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atheist/agnostic tendencies, unconcerned with public image, lower energy level, does not value tradition, avoidant, does not put the welfare of others above self, not punctual, unproductive, does not believe in human goodness, not easily moved to tears, seldom bothered by the suffering of strangers, insensitive to the needs of others, relaxed, quiet around strangers, tendency to believe only in self, people have trouble reading them but they don't care, late finishing work, acts without planning, withdrawn, rarely too busy, not a perfectionist, uncooperative, not prone to complimenting people, does not believe in life after death, avoids crowds, prefers unpredictable to organized, not passionate about bettering the world's condition, does not second guess self, able to control cravings, calm in crisis, ambivalent to the feelings of others, believes in the importance of art, dislikes small talk, socially uncomfortable, private, not known for generosity, acts without consulting others, hard to get to know, not easily frustrated, interested in intellectual pursuits, not open about feelings, loner, asks many questions, open to change, influenced more by self than others, bored at work

*the descriptions listed here are made up of personality items. people who scored high on this type scored higher on the above items compared to the average. (more info on construction)

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favored careers:

philosopher, scientist, philosophy professor, video game designer, astronomer, aerospace engineer, author, nuclear engineer, astronaut, assassin, anthropologist, research scientist, archeologist, researcher, strategist, computer scientist, software engineer, game designer, software developer, genetics researcher, freelance writer, paleontologist, engineer, software designer, egyptologist, geneticist, biotechnology, physicist, book editor, scholar, political scientist, historian, novelist, biochemist, sound engineer, computer programmer, chemical engineer, screenwriter, audio engineer, comic book artist, pilot, computer technician, museum curator, computer engineer, computer animator, international spy, chemist, bookseller, academic, college professor, bounty hunter, poet, fighter pilot, biomedical engineer, computer consultant, biologist, web designer, bookstore owner, civil engineer, computer repair tech, microbiologist, playwrite, forest ranger, artist, network engineer, political analyst, composer, neurologist, botanist, professional musician, film director, mechanical engineer, linguist, mercenary, theologian, systems engineer, web developer, dictator, history professor, webmaster, digital artist, cartoonist, cinematographer, architect

disfavored careers:

child care worker, wedding planner, event planner, event coordinator, child care worker, childhood educator, personal assistant, hair stylist, fashion merchandiser, fashion industry, kindergarten teacher, stylist, stay at home parent, office assistant, preschool teacher, health care worker, hospitality worker, guidance counselor, social worker, secretary, interior decorator

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