MOTIV Personality Type Descriptions

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Personality type correlations(s):
SOTXV (healthy): it does not bother them that they are not better looking; not easily frustrated; not easily bothered by things; more likely to have had an intense religious experience which influenced them in a strong manner; content with their life, positive; maintains high energy throughout the day; not big on gossip; does a lot in their spare time; not prone to hating people; more likely to try to control people than to try to please people; does not get involved with romantically bankrupt people; does not feel that yelling helps them feel better; unlikely to think abortion should be outlawed; does not try to elicit sympathy by being tragic or morose; does not let people push them around; has a lot to contribute; rarely late to work; bothers to make an effort; not commitment phobic in relationships; not easily frightened; values emotional comfort more than attraction in a romantic partner; unlikely to cheat on people who have trusted them; knows why they do things; seeks conflict more than average; able to so things properly; does not neglect their duties; feels that life has meaning; does not do things out of revenge; puts a lot of time and effort into their work; experience few emotional highs and lows; does not follow others; able to deal with things; does not feel weak; finishes things before they are due; does not have bad things happen to them for no reason; does not avoid responsibilities; has a bright outlook on the future; likes taking responsibility for making decisions; does their work; does not think their present happiness is more important than their future happiness; does not fear for the worst; does not avoid philosophical discussions; would not hate to be considered odd or strange; does not demand to be the center of interest; can be a show off; does not do things in a halfway manner; likes to travel; works out their anxieties by doing something constructive or creative; doesn't lose their head; being honest is more important to them than getting what they want; always on the go; does not try to avoid complex people; does not feel threatened easily; does not play the pity card; unlikely to have been abused growing up; does not dream about a rescuer; could be honest with a significant other, even if it could end the relationship; capable; does not let themself be used; usually works on improving things, instead of getting frustrated, when everything seems to be going wrong; not easily intimidated; looks at things from multiple angles; not bothered by difficult social situations; feels up to any task; does not let things get out of hand; can concentrate; can make themself work on a difficult task even if they don't feel like trying; doesn't desire things that others have; not deceptive towards others; seldom concerned about the possibility of failing when trying something new; does not feel that other people are to blame for their problems; not prone to yelling at people; does not hold back their opinions; does not hold grudges

SOTXX (average health): defined more by their internal compass (not at external one); thinks privacy is more important than fame; doesn't care if people think they are awesome; doesn't care about getting attention; rarely depends on anyone else to get things done; always observes before coming to conclusions; less likely to feel gratitude to others; more likely to have had a mother use them as a therapist growing up; seeks danger; does dangerous things; more likely than average to have had an intense religious experience; not a fan of colorful clothing; shoots their mouth off; puts work above pleasure; enjoys physical exercise; doesn't care what people think of them; more likely to have been in a physical fight; feels a sense of not being real; rarely have fantasies that include intricate details; can be mistaken for being younger than their age; discusses their health problems with their family and friends; likes poetry; more likely to follow a novel life regimen; does not obstruct others' plans; not often late for work; feels spiritually connected to other people; challenges things; likes to ponder over things; would rather look at their face in the mirror than most of the faces of people they've had long term relationships with; bothers to make an effort; fulfills their duties without complaining; usually takes care of their responsibilities as soon as possible; has a lot of fun; does not want/expect success to just happen to them; does not think as well as they used to; faces danger confidently; have felt so good during numerous moments in their life that they could not imagine feeling any better; prefers making things instead of buying them; feels a special sense of destiny or prophecy; starts tasks right away; does not make up tall stories; does not get out of control; likes being away from civilization; doesn't desire things that others have; looks for hidden meanings in movies, books, plays, etc.; does not enjoy being part of a loud crowd; aware; does not hang around doing nothing; is optimistic and prefers a more laid back pace; not hard for them to stay in love; thinks about decisions; more likely to wear a helmet than average when riding a bike; looks at things from many angles; prevents things from getting out of hand; never gives up; not easy to fool; does not pretend to be concerned for others; does not back out at the last moment; wants every detail taken care of; undertakes things on their own; infrequently considers their feelings when making a decision; would not enjoy a job that involved a lot of social interaction; reveals little about themself; can accept criticism without getting upset; less fearful than average; does not avoid philosophical discussions; does not feel weak; not money driven; often on the go; finds it easy to stay healthy; gets a head start on others

SOTXD (unhealthy): thinks they had to remain a silent type to really learn and develop an understanding of how things work; finds solitude rewarding; energized through solitude; likes to travel less than most; more likely to be on medication; more likely to have been called a cheapskate; more likely to consider adopting a handicapped child; could enjoy being a hermit; feels paralyzed sometimes; more likely to exercise very day; would rather be friendless than jobless; rarely enjoys being with people; more likely to have had selfish parents; not really interested in others; easily resists temptations; fear being encroached more than being abandoned; knows what's going on in the world; more likely to yell at people; dislikes bright colors; does not waste time talking; does not bother with polite conversation; does not feel lucky; finds it difficult showing people they care about them; more likely to seek out danger; doesn't consider themself attractive; likes to ponder over things; more likely to speak loudly; frequently experiences dry mouth when they wake up from sleeping; only tends to feel romantic love for people who are clearly in love with them first; would not enjoy being a famous celebrity; not easily amused; starts arguments and/or gets bothered with intimate partners when things get too intimate/close; does not experience supernatural guidance; sees danger everywhere; dislikes surprises; makes a decision and moves on; does not trust what people say; likes being away from civilization; disregards the opinions of others; buys clothes without trying them on first; does not believe in sexual modesty; does not desire things that others have; holds a grudge; does not believe laws should be strictly enforced; tries to figure themself out; does not talk about their worries; does not enjoy being part of a loud crowd; puts work above pleasure; does not relate to other human beings; knows what they want; more likely to laugh and cry at the same time; feels they are living in a dream; says inappropriate things; has murderous ideas; thinks that most of their problems are due to the fact that other people don't understand them; has fixed opinions; gets suspicious when someone treats them nicely; has little to contribute; prone to insomnia; more likely than average to believe religion is foolish; knows their limitations; thinks that something bad happens when they let their guard down; willing to try anything once; doesn't care about rules; not in the mood for anything; likes art; does not consider themself good looking; even in an intimate relationship likes to maintain a sense of separateness; feels they are unable to deal with things; frequently forgets to do things; has found out that it takes a lot to truly make them happy; does not like to take orders; avoids small talk


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