Global 5 Type Descriptions

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avoidant, often late, patient, rarely prepared, non-aggressive, slow to judge others, withdrawn, unconcerned with image, relaxed, avoids crowds, easy going, not demanding, low maintenance, unambitious, not domineering, private, thinks before acting, concerned with the feelings of others, not wild and crazy, not controlling, does not like to show anger, hard to offend, dislikes the spotlight, uninterested in leading, not competitive, overly nice, not physically affectionate with most people, not bothered by disorder, level emotions, does not second guess self, agnostic/atheistic tendencies, not picky about food, not relationship obsessed, unproductive, unimposing, plain in appearance, disorganized, loner, lower energy level, very curious, uninterested in prestige/fame, not superficial, likes difficult reading material, does not get worked up about most things, fearless, flexible, trusting, does not stick to plans, easily distracted, interested in science, unconcerned that people have trouble reading them, a good loser, modest, not swayed by emotions

*the descriptions listed here are made up of personality items. people who scored high on this type scored higher on the above items compared to the average. (more info on construction)

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favored careers:

philosopher, philosophy professor, scientist, research scientist, novelist, author, astronomer, astronaut, freelance writer, archeologist, researcher, environmental scientist, scholar, physicist, anthropologist, forest ranger, museum curator, theologian, bookseller, biotechnology, guitarist, game designer, aerospace engineer, college professor, geologist, pilot, egyptologist, video game designer, audio engineer, poet, ecologist, biochemist, animator, genetics researcher, forensic anthropologist, wildlife biologist, computer programmer, paleontologist, chemist, freelance artist, assassin, comic book artist, cartoonist, engineer, art historian, strategist, psychoanalyst, artist, research psychologist, environmental engineer, historian, computer engineer, sailor, computer animator, political scientist, non profit sector, forensic scientist, history professor, software engineer, screenwriter microbiologist

disfavored careers:

executive, manager, fashion designer, fashion editor, stylist, office administrator, executive assistant, businessman, interior designer/decorator, sales manager, business manager, real estate agent, administrative assistant, office assistant, personal assistant, business administrator, business consultant

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