MOTIV Personality Type Descriptions

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Personality type correlations(s): Schizoid Personality Disorder
XOTWV (healthy): not afraid of ending up alone; masculine; danger seeking; does a lot in their spare time; usually knows why they do things; able to describe their feelings easily; confident; feels up to any task; finds it easy to stay healthy; always knows what they are doing; gets started quickly when they have a job to do; challenges things; faces danger confidently; capable; worries less than most; pays attention to their needs; not easily deterred; not easily distracted, able to stay focused; feels that life has meaning; does not neglect their duties; not easily discouraged; not prone to feeling guilty; not easily made to feel jealous; excels at things; not really interested in others; doesn't lose their head; doesn't let others discourage them; attentive; indifferent to the feelings of others; not a big fan of poetry; motivated; likes to be envied by others; puts a lot of time and effort into their work; not apprehensive about new encounters; rarely late to things/work; hard to persuade; more likely to exercise every day; not easy to fool; more likely to be fine with being out on a sailboat during a storm; does not try to please everyone; looks at things from more than one perspective; doesn't mind asking for favors; is not easily intimidated; makes friends easily; not easily influenced; not disturbed by events; thinks they are an extraordinary person; more likely than average to smoke cigarettes; does not care what people think of them; not picky about food; usually happy; grounded; not easily frightened; feels comfortable with myself; believes they are better than others; often experiences sudden intuitive insights; open about themself to others; feels that work is an important part of their life; more likely to be mistaken for being younger than their age; does not count on others too much; always ready to start afresh; likes working; knows what they want; avoids responsibilities; often puzzled by sensations in their body; not bothered by difficult social situations; not avoidant; can stand a great deal of stress; less likely to be affected by the suffering of others; not terribly generous/helpful; frequently reinvents themself; enjoyed school; rarely complains; likes looking at their body; never gives up hope; keeps a cool head; doesn't care what others think; does not dwell on the past; makes a decision and moves on; does things in a logical order; loves life; puts things back in their proper place; does not like to please others; does not feel that other people are to blame for their problems; analyzes the reasons for their actions; does not get caught up in their problems; thinks they are a special person; rarely loses things; makes themself work on a difficult task even when they don't feel like trying; believes that they are important; doesn't like to take orders; makes decisions easily; enjoys the thrill that comes with fearful situations; does not waste their time; rebels against authority; not happy doing mindless work; sees through problems makes demands on others; excels at what they do; often busy; thinks that all will be well; would be find with being considered odd or strange; sees things through; less likely than average to think about how they feel; goes after what they want; is a perfectionist and spends an extensive amount of time making sure things are done right; usually works on improving things, instead of getting frustrated, when everything seems to be going wrong; attracted to the counter culture; reads a lot; takes control of things; maintains their spaces in an orderly way; tells others what they really think; gets sick less often than average; thinks they have leadership abilities; does not feel guilty when they say no; can usually bring their attention back to whatever they were doing after being interrupted; resists society's rules; can work under pressure; accomplishes a lot of work; prevents things from getting out of hand

XOTWX (average health): values thinking more than feelings; is powerfully attracted to science with it's truth based on facts; finds reinforcement with themself, not others; relies on themself alone; in making decisions, they put more weight on objective principles and impersonal facts than personal concerns and the people involved; exploring, investing in their interests is more important to them than exploring relationships (romances friendships); more likely to have negative thoughts about other people than themself; rarely stops to think about what other people think, feel, and expect; more preoccupied with what they like than being liked; makes decisions based on facts, not feelings

XOTWD (unhealthy): unmoved by the suffering of strangers; has no need for others; easy for them to cut off friends; finds being around other people terribly boring; finds being around others for too long unrewarding; has no desire for close friends; finds other people unrewarding; a cold person; does not trust others; is told by others that they are cold; has a heart of stone; impersonal, rational, questioning, skeptical, tough-minded; thinks having more than two kids is foolish; doesn't feel bad about being mean to people


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