MOTIV Personality Type Descriptions

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XCEWV (healthy): seldom jokes around; unlikely to smoke cigarettes; more likely than average to have a gap between their two front teeth; seldom bothered by the apparent suffering of strangers; more likely to skip difficult words while reading; doesn't understand people who get emotional; more likely than average to not feel gratitude to others; puts little time and effort into their work; more likely to cheat on people who have trusted them; does not start tasks right away; does not feel threatened easily; does not follow a novel life regimen; does not let others push them around; avoids responsibilities; puts their feelings/welfare before their partner in a long term relationship; does not maintain their spaces in an orderly way; does not need others to sooth/calm them when they are upset; would not feel uncomfortable trying to take advantage of others; does not get started quickly when doing a job; can get furious; prone to starting arguments and/or getting bothered with intimate partners when things are not intimate enough; does not feel spiritually connected to other people; does not enjoy offering directions to tourists; avoids danger; more likely to believe unfortunate events occur because of bad luck; unaffected by others' happiness; doesn't know much about history; loses things; plays tricks on others; does not know immediately what to do; does not usually take care of their responsibilities right away; does not turn plans into actions; not generous; does not exercise every day; does not makes lists of things to do

XCEWX (average health): more likely to try to cheat others; thinks that people who are stupid enough to get ripped off usually deserve it; remains calm under pressure; does not rush into things; excels at things; grounded in reality; practical, pragmatic; does not return extra change when a cashier makes a mistake; feels life has meaning; does not let people push them around; likes to talk a lot; does not get physically ill when things are not going well; has good luck; not prone to sadness, depression; would not enjoy being a hermit; respects people with strong ties to organizations, groups, family; would bother them if they never had kids; does not need others to sooth/calm them when they are upset; does not feel spiritually connected to other people; does not give up easily; more likely than average to seek conflict; does not feel a special sense of destiny or prophecy; does not lose their head; does not like taking orders; not generous; sees themself as a good leader; thinks schooling is important; does not sympathize with others' feelings; does not like poetry; not prone to feeling guilty; thinks they have a lot to contribute; likes to travel; does not do things by the book; does not follow a novel regimen; doesn't worry about things that have already happened; unlikely to have gotten in trouble a lot in school; would not enjoy being out on a sailboat during a storm; likes to joke around; seldom feels blue; does not feel weak; does not feel other people are out to get them; does not put work above pleasure; will get back at others; does not expect things to fail; not guided by superstitions; enjoys teamwork; does not take an interest in other people's lives; able to do things properly; feels lucky most of the time; speaks loudly; able to control their cravings; has trouble changing their behavior to suit the situation; sees to their own needs first; can take their mind off their problems

XCEWD (unhealthy): more likely to have had their dad use them as a therapist growing up; doesn't like happy people; less likely to be a fan of art; excels at nothing or very little; feels that life has no meaning; not usually active and full of energy; unable to do things properly; rarely on the go; does not feel up to any task; avoids responsibilities; has trouble putting themself in the shoes of others; does not get a head start on others; doesn't do much work; does not radiate joy; does not follow a novel life regimen; has secrets; puts their welfare/feelings before their romantic partner; does not bother to make an effort; does not like to attend ceremonies; unmotivated; feels unlucky most of the time; likes to travel less than most; tries to avoid complex people; believes that people are essentially evil; does not feel a strong sense of oneness with others; not analytical; slacker; fearful; does not like to be bothered with others needs; does not accomplish a lot of work; not content with their life, negative; gives up; not skilled in handling social situations; worrier; does not face danger confidently; feels desperate; does not feel spiritually connected to others; not in the mood for anything; does not feel that work is an important part of their life; can't make themself work on a difficult task if they don't feel like trying; does not have a lot of fun; has trouble guessing how others will react; does not enjoy going to art museums; not in touch where their feelings; does not love life; does things without thinking of the consequences; does not smile a lot; does not do everything they say they will; does not do things in logical order; gives up hope; does not feel comfortable with themself; unable to describe their feelings easily; does not start tasks right away; can't stand much stress; does not tend to live in the present; does not see themself as a good leader; dislikes work; low energy; doesn't see the consequences of things; sometimes tries to get people to feel sorry for them; lets things get out of hand; dislikes taking responsibility for making decisions; gives up easily; detests working; has little to say; feels a sense of worthlessness or hopelessness


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