MOTIV Personality Type Descriptions

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these descriptions are still under development so check back periodically


Historic example(s): Judge Judy, Dr. Phil
Fictional example(s):
Personality type correlations(s):
MXTXV (healthy): likes clear goals and clear ways of measuring success; thinks the more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results; more likely to have grown up in a family/environment that prioritized cognition; when they are in a relationship they are more likely to think they can do better than worry they'll be dumped; thinks they always know how to act; thinks they always know how they feel; have a long term life plan that is very specific; believe that health problems should be fixed, not lived with; thinks they do everything the right way; is very aware of their value compared to others

MXTXX (average health): takes themself very seriously; likes to keep their spaces clean; believes the more hierarchical society is, the better; more likely to think genetics are more important than upbringing/environment; believes the purpose of life is excellence; likes to make lists of things to do; believes they need to be in control of their life; thinks their security and safety are more important to them than most people; likes things they can control; believes the ends justify the means; dislikes imperfect work; wants every detail taken care of; their behavior and decisions are generally calculated to maximize their safety/security; prefers competing in the rat race than sticking to their own pace; believes the best rewards are external; being the best at something is very important to them; can get annoyed when the stoplight turns green and they cars in front of them react too slowly; thinks that power over someone's salary is power over their will; wants to be very healthy; values males over females (male); likes submissive romantic partners; thinks it makes more sense to give someone more prison time if it serves the interest of deterring other people from similar criminal behavior; identifies with saying 'those who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do'; obsessed with perfection; finds being in control rewarding; more likely to think the government should deport anyone without citizenship; lives their life based on a specific system they adopted; thinks it's irresponsible for people who suffer depression to have children; their decisions tend to involve extensive research; has contempt for people they think are inferior to them

MXTXD (unhealthy): believes certainty is very important; thinks everyone uses everyone; gets attached to certain rituals; finding out their thinking about something is wrong unsettles them; wants everything to be just right; only forms relationships with others if they believe they will not be rejected; would rather be a film writer than a film actor; more likely to pursue someone they are certain of likes them than someone they are certain they like; believes caring can make you see things that simply are not there; believes some actions are unforgivable; thinks that if you show weakness people will walk all over you; limits input from their environment to maintain the optimal level of aroural


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