Global 5 Type Descriptions

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(3.9% of women; 2.9% of men)

easily confused, often late, rarely prepared, passionate about better the world's condition, easily distracted, wild and crazy, longs for a stabilizing relationship, prone to addiction, often rushed, show off, prone to worry, frequently loses things, does not accomplish work on time, acts without thinking, not good at sports, easily hurt, scatter-brained, very curious, spontaneous, not too hard working, aware of how the color and lighting of a room affects their mood, believes in a supernatural source of peace and love, can be talked into doing silly things, unpredictable, asks many questions, interested in others, upset by the misfortunes of strangers, believes in the importance of art, prefers have many different interests to just one, does not often know why they do things, moody, likes to be the center of attention, swayed by emotions, focuses on fantasies more than reality, acts without planning, becomes overwhelmed by events, able to disregard the rules, not good at saving money, eager to sooth hurt feelings, afraid of doing the wrong thing, can become aggressive when they feel hurt

*the descriptions listed here are made up of personality items. people who scored high on this type scored higher on the above items compared to the average. (more info on construction)

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favored careers:

author, philosophy professor, freelance writer, poet, philosopher, activist, journalist, novelist, freelance artist, playwright, theater industry, performer, songwriter, entertainer, artist, performing arts, creative director, actor, psychoanalyst, theater teacher, psychotherapist, comedian, music journalist, theater director, filmmaker, college professor, media industry, music therapist, painter, broadcast journalist, art director, screen writer, radio broadcaster, art curator, movie director, art therapist, musician, casting director, non profit sector, theologian, magazine editor, psychiatrist, research psychologist, photojournalist, archeologist, photographer, reporter, psychologist, cinematographer, photo journalist, english teacher, book editor, publisher, travel writer, film critic, art teacher, singer, child psychologist, film producer, anthropologist, radio dj, music producer, movie producer, therapist, sociologist, editor, environmentalist, illustrator, bookseller, art historian, counselor

disfavored careers:

business administrator, financial planner, office manager, financial manager, business manager, banker, sports management, administrative support, accountant, account manager, financial analyst, office worker, business consultant, investment banker

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