MOTIV Personality Type Descriptions

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Historic example(s):Kathleen Hanna, Hugh Hefner
Fictional example(s): Ferris Bueller, Peter Venkman (Ghostbusters), Val Kilmer (Real Genius), Hank Moody (Californication), Max Fischer (Rushmore), Otter (Animal House), Matthew Lilly (SLC Punk), Chevy Chase (Caddyshack), Withnail (Withnail & I)
Personality type correlations(s): R-Drive Hedonism, Enneagram Type 7, Borderline Personality Disorder
MOXXV (healthy): more outgoing than reserved; in love with self; tends to be center of attention; thinks they can do anything they want to do; seeks adventure; tends to believe things will work out; social; expressive; talkative; enthusiastic; likes to look at their body; full of energy; a strong will to live is important to them; stands out; think they can sell anyone anything; has a lot of pride; is the life of the party; constantly seeking new and exciting experiences; tends to date very attractive people; thinks everybody likes to hear their stories; thinks they are special and chosen; seeks out positions of leadership; thinks they can bend the universe to their will; identifies with powerful / dominating types; when they get the urge to contact someone they act on it; their foundation is pursuing what they desire; skilled at seduction; thinks they get what they want; extremely ambitious; thinks they can get pretty much anyone to like them romantically; thinks they are very impressive; is motivated by the desire to be in control of their happiness; wants to have an exciting life (stimulating experiences); won't take no for an answer; finds believing in themself rewarding; new experiences are their oxygen; have designed their life to maximize their freedom; maintaining happiness is their number one priority; frequently makes changes to their life to maximize their happiness; at parties they are more likely to do most of the talking

MOXXX (average health): flirts in everything they do on some level; very observant of how they physically feel; finds being irrational rewarding; thinks they can make others believe anything they want them to; is accused of being a hipster; is a social chameleon; does things when they feel like doing them; would rather be the center of attention than part of the audience; when they have strong romantic feelings for someone they have to have them; expects more from life than most people; wants everyday to be exciting; could not be one place their whole life; would go outside naked just to attract attention; would hate to be ordinary; their foundation is how great they feel; how good a job/career makes them feel is more important than whether it makes sense; tends to go with whatever path feels the greatest; likes feeling 'high'; has been in and stayed in relationships that made them feel good but didn't make sense otherwise; pursues activities which make them feel blissful/high; thinks they have better artistic taste than most people; thinks life is a game; likes feeling a heightened sense of pleasure; is addicted to attention (positive or negative); thinks they can usually talk their way out of anything; thinks life is like a game of poker; likes to have power over others; pursues new intense experiences in the hopes of finding that next rush; is a thrill seeker compared to most people; thinks sex is the most important thing in a romantic relationship; is an adventure addict; is hot headed (overtly or covertly); values male attention over female attention (if female); cultivates a certain image; knows whether they are physically attracted to someone within seconds; always wants to do something bigger and better than the rest; wants to stand out; have sometimes stood up a date or a friend because something that sounded like more fun came up; thinks that in order to be irreplaceable one must always be different; thinks you can never be to content; is frequently told by others (other than a gf/bf) that they are attractive; physical sensation is very important to them; likes to talk about sex; can be argumentative; more likely to have (or have had) a strong connection with their opposite sex parent; values how much they like a significant other more than how much their so likes them; would like to find their way into the history books; when they want something they will sometimes go out on a limb to get it; thinks they can talk others into doing things; thinks the world is a playground to satisfy their desires; their main motivation is to express their individuality; thinks identity is the imprint of one's will on existence; has a high sex drive / very sexual; tells stores in such a way as to maximize their listeners interest; thinks it's vital to find a career which entertains them; collects people; shoots their mouth off; likes to show off; is dominant romantically; likes dominant and/or aggressive romantic partners; likes to produce beautiful and/or appealing things; wants to achieve the impossible; would like to live on in some way; can dress provocatively to gain attention; thinks they know how to get around the rules; is very intense; more attracted to people with quick and brilliant minds than a practical person with common sense; more likely to have had a history of shop lifting; uses sex to regulate their emotions

MOXXD (unhealthy): has a history of unstable and intense relationships; invents their own reality as they go; has trouble controlling their anger; sometimes gets so angry they want to burn down the world; can quickly switch from idealizing other people to devaluing them; fluctuates between feeling superior/amazing (high self worth) and feeling depressed/terrible (self disappointment); has angry outbursts; has a public and private personality; always feels the need to have a story to tell; their desires exceed their consideration; doesn't care much about attention unless they like someone and then they want all that person's attention; when romantically hooking up with someone is prone to imagine someone else; their parents want to be closer to them than they want to be with them; thinks no one is like them; can be infatuated with someone one day and hate them the next; creates / puts forward their own subjective version of reality in their interactions with others; more likely to threaten to hurt themself to manipulate others; romantically attracted to people who are much older (female); has boundary issues; is a mass of conflicting impulses; selects romantic partners that are really into them or that they are really into but rarely finds both; what they want changes from one hour to the next; thinks they would make a good scam artist; more likely to exaggerate their achievements to with the respect of others; tends to pursue pleasurable things without considering whether those things are actually good for them; is obsessive; music is very important to them; is possessive; is a rage-aholic; has a secret life; is concerned about the hidden motives of others; thinks the normal rules don't apply to them; is prone to intrusiveness; likes to antagonize others; is sexually aroused by things they think are bad; is obsessed about things that interest them; has a history of inappropriate crushed; is only interested in things they are extremely passionate about; needs to be inspired; likes people too much or not at all; has imaginary conversations in their head about whoever they care the most about romantically; tells many white lies; tends to act out when they are being ignored; more likely to have had parents that were both overly complimentary and rejecting alternately; is prone to addiction / addictive tendencies; preoccupied with their inner thought world; manic/mania tendencies; thinks they are very smart but unhappy; confuses commitment with engulfment; would be a terrorist for a cause they believed in; likes to engage in daily acts of rebellion; likes to imagine they have a better life than they do; lavishes affection on loved ones one moment and lashes out at them the next; tends to crave most the thing they are not capable of having; their relationships often follow this pattern, phase 1 - seduction/idealization/infatuation, phase 2 - clinging, phase 3 - hating; tends to stick to whatever persona they create for themselves; mimics emotions; loves attention but dislikes intimacy (a person getting too close to them); prone to outbursts of rage and inappropriate anger; tends to have a 'I hate you, don't leave me' attitude with loved ones


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