MOTIV Personality Type Descriptions

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Historic example(s):
Fictional example(s): Indiana Jones, Jake Gyllenhaal (Donnie Darko), Napolean Dynamite, Bill Murray (Caddyshack)
Personality type correlations(s):
XOXXV (healthy): spends most of their free time doing things they are enthusiastic about; takes risks; good at ignoring unpleasant feelings; casual, open-ended, spontaneous, adaptable; spends a lot of time exploring; sees themself as open to new experiences, complex; has a very relaxed personality; handles stress well; remains calm in tense situations; courageous; rarely anxious; believes when something is right, you just know; when they are interested in something, they;re all in; adept at knowing whether they like someone; adept at knowing whether someone loves me; has the freedom to become something other than their circumstances would normally produce; believes we create ourselves; stress makes them more social; guided primarily by their intuition; thinks they would excel as a comedian; lives by the philosophy - no regrets; if they meet someone they like, it's easy for them to ask that person to hang out sometime, i.e. initiate a friendship; is pursuing / following their dreams; rarely feels self conscious in a strange group; doesn't stay in a relationship if it makes them unhappy; always in a good mood; being true to themself is their primary motivation; generally a very happy person; motivates themself, boredom motivates them to do things; daring, bold strategist, ready to change the world; believes in never saying no until you try something, to do otherwise is to limit yourself

XOXXX (average health): spends a lot of time exploring the unknown; greatly appreciates strangeness; believes it is important to push beyond the boundaries of convention; being different is their oxygen; finds being unconventional rewarding; thinks there is nothing more important than being curious; their life is devoted to honing/refining/developing their internal vision; abstract, inventive, intellectual, theoretical, original; they are different and they don't care who knows it; finds non-conformity rewarding; seeks danger; more interested in the unknown than the known; thinks the world is a canvas and they want to repaint it; feels that by being unconventional, they will attract the right kind of person; comes up with new ideas; likes to do things that scare them; thinks the best way to survive in the world is to be unconventional; gets insights into intrinsic patterns and connections that may not seem linked to the external world; finds being different rewarding; led by their ideas; not wired the same as others; inventive; feels best when they are taking risks; has the temperament of an artist; likes to do frightening things; loves art house (independent) movies; does not need the validation of their parents; likes to reflect, play with ideas; willing to try anything once; would be hurtful to be unable to be different; have been frequently told by others that are different from most people; curious about many different things; more aware of how they want to act than of what actions would be most rewarded by others/society; values artistic, aesthetic experiences; it is very important to them that their kids are unconventional; artistic achievement is very important to them; solves problems by leaping between different ideas and possibilites; gets their energy from their inner world of thoughts and feelings; sophisticated in art, music, or literature; libertarian; follows whatever they are interested in; loves to customize things; has an active imagination; their internal understanding of existence is their primary guide in life; believes in living completely in the very secon of the present with no before or after; frequently writes stories, poetry and/or music; can see into people's fears, insecurities, etc., immediately upon meeting them; uses difficult worlds; believes you can never be too unconventional; thinks they can live their life in any way they want to; willing to be misunderstoood; frequently sketch, draw, and/or paint; can magically make things happen; believes every individual interprets the world differently; thinks that nothing is more important than freedom; supernatural; thinks the only way to not remain an idiot is to keep following your internal idiot; there's no topic they are uncomfortable discussing; does not back down when threatened; always thinking there has to be a better way; hates looking like anyone else; thinks marijuana should be legal; engages in magical thinking; thinks there is nothing more important than intuition; had a lot of philosophical discussions with their family growing up; if the happiest path in life for them also resulted in everyone thinking they were an idiot, they would still take that path; thinks some primitive cultures are better overall than western civilization; gets more attention than they want; doesn't want how I feel/think to rely on teh opinions of others; follows their inner voice

XOXXD (unhealthy): finds obscurity rewarding; doesn't feel like many people really know them; likes to escape reality; prefers ideas to actuality; has a history of stealing; has always had a fascination with the dark side of human nature; lives in their own reality; believes the government can't be trusted; experiences magical thinking that influences their behavior; lives their life from their imagination; more attached to their imagination than reality; romantically attracted to members of their own gender (women); if they were to follow their instincts deep down, they would always behave unconventionally; sometimes forget check with the outside world to see if their ideas really fit the experience; believes the typical, ordinary way feels like a betrayal of themself; their identity is very much about being different/strange/mysterious compared to the majority; has gotten more enjoyment out of music than anything else in life; prone to escapism; spends a lot of time thinking about the purpose of existence; attracted to depressive types; mostly lives in their head, not in the world; the people they are attracted to tend to be messed up; things other people find disturbing interest them; thinks jobs are for suckers; experiences unusual perceptions; weird; their speaking style is unusual; thinks a lot of people in their life have tried to stab them in the back; is the type that needs to burn their hand on a hot stop to learn to stop putting their hand on a hot stove; frequently mentally tunes out; prefers one on one interaction to group interaction; very sensitive to the lighting of a room; insane; not normal; finds it easier to sleep during the day than at night; tends to pursue people they think will workout in their head, but then lack sufficient physical interest in; more messy than clean; focuses on being obscure; often finds themself resenting people who give them orders; if they get to close to someone romantically, they fear they'll have to relinquish too much of themself; outsider; has a daydream life about which they do not tell other people; felt rejected by their mother and father; doesn't care if they die right now; the idea of dropping out of society to get more in tune with themself makes a lot of sense to them; doesn't believe there are many people they could be in romantic relationship with on the whole earth; under-stimulated; keeps a lot of what they do secret; had one or more intrusive parents; preoccupied with what they don't know; has a lot of energy but is very uneasy; chaotic; behaves strangely; bewildered by life; more likely to have been bullied growing up


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