MOTIV Personality Type Descriptions

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Historic example(s):
Fictional example(s): Tom Hanks (Forrest Gump), Crocodile Dundee, Alicia Silverstone (Clueless), Coach Taylor (Friday Night Lights), Robert Redford (The Natural),
Personality type correlations(s):
MXXIV (healthy): more likely to believe exercise keeps them sane, frequently reassures their partner that they like/love them in a relationship; smiles a lot; likes being part of a group; likes being part of a community; sees themself as an outgoing, people person; feels comfortable in groups and likes working in them; understands ethnic pride; prefers to spend time in the outer world of people and things than in their inner world of ideas and images; believes that we should be tough on crime; the people they like the most make them smile the most; feels that by being optimistic, they will attract the right kind of person; feels that happiness is the most important thing in life; because they consider it important they establish and build relationships with other people; believes the existing world is the best of all possible worlds; respect is very important to them; has a people or communication orientation; wants to be remembered when they die; enjoys watching the olympics; when stressed, they are more inclined to want to hang out with friends; wants to be part of a community; likes to be feminine (women); likes to stand during the national anthem; their parents are their foundation; wants to make their family proud; believes just because every civilization has collapsed doesn't mean the current one will; they believe there is a formula to happiness; when they are attracted to someone, they enjoy finding out if it's mutual; energized through socializing; being around lots of people gives them more energy

MXXIX (average health): believes it's normal to need someone to be happy; thinks that if you grow up hearing something is great, it's hard to believe otherwise; always feel obligated to complement people; feels the need to always be in a relationship; when they are in a romantic relationship it becomes their life; wants to be connected to others; want their parents to love them; when they really like someone romantically, they will tolerate things they would not normally tolerate; understanding the social landscape is very important to them; finds being appreciated rewarding; cannot survive without being loved by someone; wants to impress their parents; wants to impress their superiors; wants to find someone they love; believes the right romantic partner can transform your life; if they are attracted to someone, they tend to stare at them (men); finding or maintaining true love is the main passion in their life; they often become deeply attached to people they like; gets their energy from other people; likes a romantic partner who will think for them; doesn't like missing out on an event that people they care about are enjoying; the most important important quality in a romantic partner for them is how good of a parent they think the person would be; thinks it is very important to be loved; requires regular external feedback in a relationship; likes to have a mentor in their life; very much wants to be loved; does not want to be unattractive to others; prefers a romantic partner to initiate hooking up (women); wants to be a part of something; their happiness is contingent on the quality of their relationships; thinks being likeable is very important; thinks it is important to be wanted; does not function well if they don't have at least one person in their life that really cares about them; believes their behavioral tendencies have been largely shaped by their upbringing; dislikes bragging; an internally consistent feeling state is more important to them than an internally consistent logic/rationality; would not enjoy having zero contact whatsoever with anyone for a week; living in a commune appeals to them; feels more than they think; trusts their feelings over logical thought; has little interesting in being 100% independent, self reliant; leads from the heart, not the head; when they romantically like someone, they can't ignore their feelings; believes being tactful is more important than telling the cold, hard truth; dislikes sleeping alone; craves intimacy

MXXID (unhealthy): very easily hurt; sometimes let their feelings overwhelm them; feel a yearning for acceptance among their peers; tells white lies to protect other people's feelings, so they won't feel bad; sometimes grovels to win people back; believes public opinion can mean a lot; can't tolerate people leaving/abandoning them; the perception of impending separation or rejection, or the loss of external structure, can lead to profound changes in their self-image, affect, cognition, and behavior; strives for perfection to please the world; fears losing what they have; avoids thinking about certain things because if they do, it will unsettle them; requires the security in a romantic relationship of knowing the other person would never leave them; feels hurt or attacked when someone misunderstands them; needs to be needed; can experience frantic behaviors towards abandonment (whether real or perceived); more aware of what others think than what they think; feels empty when they are romantically single; more aware of what others feel than what they feel; sometimes miss seeing or communicating the hard truth of situations; more likely to have never been 100% independent, self-reliant; thinks people can read their thoughts; believes their behavioral tendencies have largely been shaped by their environment; they are bothered if people don't like them; only do well in affirming situations; self conscious; if they end a relationship, it makes them feel bad if the other person is fine with that; even when they know they don't want to be with someone and they end things, it can still take them months to get over; even if they know they don't like someone enough for it to work long term, it can still hurt if that person breaks up with them; their worst fear is to be forgotten and/or overlooked; are as interested in knowing why people dislike them as they are in why they like them; their actions are predominately motivated by how they'll cause others to view them; focus more on how much a romantic partner likes/wants them than how much they like/want the romantic partner; being disliked by others causes them anxiety; it is easier for them to connect with a romantic partner than with themself; wishes life were easier; their need for closeness and emotional safety overwhelm them; spends a lot of time thinking about the real me vs. the expected me; pretends to be normal, that there is nothing wrong with them, that they are not as different as they know they are; prone to self criticism for not being as loving as they think they should be; dependent on the support and nurturance of others; strives for perfection to please others; worries about doing anything that would estrange someone they liked; defined by a need to be liked; unhappy when not in a romantic relationship; wants to make friends and be close to people but is scared they won't be liked; swayed by their emotions; incredibly sensitive and hypercritical of self; mirrors the behaviors of those they care about; needs people to love them because they can't; greatest fear is abandonment; dislikes themself but wants others to love them


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