MOTIV Personality Type Descriptions

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Historic example(s):
Fictional example(s): Ben Stiller (Dodgeball), Patrick Bateman (American Psycho), Jack Nicholson (A Few Good Men)
Personality type correlations(s):
MCXWV (healthy): unlikely to consider adopting a handicapped child; would not want to go riding down a stretch of rapids in a canoe; would not enjoy being out on a sailboat during a storm; content with their life, positive; cares about dressing nicely; likes to travel; feels that life has meaning; pays attention to their own needs; not prone to yelling at inanimate objects; fashionable; not generous, helpful; likes to joke around; more likely to favor open romantic relationships; less likely to be on medications; more likely to be out for their own personal gain; does not frequently feel shame; thinks about their decisions; makes decisions easily; likes to gossip; likes to be the center of interest; has a high opinion of themself, confident; not easily talked into doing silly things; thinks they are a special person; not avoidant; seldom feels blue; not deeply moved by others misfortunes; usually knows why they do things; more likely to exercise every day; does not accept the first thing that comes along; loves luxury; does not let themself be pushed around; would enjoy a job that involves a lot of social interaction; considers themself attractive; less fearful than average; does not keep others at a distance; has good luck; does not expect things to fail; can put their ideas into practice; capable; does a lot in their spare time; skilled in handling social situations; likes being complimented; not guided by superstitions; more likely than average to smoke cigarettes; puts things back in their proper place; knows what they want; not easily deterred; does not get out of control; thinks existence is meaningful; usually knows what they are doing; does not feel that other people are out to get them; not quiet around strangers; danger averse; more likely to put their feelings/welfare first even in a long term romantic relationship; does not suffer from others sorrows; believes they are important; not embarrassed by praise; not prone to nightmares; goes after what they want; loves life; prefers a life of luxury; in good physical condition; has good luck; does not resist society's rules; likes looking at themself in the mirror; less likely to cheat to get ahead; not afraid of doing the wrong things; does not think people are evil; open to arguments; does not let themself be used; does not swim against the current; cares whether they are considered special; thinks things work out for the best; usually busy; able to do things properly would not enjoy being a hermit; would enjoy being a famous celebrity; status seeking; considers themself good looking; doesn't tolerate critics

MCXWX (average health): values attractiveness more than how emotionally comfortable they feel around a long term romantic partner; does not worry about things that have already happened; likes to gossip; likes to make fun of people; lets themself be influenced by others; puts their welfare/feelings first even in a long term romantic relationship; thinks most politicians are corrupt; likes to be the center of interest; able to describe their feelings easily; likes to be envied by others; more likely than average to believe than one race of people is better than others; less likely than average to smoke cigarettes; has broken up with people they later tried to get together with; more likely to dream about a rescuer; more likely to laugh and cry at the same time; can burst into tears; dislikes order; cares whether they are considered special; does not like to take orders; attentive to their appearance; thinks they lack a talent for influencing people; demands attention; cares about dressing nicely; thinks they need protection; not particularly generous, helpful; will let others have the credit; not a fan of working; prone to complaining; less likely to consider adopting a handicapped child; more likely to believe that too much tax money goes to support artists; will not sacrifice themself for others; not safety conscious; prone to blurting out whatever comes into my mind; prone to believing that people are either good or bad (black and white thinking); would not like being considered odd or strange; lets people pull their leg; wishes they could more easily show their negative feelings; likes having authority over others; status seeking; less likely than average to get a tattoo; does not go out of their way for others; would rather be with someone they merely liked romantically (but not loved) than alone; notices their emotional reactions; likes being complimented; fashionable; quick to judge others; does not swim against the current; less likely to be on medications; makes decisions quickly; can be superficial; enjoys being part of a group

MCXWD (unhealthy): more like to smoke cigarettes than average; often late to things/work; not a huge fan of happy people; more likely to follow the crowd; more likely to scheme against others; puts themself first even in a long term relationship; tends to talk mainly about themself to others; can look at things from only one perspective; prone to hating people; unwilling to take risks; more likely to believe unfortunate events occur because of bad luck; cares about dressing nicely; likes to gossip; puts down others proposals; cares what others think; cares what others think about them; is a bad loser; prone to using others for their own ends; less likely to be affected by the suffering of others; open about myself to others; easily intimidated; unwilling to take a stand; can copy others; wants success to just happen to them; does not like to be bothered by the needs of others; not usually happy; can become angry at friends; more likely than average to cheat to get ahead; likes to make fun of people; can do things out of revenge; more likely to tell tall stories about themself; can feel that life has no meaning; danger averse; likes to travel less than average; worrier; easily frightened; dislikes the unknown; more likely to misuse power than average; more likely to feel that other people are to blame for their problems; easily made to feel jealous; discontent with their life, negative; less likely to be bothered by the apparent suffering of strangers; more likely to believe people are bad; dislikes work; unwilling to make personal sacrifices in order to help people they care about; can be deceptive to others; does not try to forgive and forget; can't accept criticism without getting upset; afraid of many things; does not treat all people equally; bothered by difficult social situations; can by guided by superstitions; gets annoyed at the slightest provocation; sees events as unavoidable; not in the mood for anything, unmotivated; easily deterred; picky about food; prone to complaining; hard to reason with


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