MOTIV Personality Type Descriptions

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Historic example(s):
Fictional example(s): John Cusack (Say Anything), Wolverine (X-men), Luke (Cool Hand Luke)
Personality type correlations(s):
XOEXV (healthy): has few secrets; worries less than average; easily impressed; easily talked into doing silly things; likes to travel; more likely to have had an out of body experience; would enjoy being out on a sailboat during a storm; more likely to believe that people are essentially evil; not deeply moved by others misfortunes; not bothered by difficult social situations; danger seeking; feels that life has meaning; likes happy people; not afraid that their life will be cut short by illness; easily disturbed; skilled in handling social situations; content with their life, positive; excels at things; feels comfortable around people; not easily intimidated; doesn't worry about things that have already happened; thinks they are an extraordinary person; challenges things; confident; likes the unknown; more likely than average to dream about a rescuer; egalitarian/non-prejudiced; seductive; not picky about food; not easily discouraged; likes changes; knows why they are angry when they are angry; thinks they have a talent for influencing people; not easily offended; not avoidant; does not see difficulties everywhere; enjoys the thrill that comes with fearful situations; less fearful than average; has a lot to say; knows whats going on inside them; considers themself attractive; does not enjoy being thought off as a normal mainstream person; makes friends easily; relates to other human beings; has good luck; doesn't let others discourage them; does not feel that other people are out to get them; not disturbed by events; dislikes routine; loves life; faces danger confidently; likes new foods; rarely feels blue; feels they are able to deal with things; would enjoy a job that involved a lot of social interaction; finds it easy to stay healthy; can tackle anything; would go riding down a stretch of rapids in a canoe; never gives up hope; knows immediately what to do; less likely than average to cheat on people who have trusted them; does not do things by the book; would be find with being considered odd or strange; comes up with bold plans; feel comfortable with themself; breaks rules; is usually happy; knows what they want; knows their strengths; does not let themself be directed by others; rebels against authority; not easily deterred; does not like to take orders; does a lot in their spare time; can make themself work on a difficult take even when they don't feel like trying; does not get angry easily; affected by the suffering of others; knows that they are a special person; maintains eye contact with someone if they find them attractive; enjoys offering directions to tourists; has a good sense of humor

XOEXX (average health): makes decisions on the spur of the moment; more unconstrained than scheduled; more random than systematic; more imaginative than realistic; more novel than practical; more likely to work under the wire than finish things safely ahead of time; likes disorder; would rather be killed than back down to anyone; frequently jumps into the unknown; likes to leap into the unknown; their unconscious processes/instincts are as important to them as their conscious ones; finds it rewarding to put their life in the hands of fate; prefers play to work; acts without planning; appears to be loose and casual; laid back; when they go somewhere for the day, more likely to just go than plan what they will do and when; would rather have a friend that was always coming up with new ideas than one with both feet on the ground

XOEXD (unhealthy): prefers art to math; unplanned; takes actions without thinking about the consequences; more abstract than realistic; experiences recurrent strange day dreams or fantasies; more unpredictable than orderly; fails to honor work or financial obligations; very unsystematic; more theoretical than concrete; prefers theory to fact; can be somewhat careless; before they start a project, they sometimes forget to stop and get clear on what they want to to do and why; gets along better with imaginative people than realistic people; prefers to do things according to however they feel that particular day than to make a schedule; tends to be all over the place with no middle ground unless they are alone


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