MOTIV Personality Type Descriptions

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Historic example(s):
Fictional example(s): James Stewart (Mr. Smith Goes to Washington), Godfrey (My Man Godfrey), Richard Dreyfuss (Jaws), Frances McDormand (Fargo), Steve Carell (40 Year Old Virgin), Peter Parker (Spiderman)
Personality type correlations(s):
XOTIV (healthy): contributing to the world is an essential part of their life; thinks it is important to know how the system works; if they like someone romantically but don't feel/sense reciprocation, they move on; thinks if they have a flaw, it might be that they are overly content; likes working hard; believes that we are responsible for who we are; takes existing ideas and links them together in new and interesting ways; follows the rules/principles of their community really well but that doesn't mean they buy into any of them; feels like if you are going to do a job well, always give it your best work; reads body language well

XOTIX (average health): makes decisions based on specific real world metrics; seeks facts before expressing opinions; feels that by being rational, the will attract the right kind of person; needs solitude (time alone) so they can hear themself think; doesn't like to lose control over their feelings; believes that to really understand something, you have to reduce it to it's principles; frugal; transcendental; readily sees cause-effect relationships; recognizes how things have always been; methodical; believes the purpose of life is making sense of who you are, why you do what you do; is the type of person that thinks escaping into a world where everything is solved using equation; spends a lot of time thinking about ways to do things better; thinks it is important to become aware of how they may see things differently from how they really are; they are the biggest influence in their life; strives for internal consistency of their ideals/moral; strives for internal consistency of their feelings; enjoys discussing movies and books with others; believes it is best to defeat you opponent without them knowing you've won

XOTID (unhealthy): even when it makes them miserable, they are compelled to care about whether things make sense; doesn't feel they deserve anything but will aim to attain/accomplish anything they are interested in attaining/accomplishing; more likely to have had an intense religious experience; have avoided situations or people for fear of getting sick; more likely to consider adopting a handicapped child; more likely to do dangerous things; more likely to follow the crowd; finds it necessary to please the people who have power; more likely to have read the great literary classics; likes to ponder over things; pays no attention to their own needs; more likely to be guided by their superstitions; feels spiritually connected to other people; people they care the most about often make them feel the most uncomfortable; prone to insomnia; likes routine; more likely to tell tall stories about themself; more likely to have had the feeling that other people have injected their thoughts into my mind; lets themself be used; gets physically ill when things are not going well for them; not prone to deciding things on their own; experiences visual distortions/anomalies; doesn't think about the future; more likely to do things behind people's backs; safety conscious; worrier; can make enemies; can find it difficult to tell whether something really happened or whether it occurred only in their imagination; prone to nightmares; doesn't understand things; prone to yelling at inanimate objects; have felt the presence of another person when he or she was not really there; more likely to have problems with their eyesight; lets others discourage them; maintains their spaces in an orderly way; analyzes the reasons for their actions; prone to echoing what others say; how much a romantic partner enthralls them is more important than how comfortable they feel around them; often thinks about how they feel; does a lot of things just to avoid getting sick; gets annoyed by the slightest provocation; gets angry easily; can make demands on others; lets themself be pushed around; can laugh and cry at the same time; counts on others too much; does crazy things; does things for no apparent reason; sacrifices themself for others; bursts into tears; rarely considers their feelings when making a decision; doesn't care what others think; goes out of their way for others; sees events as unavoidable; am often puzzled by the sensations in their body; believe in things that have no scientific value; more likely to be resigned to their fate; wants to keep things as they are; dislikes looking at themself in the mirror; often feels blue; likes bizarre things most people don't know about; likes work; loses their head; knows someone who is absolutely fair and just; does things in a logical order; likes order; likes to test people's loyalty; has a sharp tongue; often has the feeling that others laugh or talk about them; forgoes opportunities; enjoys bringing people together; gets to the heart of the matter; continually losing things; tries to figure themself out; has bad luck; frequently feels shame; traditional; bases their goals in life on inspiration rather than logic; not good at hiding their intentions from others


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