MOTIV Personality Type Descriptions

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these descriptions are still under development so check back periodically


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Personality type correlations(s):
MCXIV (healthy): their moral judgments are based mostly on the beliefs of their family/culture/religion; believes that traditions are important; doesn't worry about things that have already happened; more likely to be religious; seldom feels blue; likes to make themself the center of attention; likes to travel; does not like bizarre things; not prone to misusing power; does not favor open romantic relationships; can't hold onto money for long; feels that life has meaning; not prone to hating people; relates to other human beings; prone to believing that unfortunate events occur because of bad luck; likes happy people; content with their life, positive; earnest; can be avoidant; does not do dangerous things; likes to attend ceremonies; makes friends easily; not annoyed by other's mistakes; does not disregard rules; not indifferent to the feelings of others; has no trouble changing their behavior to suit the situation; takes news at face value; doesn't lose their head; counts on others too much; acts comfortably with others; does not feel that other people are out to get them; does not get annoyed at the slightest provocation; excels at some things; does not do things out of revenge; does not use others for their own ends; would not enjoy being out on a sailboat during a storm; not suspicious; not hard for them to stay in love; has a soft side; self revealing; believes that people are basically moral; does not experience a lot of physical pain thinks things work out for the best; affected by the suffering of others; prefers going to movies to watching videos at home; status seeking; more likely to be well off financially; sees that rules are observed; likes being complimented; has good manners; sacrifices themself for others; optimistic; sympathetic; usually happy; not easily discouraged; expresses themself easily; not easily angered; honors all the vows they have made; fashionable; goes after what they want; prone to yelling at inanimate objects; fulfills their duties without complaining; cares what other people think of them; loves life; warms up quickly to others; sensitive to the needs of others; has good luck; affected by the happiness/unhappiness of others; pays their bills on time; seeks support; can't keep to the subject; behaves in a way that is acceptable to society; considers themself good looking

MCXIX (average health): thinks national security (i.e. protection from anything that would hurt my country) is very important; cares what their parents think of them; would prefer to always live near their parents; if the people they were close to didn't like someone, it would be hard for them to date that person; cares what other people in their community think of them; more likely to have had intense religious experiences; more likely to have had the feeling that other people have injected thoughts into their mind; interested in others; would not enjoy being out on a sailboat during a strom; cares about the feelings of others; does not like to be without the company of others; likes happy people; more likely than average to smoke cigarettes; less likely than average to have been in a physical fight; not prone to playing tricks on others; more likely than average to consider adopting a handicapped child; polite; affected by the suffering of others; danger averse; has not trouble changing their behavior to suit the situation; easily intimidated; cares what others think; respects people with strong ties to organizations, groups, family; cares what people think of them; good sense of humor; does not believe that people are evil; more likely than average to exercise every day; more agreeable than average; holds back their opinions; more likely to enjoy attending ceremonies; does not mind asking for favors; not hard for them to stay in love; feels that life has meaning; gets started quickly when they have a job to do; relates to others human beings; does not like to be away from civilization; dislikes competing with others; has a soft side; more likely to believe in life after death; more likely to copy others; puts time and effort into their work; has good manners; goes out of their way for others; does not expect things to fail; finds it necessary to please the people who have power; not deceptive; does not disregard the rules; thinks about their decisions; only hooks up with people they are interested in a long term relationship with; less likely to scheme against others; does not jump into things; considers their feelings when making a decision; can be happy doing mindless work; believes that others have good intentions; has a calming influence; gets physically ill when things are not going well for them; likes being complimented; easily deterred

MCXID (unhealthy): has difficulty making decisions without excessive advice and reassurance from others; fears being judged by others; controlled by their environment; believes what people think about you matters; belonging to a group and getting it's approval is very important to them; prone to following the crowd; more likely to value attractiveness than emotional comfort in a long term romantic partner; would hate to be considered odd or strange; thinks they are less capable than most people; less likely to have opinions of their own; afraid of many things; excels at nothing or very little; finds it necessary to please the people who have power; lets themself be directed by others; does what others want them to do; has trouble asking for favors; easily frightened; lets themself be pushed around; fearful; more agreeable than average; lets others discourage them; easily offended; gets physically ill when things are not going for them; thinks they need protection; waits for others to lead the way; dislikes looking at their body; easily intimidated; gets sick more often than average; easily made to feel jealous; likes to travel less than average; more likely to avoid philosophical discussions than average; less likely to challenge things; lets themself be used; does not disregard rules; does not like to be without the company of others; can feel that life has no meaning; less likely to play tricks on others; more likely to be late for things/work; does not act comfortable with others; avoids responsibilities; more likely to do what others do; feels that they are unable to deal with things; lets people pull their leg; willing to take/follow orders; will do anything for others; affected by the suffering of others; does not believe that they are important; often feels blue; easily influenced; has a low opinion of themself; easily disturbed; does not go after what they want; does not think that all will be well; does not know what is going on inside them; dislikes the unknown; cares what others think; worrier; cares what others think of them; does not like to make fun of people; thinks they are not a special person; open about themself to others; suffers from others sorrows; dislikes looking at themself in the mirror; does not make decisions easily; avoids eye contact; embarrassed by praise; puts up with anything; not picky about food; prefers to sticks with thinks they know; is a perfectionist and spends an extensive amount of time making sure things are done right; easily moved to tears; easily discouraged; daydreams about people to maintain a sense of closeness; holds back their opinions; makes difficulties out of nothing; would describe their experiences as somewhat dull; tries to please everyone; goes out of their way for others


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