MOTIV Personality Type Descriptions

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these descriptions are still under development so check back periodically


Historic example(s): Nikola Tesla, Aldous Huxley
Fictional example(s): Tony Stark (Ironman), George C. Scott (Patton), Brian Krakow (My So Called Life)
Personality type correlations(s):
MOTXV (healthy): very ambitious; thinks if they have a flaw it is that they are overly confident; thinks they are very skilled at achievement; has an assertive personality; compares current experience against stored past impressions and experiences; is motivated by the desire to be in control of their life, wants to follow a path in life which is ambitious, unconventional, logical, beneficial to the world, and makes them happy; regularly assesses their life path as to whether they are living optimally and makes changes if they decide they are not; objectively measures the external world to achieve measurable goals; thinks they are more talented than average and thus have more responsibility to contribute to the world

MOTXX (average health):tends to make more of the big/important decisions in their romantic relationships; sets high standards for themself and others; is stimulated by an approaching deadline; lives their life according to a plan which they change/modify when they are not happy; is stubbornly true to themself which the understand is great when they are right and awful when they are wrong; thinks it is important to reprogram oneself, thinks self promotion is important, has strong preferences on what they like and don't like; their goal in life is omniscience; it is very important to them to maintain their preferred internal feeling state(s); pleasure (the gratification of their desires) is very important to them; is an aesthetics nazi; believes in using only that which works and taking what works from any place you can find it, within or without; is highly aware of their immediate surroundings and uses their five senses (hearing, sight, smell, touch, taste) to immediately react to them

MOTXD (unhealthy): would rather be constantly progressing in their understanding of the universe than be happy; strongly believes that if you don't fight back, people will keep hurting you; spends a lot of time analyzing other people; sometimes focuses so much on a goal that they miss out on new information; is very suspicious of others; spends a lot of time analyzing themself; believes everything is their business; feels they must control every thought and action perfectly; thinks the average person doesn't realize how easily they can be deceived by a clever operator; thinks it is very irresponsible to have kids if you don't have adequate financial resources; determined to be correct in everything; has a bossy and controlling nature


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