MOTIV Personality Type Descriptions

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Historic example(s):
Fictional example(s):
Personality type correlations(s): R-Drive Activity, Avoidant Personality Disorder
XXXXV (healthy): thinks life is worth living; is at peace with themself; has had a happy life; content; thinks the key to being happy is choosing to be happy; motivates themself; can be themself around anyone; is loved; has had more good luck than bad luck; rarely experiences anxiety; thinks their life has never been better than it is now; believes unhappiness is a solvable problem; thinks they have had an ideal life; if they were diagnosed with a serious illness, they would focus on how they would overcome it; believes happiness is a choice; thinks that no matter how bad life gets, they will get through it; exercise regularly; enjoys exercising; likes being physically exhausted; if someone they like says they are not interested in them enough to pursue things, they move on; more likely to have had attentive parents; thinks enjoying being alive is more important than being unconventional; thinks they don't need to change who they are to become a better person; calm; self reports as having vigorous health; more likely to have been very close to their mother (women); more likely to have had an ideal childhood; if something makes them happy, they don't overthink why; avoids spending their time just sitting around resting; more likely to have friends similar to them; have to have a lot in common to be friends with someone; if someone they romantically like says they may not be interested in them enough to pursue things, they move on

XXXXX (average health): likes to go through life without haste, unhurried, in a relaxed matter; prefers to remain easy-going and unflappable (even when maybe other emotions/behaviors would be more fitting/effective); does not get worked up about most things, even things they should get worked up about; if something makes sense but doesn't feel right, they are unlikely to stick with it; has few artistic interests; believes the only reason to pursue a different/unconventional path in life is if that path is better; remembers events as snapshots of what actually happened; trusts experience first and trust words and symbols less; pays more attention to the information that comes in through their five senses than the patterns and possibilities that they see in the information they receive, faux friendships are difficult for them to make, has trouble showing anger

XXXXD (unhealthy): has thoughts of suicide or suicidal behavior; gets very depressed, often; dislikes themself; thinks life is not worth living; thinks it's scary to talk to people; at a certain point their parents distanced themselves from them (and they remain distant); feels lost; feels trapped in their body; not comfortable with themself; feels they have little control over life (learned helplessness); can't make it a week without feeling unhappy; feels they would be better off dead; frequently feel unhappy for no particular reason; gets stressed out easily; the purpose of a lot of their activities/interests is to distract them from thinking about the meaninglessness of existence; at a certain point in life they became broken have never recovered; does not know who they are; the image they present to others and who they really are, are not the same; think they have not lived the right kind of life; not comfortable in their own skin; finds it painful/humiliating when people make note of their shyness; is confused by life; would rate their healthiness as very low; tends to avoid others but secretly wishes to have rewarding relationships; lacks motivation; has a lot of inner turmoil; thinks being optimistic leads to disappointment; experiences shame a lot; thinks they are kind of like a zombie; has a defeatest outlook on life; suspect that others are exploiting, harming or deceiving them; can only be themself around a few people; has identity issues; attracted to sadness; sometimes feels as if they must injure themself; can't be themself around anyone; fears getting involved with others; quiet in social situations, often out of fear of saying something stupid; not very good at making friends; aware of what their problems are but think they can't help it because that's how they are (learned helplessness); gets irritated easily; does not value happiness; feels drained after being out and about, even if they've enjoyed themself; has a slow pace to life; is drained by other people; plagued by suspicions that other people, including loved ones, may be doing things behind their back that will end up hurting them; has trouble extending themself to others; hangs around doing nothing; doesn't know what they want; their reaction to the external world tend to be flat; have no will power; lack an interior life; have not sorted things out yet; have difficulty trusting people; not good at being healthy consistently; thinks that if everyone in the world was like them, the world would probably self destruct; tense; wishes they felt less; frequently express inappropriate, intense anger of have difficulty controlling their anger; persistently bear grudges and don't forget insults or injuries; if they were a plant, they would probably be a cactus; lack conviction; believes you get the future you get, not the one you want; have learned to behave helplessly; stress makes them less social; does not love anything; sometimes spends too much time reflecting and does not move quickly enough; reserved, private, distant, in-the-background; often think 'what am i doing'; hides/conceals their strengths/advantages; not honest with their parents about their life; gets nausea frequently, gets headaches frequently; has problems controlling their angel; is sometimes shy, inhibited; gets physically ill when things are not going well for them; tends to choose jobs that are below their skill level; more likely to be on anti-depressants; lives in the past; sees themself as reserved, quiet; thinks freedom is an illusion


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