MOTIV Personality Type Descriptions

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Historic example(s): Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Jodi Arias
Fictional example(s): James Bond, John Cuzack (Grosse Pointe Blank), Christopher Walken (True Romance), Samuel Jackson (Pulp Fiction), Cate Blanchett (Blue Jasmine), Sharon Stone (Basic Instinct), Anne Bancroft (Mrs, Robinson), Mike Damone (Fast Times at Ridgemont High), John Hamm (Mad Men), Al Pacino (The Godfather), Gloria Swanson (Sunset Boulevard), Sean Bateman (The Rules of Attraction)
Personality type correlations(s): Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Covert/Inverted Narcissism, Enneagram Type 8
MOXWV (healthy): they are their biggest fan; thinks other people are envious of them; thinks they are a superior role model; thinks they are very impressive; view obligation as a position of weakness and vulnerability to other's control; thinks other people are a witness to their greatness; makes themself the center of attention; prone to misuse power; content; not superstitious; makes decisions easiily; will not let themself be used or pushed around; seductive; prone to cheating; less fearful than average; decisive; believes they are important; prone to put people under pressure; considers themself good looking; is out for their own personal gain; how much a romantic partner enthralls them is more important than how comfortable they feel around them; doesn't hold back their opinions; less likely to regret taking advantage of others; feels comfortable around people; prefers city to rural life; is not quiet around strangers; feels that life has meaning; does most of the talking; good at saving money; imposes their will on others; does not let themself be directed by others; thinks they are special; believes they have a talent for influencing people; graceful; makes decisions quickly; fashionable; is not easily hurt; physically strong; likes talking about themself; is not easily discouraged; is usually happy; believes they are better than others; changes their behavior to suit the situation; likes looking at themself in the mirror; makes friends easily; likes the world to reflect them; it's hard for them to stay in love; more likely to favor open relationships; likes competing with others; has a high opinion of themself; likes to live a life of luxury; not easily intimidated; risk taking; loves praise; warms up quickly to others; is not bothered by difficult social situations; rarely feels shame; likes to exert their authority; decieves people; likes danger; prankster; demanding of others; keeps a cool head; likes to be envied; knows what they want; doesn't like to apologize

MOXWX (average health): deceptive; cunning; thinks it's normal to use sex/sexuality for power and control; manipulative; has a big ego; has an obsession with power; thinks no one else's life is more valuable than theirs; interrupts others; thinks that in important ways they are are superior to most people; thinks losers deserve to lose; thinks they could make an effective con artist if the situation required it; prefers rude but exciting people to nice but boring people; enjoys conflict; finds it easy to manipulate others; convinces others to do things their way; there is nothing they would not resort to in order to get their way; feels perfectly justified in getting their way all the time; recognizes other people only as a means to obtain what they desire; trusts their feelings over the feelings of others; values being seen as right more than being honest; considers their needs to be more important than the needs of others; is determined to have their own way; does what they want when they want; is ruthless when they want something; focuses entirely on helping themself and getting their own way; has a superiority complex; thinks no one is good enough for me; if there were not enough spots left on a safety boat of a sinking ship they would do everything they could to get one of those spots; self describes as a bully

MOXWD (unhealthy): critical of others; history of getting in verbal fights; only respects people who can outsmart them; does not want anyone to be more successful than them; enjoys putting one over on others; has a hard time with all of their romantic relationships and often gets bored; other people accuse them of being manipulative; profits at the expense of others without being bothered by the pain or damage they may cause others; people tell them they are selfish; sees people who get taken advantage of as being weak and deserving of being used; only wants to do what they want to do; outsmarting others brings them happiness; manipulative; pretends to be nicer than they are; pretends to be friendlier than they are; pretends to care more than they do; enjoys stealing things or at least has in the past; snarky; can be insensitive to the feelings of others; will lie if it benefits them; knows they are somewhat of a jerk; engages in deception; other people accuse them of being self-centered; has difficulty waiting their turn; uses others to get what they want; their friends tend to be assholes to others; will twist and distort reality in order to achieve their goals; is fine with hurting people if they think they deserve it; arrogant; enjoys watching people be insulted; quarrelsome; will cheat in order to win; can be condescending to people; enjoys insulting people; finds controlling others rewarding; disregards others and look down on them with an arrogant eye; knows in their heart they are a bully; frequently wants to hit people; thinks the more beautiful and pure a thing is the more satisfy it is to corrupt; hurts people; thinks they are more evil than good; would associate with someone whose behavior had a negative effect on the world if that association was beneficial to them; thinks there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of people; harsh; very cold when breaking up with people; others accuse them of being a bully; hates themself but still thinks they are better than everyone else; can be mean to people close to them; gets others to apologize to them for trouble they caused; people tell them they are very judgmental; a good insult makes them feel proud; concoct extravagant lies even when they don't need to, out of habit; when they meet someone, they think 'what will they be useful for'


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