MOTIV Personality Type Descriptions

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these descriptions are still under development so check back periodically


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Personality type correlations(s):
SOXXV (healthy): doesn't think that other people are 'better or worse' than me (ie doesn't think in terms of hierarchy, anti-elitism); doesn't care what others think of them; never worries about their looks; believes happiness is found internally; more likely than average to smoke cigarettes; maintains high energy throughout day; takes a lot to make them frustrated or irritated; content with their life, positive; does not feel other people are out to get them; can accept criticism without getting upset; does not get others to do their work; does not pretend to be concerned for others; likes to travel; recovers quickly from stress and illness; does not cheat to get ahead; not easily made to feel jealous; does a lot in their spare time; unlikely to be on medications; tends to look at things from multiple angles; thinks energy/health is more important than material resources; egalitarian; unlikely to cheat on people who have trusted them; does not avoid conflict; more likely to skip difficult words when reading; not wasteful with money; does not take offense easily; enjoyed school; not prone to feeling guilty; not a slave to money; easily resists temptation; feels spiritually connected to other people; does not hold back their opinions; makes an effort; does not seek status; skilled in handling social situations; does not forget to do things; thinks things work out for the best; enjoys teamwork; can do without the company of others; sees the consequences of things; can maintain interest in things; does not try to cheat others; relates to other human beings; feels they are able to deal with things; does not let themself be pushed around; does not care what people think of them; not superficial; able to concentrate; challenges things; does not misuse power; does not demand attention; not disturbed by events; more likely than average to exercise every day; has good luck; does not do things in a half way manner; can work under pressure; rarely complains; does not avoid responsibilities; has a lot of fun; never gives up hope; does not feel short changed in life; not easily discouraged; does not choose the easy way; doesn't care whether they are considered special; radiates joy; knows where there life is going; can take their mind off their problems; comes up with bold plans; sympathetic; less fearful than average; can stand a great deal of stress; returns extra change when the cashier makes a mistake; tells others what they really think; active and full of energy; doesn't need much money to get by; pays attention; has a sharp tongue; faces danger confidently

SOXXX (average health): thinks physical enjoyment is far more important than social reputation; thinks it's better to be yourself and alienate the world than not be yourself; thinks interesting is more important than attractive; being an authority doesn't mean that much to them; values curiosity; values what they like more than popularity; could care less about awards of any kinds; thinks money is never something to get upset or bothered about; does dangerous things; would enjoy being out on a sailboat during a storm; doesn't think the laws apply to them; starts arguments and/or gets bothered with intimate partners when things get too intimate/close; doesn't understand people who get emotional; does not enjoy being part of a loud crowd; solitary explorer; does not give up easily; likes to travel; seeks danger; values energy/health over material resources; likes poetry; does not care what others think; plain in their appearance; does not make themself the center of attention; could enjoy being a hermit; does not find it necessary to please people who have power; enjoyed school; does not tell tall stories about themself; rarely cries during sad movies; patient with people who annoy them; does not as let themself be pushed around; not open about themself to others; secretive; not concerned with making a good impression; likes having secrets; finds it hard to stay in a bad mood if people around them are happy; does not need others to sooth/calm them when they are upset; dislikes under-stimulation more than they dislike over-stimulation; understand things; doesn't care what people think of them; can accept criticism without getting upset; has good stamina; plays tricks on others; finds it difficult to show people that they care about the them; less likely to smoke cigarettes; does not believe that most questions have one right answer; does not think they are better than others; not self absorbed; embarrassed by praise; does not follow the crowd; does not strive for elegance in their appearance; prefers making things themself than buying them; enjoys the thrill that comes with fearful situations

SOXXD (unhealthy): not a fan of the birthday tradition; thinks diamonds are a waste of money; thinks they are not anti-social, just pro-alone; finds being attractive to others unrewarding; considers themself an outcast; dislikes shopping for clothes; more likely to have a gap between their middle teeth; more likely to have been abused by their parents and/or someone else growing up; secretive; more likely to have been a hyperactive child growing up; disregards the opinions of others; often arrives late; not big on gossip; parents did not prioritize raising them to be functional, independent, self-supporting; feels little concern for others; more likely to have gotten in trouble in school; more likely than average to consider adopting a handicapped child; frequently experiences dry mouth when they wake up from sleeping; does not strive for excellence in their appearance; has a dark outlook on the future; does not care what people think of them; more likely to have attacked someone physically; more likely to have been a daddy's child than a mommy's child; less likely to think about how they feel; fears being encroached more than being abandoned; finds it easy to tune out background noises when trying to concentrate on something else; seeks danger; likes philosophical discussions; could enjoy being a hermit; overlooks things; feels that they are living in a dream; prone to overestimating their achievements; would rather talk to someone about their daily activities than their feelings; finds it difficult to tell whether something happened or occurred in their imagination; feels short changed in life; gets back at others; does not wear fashionable clothing; does not relate to other human beings; unsympathetic; starts arguments and/or gets bothered with intimate partners if they get too intimate/close; has secret strategies; feels uncomfortable when told they are important; thinks when they let their guard down something bad happens; avoids contacts with others; can be nice to people they should be angry at; can be hurtful; embarrassed by praise; makes enemies; thinks bad things happen to them for no reason; often feels uncomfortable around others; dislikes being around happy people when they are feeling sad; hides their sadness; don't know why i'm angry; puts work above pleasure; solitary explorer; hides their fear; when they don't agree with someone at a meeting they speak up regardless of consequences; enjoys having control over someone; disregards rules; tries not to deceive others; thinks most of their problems are due to other people not understanding them


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