MOTIV Personality Type Descriptions

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Personality type correlations(s):
SOXIV (healthy): sees themself as equal to everyone else; life of the party; content with their life, positive; more fearless than average; feels luck most of the time; open about themself to others; egalitarian; values emotional comfort more than attraction in a romantic partner; does not walk over others; fears being encroached more than being abandoned; experiences few emotional highs and lows; takes a lot to make them feel frustrated or irritated; thinks schooling is important; not easily frightened; does a lot in their spare time; does not think there life is worth more than others; not easily discouraged; feels life has meaning; likes happy people; does not fee controlled by powerful people; not driven by the pursuit of money; not conflict seeking; does not act at the expense of others; not bothered by difficult social situations; does not have trouble putting themself in the shoes of others; radiates joy; feel concern for others; has good manners; easier for them to be active/work than to relax/rest; does not form opinions based on others' beliefs; maintains high energy throughout the day; does not misuse power; thinks things work out for the best; not prone to noticing small visual details; unlikely to be on medication; not prone to desperation; likes to travel; has felt so good during numerous moments in their life that they could not imagine feeling any better; lays down the law to others; likes looking for hidden meaning in plays or movies; not easily intimidated; does not try to elicit sympathy by being tragic or morose; not hurtful; not prone to losing things; not prone to hating others; knows what they want; thinks they have as much money as they need; does not feel fantasy is more powerful than reality; can come up with new ideas; does not feel other people are out to get them; does not follow the crowd; not deceptive; not easily made to feel jealous; prefers making things themself instead of buying them; does not scheme against others; can stay focused on tasks even when they are happy and excited about an upcoming event; likes to ponder over things; good at maintaining a peaceful, comfortable environment; expresses themself easily; excels at things; makes friends easily; motivated; does not need protection; pays attention; feels they are able to deal with things; does not feel it is important to keep up appearances; honest; capable; will do anything for others; can easily push themself forward; does not avoid responsibilities; not status seeking; does not cheat on people who have trusted them; does not cheat to get ahead; lets others have the credit; usually happy; does not tire out quickly; does not hold a grudge; not easily offended; enjoys teamwork; likes art; can tackle anything; has a soft side; does not dislike work; does not expect things to fail; comfortable with themself; finds it easy to stay healthy; does not try to cheat others; have a lot of fun; doesn't strive for elegance in their appearance; shoots their mouth off; seldom becomes irritated when someone is late

SOXIX (average health): believes in the equality of all races; material things do not matter to them; judges others on actions not appearance or ethnicity; it would bother them to cheat on an examination or assignment even if no one got hurt in the process; dislikes people who chase wealth and status; thinks that what a romantic partner things is more important than what they look like; thinks money isn't as important as people think it is; if they had a lot of money, they would still live a minimalist life style; hates to judge others on how they look; thinks internal beauty is more important than external beauty; thinks that to pace about, looking to obtain status, importance, is ridiculous; less fearful than average; more likely to have a gap between their middle teeth; not concerned with making a good impression; trusts what people say; not hard to satisfy; would enjoy being out on a sailboat during a storm; does not walk over others; wanted to run away from home when they were a child; more likely than average to consider adopting a handicapped child; claims to be able to do everything; not picky about food; does not feel controlled by powerful people; feels up to any task; puts a lot of time and effort into their work; not often late to work; feels gratitude to others; does not believe they are better than others; can stand being alone; has a talent for influencing people; rarely notices their emotional reactions; sees danger everywhere; does not obstruct others plans; does not care what others think; never gives up; growing up there opposite sex parent had trouble saying no to them; optimistic and prefers a laid back pace; never gets furious; does not try to cheat others; mediates in quarrels; gets a head start on others; has a good imagination; is able to describe their feelings easily; does not hold a grudge; does not want to draw attention to themself in a way that would arouse the envy/jealousy of others; loses things; does not have trouble guessing how others will react; tries to figure themself out; does a lot in their spare time; does dangerous things; does not find it hard to describe how they feel about people; says little; does not talk about their worries; does not do things out of revenge; says yes to nearly all requests; gives unsolicited advice; does not give up easily; likes to ponder over things; frequently drops things; uncomfortable when told they are important; does not express themself easily; does not enjoy being thought of as a normal mainstream person; affected by other peoples' happiness; does not think they are better than other people; does not demand to be the center of interest; lets things go; believes in things that have no scientific explanation; would regret their behavior if they were to take advantage of someone impulsively; does not care what people think of them; talks to a lot of different people at parties; feels lucky much of the time; feels a special sense of destiny or prophecy; does not take offense easily; never gives up hope; faces danger confidently

SOXID (unhealthy): wants to change the world without the world noticing it; rarely gets furious; gets into shouting matches with others; how much a romantic partner enthralls them is more important than how comfortable they feel around them; doesn't care about dressing nicely; would enjoy being out on a sailboat during a storm; doesn't strive for elegance in their appearance; decides things for others; more likely to believe people are essentially evil; got in trouble in school; feel a sense of not being real; lets people push them around to help them feel important; likes art a lot; good memory of the distant past; more likely to have had selfish parents; prone to feeling guilty; easy to persuade; affected by the suffering of others; resists making any commitments in a relationship says little; worries about things that have already happened; has murderous ideas; lets others have the credit; counts on others too much; unable to do things properly; starts arguments and/or gets bothered with intimate partners when things are not intimate enough; prevents themself from saying mean things; more likely to have had parents that did not pay much attention to them; does not avoid difficult reading material; has a low opinion of themself; doesn't know why they are angry; detests working; doesn't consider themself attractive; dreams about a rescuer; does not relate to other human beings; does not wear stylish clothing; not in touch with their feelings; attracts attention from the opposite sex; lets themself be directed by others; have frightening dreams; not easily impressed; will do anything for others; feels fantasy is more powerful than reality; have felt the presence of another person when he or she was not really there; has a good imagination; does not enjoy being part of a loud crowd; shows their sadness; does not desire things that others have; feels paralyzed sometimes; rarely considers feelings when making a decision; feels they are living in a dream; does things for no apparent reason; wastes time talking; lets themself be used; does not like to gossip; believes parents coddle their children too much; has an intense boisterous laugh; could enjoy being a hermit; suffers from others sorrows; feels used by other people; does not express themself easily; makes enemies; frequently feels shame; finds it easy to tune out background noise when they are trying to concentrate on something else; gets out of control; tends to have less energy in the summer than the winter; tries to be someone for other people more than they try to be someone for themself; thinks its possible that existence is meaningless; disregards rules; asks questions that nobody else does; does unexpected things; likes having secrets


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