MOTIV Personality Type Descriptions

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these descriptions are still under development so check back periodically


Historic example(s):
Fictional example(s): Spock (Star Trek)
Personality type correlations(s): R-Drive Empiricism, Enneagram Type 6
XXTXV (healthy): has a general or specific life plan; likes to get their work done before playing; calm, emotionally stable, not easily upset; thinks adulthood is the best time of life; completes tasks successfully; always know how they are internally feeling; sees themself as dependable, self-disciplined; does a thorough job; perseveres until a task is finished; works hard; very organized; makes plans and sticks to them; makes plans and follows through with them; gets chores done right away; finishes what they start; precise; believes the formula for success is a lot of work over a long period of time (many years); concentrates easily; their direction in life has always been clear to them; has a history of making and sticking with long term plans; would rate the healthiness of their life as high; very good at managing risk; thinks the future is more important than the past; finishes things ahead of schedule; keeps things tidy

XXTXX (average health): systematic, planned, disciplined, scheduled, methodical; more planned than unplanned; always prepares / always prepared; plans their actions ahead of time; makes decisions very carefully; likes order; appears to be task oriented; plans work to avoid rushing just before a deadline; does things in logical order; preoccupied with details, organization, and order; wants things to proceed according to plan; accomplishes their work on time; more systematic than casual; careful to avoid making mistakes; keeps their spaces very clean; usually has a backup plan if their primary plan fails me; lives according to a code; being detail oriented is extremely important for them; likes to tidy up; predictability is important to them; more clean than messy; likes to keep things clean; dislikes messiness; not comfortable living their life without a long term plan; concrete, realistic, practical, hands-on, traditional; solves problems by working through the facts until they understand the problem; feels best when they are working; takes time to reflect on things; thinks that what makes rational sense is the most important guide; likes to have things decided; not easily distracted; more likely to make decisions based on facts than instincts; would rather think more than feel more; starts with the facts and then forms a big picture; for them, rationality is truth; prefers to be the more rational one in a romantic relationship; have or plan on having a profession in science, math, technology or engineering

XXTXD (unhealthy): dislikes impulsive people; reserved; more cerebral than physical; thinks their body is nothing special; if their instincts draw them one way and their mind draws them another, they follow their mind; believes that change, when it occurs, follows long and arduous trying; enjoys projects which involve long stretches of solitary activity; very serious; seen as reflective or reserved by others; others accuse them of being rigid or stubborn; when their life doesn't make logical sense, they are unhappy; likes attention but dislikes intimacy (a person getting too close to them); does not think anyone is awesome; thinks it's unwise to chase a romantic interest; is on guard all the time; has historically spent a lot of time playing video games; keeps their thoughts to themself; believes that just because something makes them happy doesn't mean it's good; in school, prefers lectures to seminars; rarely feels happy in response to minor events; frugal; thrifty, grammar nazi; prefers to have things decide than to keep things open ended


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