MOTIV Personality Type Descriptions

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Personality type correlations(s): Dependent Personality Disorder
MXEIV (healthy): more likely to be religious; not prone to hating people; rarely loses things; interested in others; more likely to be a large sized person; not easily discouraged; considerate of the feelings of others; likes to make themselves the center of attention; feels that life has meaning; warms up quickly to others; less likely to smoke cigarettes; likes to gossip; not able to describe their feelings easily; thinks they are an extraordinary person; thinks things work out for the best; confident; not bothered by difficult social situations; cordial; physically healthy; not deceptive; fashionable; does not find it hard to forgive others; easy to persuade; easy to satsify; prefer going to movies to watching videos at home; not easily frightened; does not like to be without the company of others; knows where there life is going; polite; open about themselves to others; not hard to get to know; not hard to reason with; has a soft side; not easily moved to tears; positive; optimistic; tries to be with others when they are feeling badly; cares about the needs of others; more likely to be tall; not paranoid; usually happy; would not enjoy being a hermit; does not like bizarre things; will do anything for others; makes friends easily; does what others want them to do; relates to other human beings; not easily hurt; acts comfortably with others; always ready to pitch in; likes to behave spontaneously; trusting of their doctor; likes children; likes being complimented; not embarrassed by praise; interested in people; faithful to old friends; feels comfortable around people; good at maintining a peaceful and comfortable environment

MXEIX (average health): easier for them to apprehend their gut/instincts/feelings than their thoughts; would find it odd if someone was fine after the break up of a long term relationship; when it comes to romantic attraction, captivating their heart is more important than captivating their mind; don't like to feel left out; can be easy to fool; likes to make themself the center of attention; attentive to their appearance; lets themself be influenced by others; has a worse memory of the past than average; agreeable; likes being complimented; has a good imagination; has good manners; lets themself be pushed around; will put up with anything; considerate; does not always know what they are doing; less into exercise than average; status seeking; more likely to favor open relationships; plays tricks on others; easy to persuade; gets physically ill when things are not going their way; desires protection; easily influenced; believes in the power of fate; more likely to cheat to get ahead; spontaneous; more likely to be religious; more likely to pry into other people's business; empathetic; tries to impress others; tries to please everyone; prone to barging in on conversations; can put people under pressure; daydreams about people to maintain a sense of closeness; relates to others; does not find it hard to forgive others; can neglect their duties; polite; often forgets to put things back in their proper place; disregards rules; not picky about food; open about themself to others

MXEID (unhealthy): dependent on the support and nurturance of others; listens to their heart rather than their brain; has trouble functioning when a romantic relationship they are in is not going well; have trouble functioning after a break up; relies on assurances from others; driven by impulsivity, self-loathing, an intense fear of being abandoned, a relentless sense of emptiness, and the feeling they don't know who they are; lets themself be used; excels at nothing or very little; prone to being late; not confident; acts as if they are somebody else and completely identifies with the part; can find it difficult to tell whether something happened or whether it occured only in their imagination; dreams about a rescuer; agreeable; would hate to be considered odd or strange; prone to trying to elicit sympathy by being tragic or morose; prone to breaking up with people and later trying to get back together with them; lets themself be pushed around; easily talked into doing silly things; prone to experiencing a lot of physical pain; easily intimidated; is not open about themself to others; feels that life has little meaning; feels that they are unable to deal with things; expects things to fail; more likely to use medications; feels that other people are out to get them; worrier; has a low opinion of themself; easily impressed; does not like to be without the company of others; afraid of many things; more likely to follow the crowd; clingy; does not maintain their spaces in an orderly way; thinks they need protection; interested in others; more likely to be overweight; does not accomplish their work on time; prone to doing what others do; prone to backing out at the last moment; is easily hurt; is continually losing things; doesn't see things through; dislikes taking responsibility for making decisions; prone to bursting into tears; makes a mess of things; can't concentrate; unmotivated; thinks they would make a good actor; warms up quickly to others; frequently feels shame; does not know what's going on inside me; does things in a half-way manner; is deeply moved by the misfortunes of others; gets physically ill when things are not going well for them; discontent; negative


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