MOTIV Personality Type Descriptions

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XCEXV (healthy): believes something has to be good for them and the world to pursue; puts little time and effort into their work; unlikely to smoke cigarettes; does not waste time talking; their parents did not prioritize raising them to be functional, independent, self-supporting; likes happy people; relates to other human beings; has a bright outlook on the future; feels life has meaning; does not seek conflict; thinks schooling is important; grounded in reality; likes art; avoids danger; feels gratitude to others; does not do dangerous things; content with their life, positive; understands people who get emotional; interested in others; not prone to sadness, depression; excels at things; affected by the suffering of others; does not follow a novel regimen; likes to travel; would enjoy a job that involves a lot of social interaction; reveals their intentions; can stand on their own; not paranoid; would regret their behavior if they were to take advantage of someone impulsively; more likely than average to believe in god; unlikely to have attacked someone physically; would no enjoy being a hermit; patient with people who annoy them; unlikely to have been in physical fights; not prone to making enemies; not deceptive; would not enjoy being out on a sailboat during a storm; does not feel weak; calm; empathetic; undertakes things on their own; trusting; feels lucky much of the time; not a slave to money; trusts what others say; doubts reports of so-called mystical experiences; does not get physically ill when things are not going well for them; unlikely to have gotten in trouble much at school; respects people with strong ties to organizations, groups, family; feels comfortable around others; likes to joke around; not prone to panic; thinks that all will be well

XCEXX (average health): more trusting of politicians than average; more likely to have bonded with their opposite sex parent growing up; unlikely to have attacked someone physically; not critical of others' shortcomings; avoids danger; does not feel that yelling makes them feel better; understands people who get emotional; has a intense, boisterous laugh; tends to look at things from only one perspective; respects people with strong ties to organizations, groups, family; does not try to cheat others; less likely to enjoy going to art museums; has a soft side; egalitarian; less likely to smoke cigarettes; rarely late; does not get a head start on things; does not make themself the center of attention; fearful; sympathetic; low energy; did not get in a lot of trouble in school; does not do a lot in their spare time; does not feel up to any task; does not walk over others; would bother them to never have kids; gives up easily; developed a selfless orientation catering to the needs/expectations of their parents growing up; sees themself as an average person; feels a sense of things not being real; not prone to hurting people; more likely to be physically out of shape; polite; sheepish; does not abuse peoples confidences; does not start tasks right away; likes to wear stylish clothing; does not say what they think; shows their fear; not prone to making enemies; affected by other peoples happiness;

XCEXD (unhealthy): thinks they have little to contribute; more likely to be on medication; has secrets; has a dark outlook on the future; unlikely to have attacked someone physically; worrier; feels that life has no meaning; excels at nothing or very little; does not feel up to any task; tends to look at things from a limited number of angles; thinks they are not a special person; feels gratitude to others; does not do a lot in their spare time; was considered a hyperactive child compared to other children; does not think they can tackle much; not an idea person; gets upset when others notice how they look; does not find it easy to stay healthy; procrastinator; does not feel comfortable with themself; has had feeling that their thoughts were audible; fears abandonment more than encroachment; more likely than average to smoke cigarettes; does not seek adventure; gives up easily; not content with their life, negative; not the life of the party; does not enjoy being part of a loud crowd; feels they are unable to deal with things; feels a sense of worthlessness or hopelessness; has a feeling of being directed or controlled from outside; the people they care the most about often make them feel the most uncomfortable; can't make a decision and move on; has a low opinion of themself; rarely on the go; not in the mood for anything; doesn't bother to make an effort; thinks they are less capable than most people; gets frustrated when things go wrong; dislikes looking at themself in the mirror; feels their life lacks direction; does not express themself easily; feels weak; more likely to have a drinking problem; does not know what's going inside them; easily intimidated; uncomfortable when told that they are important; can't put their ideas into practice; can't easily push themself forward; undertakes few things on their own; bonded with their opposite sex parent more than their same sex parent growing up; indecisive


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