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MOTIVES personality system
MOTIVES Type Descriptions
Comprehensive MOTIVES google doc
Printable MOTIVES Test (google doc)
Full list of MOTIVES items coded by correlations / factor analysis
MOTIVES/Big Five correlations
MOTIVES iconography
MOTIVES types happiness rankings

Big 5 / Global 5 / SLOAN
Global 5-SLOAN Multidimensional Typing System
SLOAN Type Descriptions
Primary Type Descriptions
Global 5 to Jung/MBTI/Kiersey Correlations
Printable Global 5-SLOAN Test (pdf file)
Global 5-SLOAN Type Descriptions (pdf file)
Global 5-SLOAN Manual (39 page pdf file)

Enneagram Info
Deconstructing the Enneagram
Enneagram Type Descriptions

Jung I-E S-N F-T J-P*
Jung Type Descriptions
Jung/MBTI/Kiersey to Big 5/Global 5 Correlations

Other Articles / Data
Political Orientation and Personality Type
Physical Fitness and Personality
Why are the Descriptions Here So Negative: Extroversion/Introversion?
Gender Personality Differences
Gender and Romantic Dynamics
Gender Neutral Personality Items
Geographic Personality Explorer

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*Jung types are similar in underlying theory to Myers-Briggs types