MOTIV Personality Type Descriptions

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Historic example(s):
Fictional example(s): Jeff Spicoli (Fast Times At Ridgemont High)
Personality type correlations(s):
MXEXV (healthy): people occasionally tell them they are attractive; more likely to demand to be the center of attention; likes happy people; content; positive; thinks life is meaningful; prone to being late; relates to others; interested in others; seldom feels blue; believes in the power of fate; likes to attend ceremonies more than most people; has good manners; is open about themself to others; believes that others have good intentions; more likely to believe in god; has good luck; does not like to be without the company of others; makes friends easily; would enjoy a job that involves a lot of social interaction; skilled in handling social situations; comfortable around people; warms up quickly to others; does not find it hard to forgive others; thinks things work out for the best; more likely to have had an intense religious experience; has a soft side; more likely to spend a lot of time on the phone; usually happy; considerate of the feelings of others; believes they are important; prone to not accomplishing their work on time; loves life; likes changes; not hard to get to know; not embarrassed by praise; prefers to live a life of luxury; prefers going to movies to watching videos at home; has a good imagination; enjoys offering directions to tourists; likes looking at themself in the mirror; expresses themself easily; is not resigned to their fate; believes people are good; more likely to believe in life after death; affected by the happiness/unhappiness of others; feels they are able to deal with most things; will do anything for others; can engage in seductive behavior; prone to blurting out whatever comes into their mind; acts comfortable with others; fashionable

MXEXX (average health): annoyed by super logical people; appreciates decoration; believes that thinking is overrated; acts wild and crazy; let's themselves go; more likely to smoke cigarettes than average; more likely to cheat on people than average; prone to being late; more likely to spend a lot of time on the phone; less likely to remember their dreams; likes to make themself the center of attention; likes to gossip; more likely to be guided by superstitions; enjoys offering directions to tourists; prone to getting others to do their duties; gets physically ill when things aren't going well for them; not good at maintaing attention; fashionable; tries to impress others; thinks they need protection; prone to playing tricks on others; would enjoy being a famous celebrity; prone to talking more about themself; attentive to their appearance; danger seeking; prone to seductive behavior; bases their goals in life on inspiration rather than logic; can sometimes find it difficult to tell whether something really happened or whether it occurred only in their imagination; would not like being considered odd or strange; can't hold onto money for long; prone to counting on others too much; prone to believing they are better than others; more likely than average to use others for their own ends; would not enjoy being a hermit; finds it necessary to please the people who have power; enjoys being part of a group; prone to doing most of the talking; would enjoy a job that involves social interaction; goes through money quickly; prone to traditional ideas/beliefs; feels comfortable around people; prefers city life to rural life; not good at returning things on time

MXEXD (unhealthy): very superstitious; sometimes feels as if they could sleep for a week; deal with criticism very poorly; dependent; attracted to jerks; lies to make things go smoother; moody; romantically attracted to people that sort of hate them historically; does not acknowledge their internal contradictions; afraid to be alone in the dark; acts on emotions before they've had a chance to think through the consequences of their actions; lacks impulse control; finds themself in the same kind of trouble, time and time again; feels that life has no meaning; prone to counting on others too much; feels that other poeple are out to get them; finds it necessary to please the people who have power; prone to experiencing a lot of physical pain; prone to following the crowd; inattentive; unable to do things properly; attentive to their appearance; avoids responsibilites; does not like to be without the company of others; wasteful with money; more likely to abuse people's confidences; more likely to scheme against others; prone to telling tall stories about themself; prone to using others for their own ends; cares what others think of them; afraid of many things; can cheat to get ahead; has trouble concentrating; easily intimidated; likes to gossip; keeps people waiting; does not know what's going on inside them; more likely than average to cheat on people; worrier; discontent; negative; not good with money; easily frightened; deceptive; expects things to fail; status seeking; neglectful of their duties; easily offended; can't keep to the subject; deeply moved by the misfortunes of others; dislikes taking responsibility for making decisions; does things in a half way manner; avoids eye contact; has a low opinion of themself; likes to make fun of people; gets annoyed by the slightest provocation; frequently feels shame


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