MOTIV Personality Type Descriptions

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Historic example(s):
Fictional example(s):
Personality type correlations(s): Jung/Myer-Briggs Extroversion, Big 5 Extroversion, Histrionic Personality Disorder
MXXXV (healthy): more engaging than withdrawn; more talkative than solitary; more loud than shy; maintaining their physical healthy is very important to them; attached to life; likes to look at themself in the mirror; likes to show their body; thinks that fun is the most important thing in life; has a wide range of friends and knows lots of people; is usually confident when learning a new game or sport; thinks they know when someone is romantically into them; thinks they generally have the upper hand in romantic relationship; thinks they deserve to be loved a great deal; is assertive romantically; is driven to live the healthiest life possible; is more likely to be financially wealthy; likes to be masculine (men); thinks there is a formula for success and that unsuccessful people just don't understand/believe that

MXXXX (average health): desires special attention and praise; their reputation is very important to them; create drama in order to get attention; finds popularity rewarding; wants to do well in the public score board of life; motivated by the pursuit of attention; thinks fashion is important; finds getting attention rewarding; external success tends to go to their head; expects preferential treatment from others; prefers romantic partners that enhance their image; likes to know important people because it makes them feel important; values beauty the most; expects other people to entertain them; chooses romantic partners they can control; has to have control in most situation; focuses entirely on getting attention; believes you can never have too much money; thinks it would be hurtful to be percieved as ugly; expect things to look a certain way; want their children to be seen as remarkable by others; believes it is important to remain physically attractive to your significant other; thinks a healthy romantic relationship for them involves more interest by the other party; values looks more than personality; thinks beauty is more important capacity to have an interesting conversation; believes it is better to be hit on than be ignored/unnoticed/invisible; thinks the would should be as they want it to be; likes to control others; prefers not to have physically unattractive friends; dislikes ugly things; have kept people on the hook who they had no interest in romantically because they enjoyed the attention; believes it's all about who you know; thinks that changing the external is more important than changing the internal; has always had a sense of what their preferred romantic partner would be like; tends to focus on gratifying their immediate needs; gets upset when people don't notice who they look when they go out in public; believes people with higher social status should be treated better; only wants to be friends with people who admire them; cares a lot about being sexually attractive to others; if getting a face tattoo ensured higher status for them, the would be more likely to get one; it is important to them that others take care of them; believes you can do things to get someone to love you (who might not otherwise, had you not done those things); thinks they should never have to look at ugly things; thinks wealthier people should be treated better; would rather date someone that made them more attractive to others over someone that made them less, even if they were more attracted to the latter; makes decisions historically on what they think is / will be the most fun; thinks whats the use of being better than others if you can't profit from it; is used to getting what they want; tends to think of the world in terms of how it relates to them; the most important thing in a romantic partner to them is sexual connection; unhappy if they don't have the upper hand in a romantic relationship; believes more attractive people should be treated better; finds it very attractive when someone really wants them; if everyone they care about dislikes a certain person, it's hard for them not to agree; has a nice/accommodating personality and a mean/controlling personality; attempts to make their inner self more like the outer world, has tried to talk someone out of breaking up with them; when they determine someone they are romantically involved with isn't the type of person they want to be with, they try to change them; believes the person who likes least, cares least, in a relationship has the most power

MXXXD (unhealthy): prone to jealousy; can get into moods, feeling that their partner does not care enough, does not give enough, is not there enough; their anger is often elicited when a caregiver or lover is neglectful, withholding, uncaring, or abandoning; biased towards what they think is right even if they know they might be wrong; feels they have to negotiate other people's perceptions of them in being who they are; sometimes plays the victim; believes that mental illness is a sign of weakness; dependent and demanding; really hates losing; believes that things that make them unattractive to others should be changed; is uncomfortable having friends that are better looking than they are; reacts intensely; thinks they need others to assume responsibility in major areas of their life; thinks they need another person similar to them to help get them through life; thinks they only really need a romantic partner and can live without friends; has exaggerated illness or other weakness in order to get attention; doesn't think they are particularly attractive but prefers looking at their face in the mirror than looking at most other people's faces; thinks it is a disgrace to appear to be wrong; vain; expects immediate gratification; overly concerned with their attractiveness; greatly values being liked and will bend the truth if they have to, to ensure that; feels the burden is on others to prove they love them; would rather be more attractive (then they are) than have a more attractive romantic partner (than they could normally get), thinks they would be happy if they looked out for their interests more; their need to be appreciated exceeds their capacity to appreciate others; does not like admitting they are wrong to themself; can be needy in a romantic relationship; values attention more than privacy; ignores correspondence from people they don't want to talk to again; has been told by others that they make too many excuses for themself; dislikes manual labor; thinks that being honest limits your opportunities in a bad way; believes that if they fix all their external flaws they will be happy and loveable; jealous of people they think are better than them; tend to have an internal dislike/disdain for people that are more attractive than them; believes they are the product of their circumstance; more likely to depend on money from parents and/or a significant other; gets upset when things don't go their way; believes that there is only so much happiness in the world and that other people are hoarding it; obsessed with manipulating how others feel about them; believes themself to be overly accommodating to loved ones but no one else; need to be loved exceeds their capacity to love; has engaged in bullying; their worst fear is to be forgotten or overlooked; fantasize about getting a horrible disease and seeing how people would react; have trouble differentiating themself from their external environment; thinks they would be more motivated if they external world was more attractive; fears being inconsequential in life; focuses entirely on avoiding romantic rejection; not good at taking jokes about themself; if they don't pick up something quickly they find it hard to learn; associate love with long for something that doesn't love me; doesn't trust others but wants others to trust them; neurotic; demanding in a romantic relationship; think that who they consciously choose to be and who they are, are very different; thinks they would be happy if they were more physically attractive/perfect; thinks they could be happy if they could trade places with certain people; romantically, they imagine abandoning behavior, even when/where it doesn't exist; would rather live a happy delusion than a painful reality; avoids considering how they feel about certain things, because if they they do, it will unsettle them; relies on external things to make them feel better about themself; looks for other people to take care of them; values romantic relationships, so they'll pretend to be nicer than they are to secure/keep them; believes being financially supported by someone else is ideal; can be clingy in a romantic relationship; desperate


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