MOTIV Personality Type Descriptions

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Historic example(s):
Fictional example(s): Nurse Ratched (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest), Two Face (Batman), Alec Baldwin (Glengarry Glen Ross)
Personality type correlations(s):
MXXWV (healthy): believes they are better than others; more likely to demand to be the center of attention than average; thinks they are more capable than most people; does not like to take orders from anybody; considers themself good looking; believes that they are very important; knows where their life is going; motivated; materialistic; thinks they are not easy to fool; demanding; likes looking at themself in the mirror; feels that life has meaning; seldom feels blue; personable; content; positive; can be picky about food; likes looking at their body; pays attention to their needs; prone to jealousy; likes to be envied; opinionated; likes to draw attention to themself; more likely to cheat to get ahead than average; not hard to get to know; status seeking; not paranoid; not a good loser; thinks they are a special person; thinks a lot about sex; puts people under pressure; not easily disturbed; likes to be envied; not self conscious; not easily disturbed; would not enjoy being a hermit; does not let themself be pushed around; has good luck; prone to keeping people waiting; feels that they are able to deal with most things; confident; less agreeable than average; less likely to smoke tobacco than average; is out for their own personal gain; seldom concerned about the possibility of failing when trying something new; likes to exert authority; loves luxury; engages in seductive behavior; fashionable; likes to make fun of people; loves life; more likely to be well off financially; feels comfortable around people

MXXWX (average health): believes they are the center of their universe; thinks their feelings come first; spends more time thinking about themself than thinking about others; make things all about them; money is important to them; can quickly recover from a breakup if they meet someone new they like; thinks that people that meet their needs are good and people that don't are bad; believes they should have a better life than others; superficial; values external perfection over internal perfection; thinks looks are more important than personality; lacks empathy; is not bothered by the plight of sweatshop workers in the third world; sometimes enjoys hurting people they love; if they feel bad in a relationship, they tend to think/feel it's the other person's fault; thinks that power is the ultimate aphrodiasiac; snob; believes that how much they are loved is more important than how much they love others; believes the bigger the wealth difference between the rich and the poor, the better; runs their life in a way where they always get what they want; thinks they should not have to tolerate unpleasantness ever; if they cheat on a romantic partner, they are unlikely to admit it; values social power more than autonomy; thinks that an ideal trait in a significant other is that they can be abandoned easily if and when necessary; in romantic relationships, there happiness is more important than their partners; tend to date people that are nicer than them (men); are nice to everyone but care more about themselves; have a friendly persona but their actions/goals are purely about what benefits them; puts themself first even with those close to them; would never want to work a blue collar job; their ego is bigger than their heart; lack remorse when they do something wrong; would not sacrifice their life for anyone else; always looking for the best situation for themself regardless of whether it's good for anyone else; if there were not enough spots left on the safety boat of a sinking ship in ice cold waters, they would do everything they could to get one of those spots (women)

MXXWD (unhealthy): lies almost constantly; enjoys lying, duping others; attacks others; tends to find fault with others; likes to brag; superficial; unkind; more likely to lie to protect their feelings or themselves than to protect other people's feelings or other people; has trouble compromising, even with loved ones; unable to commit to anything for very long; their romantic relationships tend to involve power struggles; self-centered; would rather be too mean than too nice; have trouble taking views of the world that differ from theirs seriously; preoccupied with themself; does not like to apologize; thinks that wealth is more important than health; easier for them to feel bad about themself than others; avoids admitting responsibility (or full responsibility) for their mistakes; ridicules others; expects more from a romantic partner than they are willing to give; likes to demean other people; more intolerant than tolerant; wants to kill people frequently; takes more than they give; even less helpful when unhappy; enjoys seeing people they don't like suffer; it's their nature to be unhelpful to others; if a certain behavior benefited them but had a negative effect on the world, they would still engage in it; believe that people they like less have less value than people they like more; believes that people on the whole are unworthy of kindness; more of a critic than a contributor; more power seeking than introspective; will help their close trusted friends / significant others and no one else; doesn't like admitting they are wrong to others; does not think much about poor and hungry people in the world, pretends to be concerned for others; doesn't like anyone being more successful than them; doesn't like being considerate to inconsiderate people


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