school counselor, preschool teacher, radio dj, stylist, entertainment industry, beautician, stay at home parent, early childhood educator, social worker, counselor, performing arts, dancer

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