Global 5 Type Descriptions

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(2.9% of women; 3.9% of men)

not afraid of doing the wrong thing, speaks up regardless of consequences, not filled with doubt, more dominant than submissive, not afraid to draw attention to self, self confident, does not back down when threatened, decisive, feels you have to be tough on people to get things done, not easily hurt, worry free, not easily intimidated, not concerned with failure when trying something new, aggressive, fearless, controlling, domineering, ambivalent about the suffering of strangers, not easily discouraged, out for own personal gain, comfortable in unfamiliar situations, unconcerned with the misfortunes of strangers, likes giving speeches, not easily moved to tears, manipulative, unapologetic, knows where life is going, narcissistic, exacting in their work, does not second guess self, untouched by other people's feelings, the first to act, level emotions, never at a loss for words, opinionated, demanding, goes after what they want, believes in a logical answer for everything, not very religious, show off, calm in crisis

*the descriptions listed here are made up of personality items. people who scored high on this type scored higher on the above items compared to the average. (more info on construction)

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favored careers:

ceo, executive, ambassador, strategist, businesman, business analyst, corporate lawyer, international business specialist, project manager, diplomat, political scientist, business consultant, business administrator, business manager, political analyst, entrepeneur, stock broker, politician, management consultant, financial manager, lawyer, scientist, investment banker, scholar, college professor, international relations specialist, philosophy professor, policy analyst, marketing director, judge, financial advisor, academic, research scientist, consultant, economist, philosopher, marketing manager, operations manager, financial planner, analyst, marketing specialist, supervisor, mathematician, advertising execuative, dictator, entertainment lawyer, biomedical engineer, business owner, nuclear engineer, administrator, researcher, genetics researcher, aerospace engineer, astronaut, biochemist, data analyst, international spy, financial analyst, chemical engineer, public relations specialist, civil engineer, neurosurgeon, neurologist, real estate investor architect, military intelligence

disfavored careers:

childcare worker, stay at home parent, elementary school teacher, kindergarten teacher, home maker, preschool teacher, zookeeper, photographer, hair stylist, nanny, social worker, midwife, nurse, beautician, makeup artist, body piercer, pediatric nurse, librarian, animal trainer, housekeeper, library assistant, secretary, florist, social services worker, shop assistant, receptionist, baker, office assistant

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