MOTIV Personality Type Descriptions

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Historic example(s):
Fictional example(s): V (V for Vendetta), Randal Graves (Clerks)
Personality type correlations(s): Antisocial Personality Disorder
XOXWV (healthy): thinks their greatest strength is their ability to get their own way; believes the only validation they need to prove they are great is their own; hard on themself zero times a day; thinks they are perfect how they are and doesn't care about anyone that disagrees; would enjoy being out on a sailboat during a storm; more likely than average to smoke cigarettes; not easily deterred; likes happy people; thinks they are an extraordinary person; not prone to feeling guilty; looks at things from multiple perspectives; likes to travel; enjoyed school; capable; comfortable with themself; less fearful than average; content with their life, positive; knows what they want; not guided by superstitions; enjoys the thrill that comes with fearful situations; not easy to fool; not easily frightened; thinks they are a special person; likes working; does not follow the crowd; does not frequently feel shame; feels that life has meaning; likes taking responsibility for making decisions; usually works on improving things, instead of getting frustrated, when everything seems to be going wrong; doesn't lose their head; does not feel guilty when they say no; not easily hurt; does not let themself be pushed around; would like to be considered odd or strange; likes to ponder over things; doesn't let others discourage them; pays attention to their needs; does not accept the first thing that comes along; good long term memory; does not do things in a half way manner; enjoys teamwork; their life has direction; acts comfortably with others; comes up with bold plans; can stand a great deal of stress; good at concentrating; knows what going on inside them; does not tire out quickly; challenges things; thinks at some point in the evolutionary future humans will be as different from us as we are from apes; feels they are able to deal with things; does not wait for others to lead the way; more likely to feel spiritually connected to other people; does not have a slow pace to their life; not crushed by setbacks; believes that people should fend for themself; less likely to copy others; thinks about the future; considers themself good looking; does not get physically ill when things are not going well for me; likes bizarre things that most people don't know about; has a good imagination; less likely to consider adopting a handicapped child; does their own things; am not bothered by difficult social situations; would enjoy being a famous celebrity; swims against the current; thinks they can tackle anything; can accept criticism without getting upset; relaxed most of the time; sees through problems; can put their ideas into practice; undertakes things on their own; does not skip difficult works when reading; willing to make a high risk investment; accomplishes a lot of work

XOXWX (average health): if people annoy them, they do not hesitate to tell them so; too lost in their own world to actually care what other people might be thinking/feeling about them; believes enjoying being alive is more important than being of service to others; will not let themself be taken advantage of; could never willingly give up their freedom; thinks problems in a romantic relationship hurt the relationship not them; fears being controlled, being led; aggressive; is easier for them to say no than yes; finds it easy to express irritation with others; more likely to get angry than depressed; has been in jail or done something that could have put them in jail; can be very blunt and opinionated; amuses them how emotional people get over stuff; when making decisions it is more important for them to weigh the facts than consider people's feelings and opinions

XOXWD (unhealthy): have a complete lack of empathy and guilt; believes nobody knows them for who they truly are; fine with hurting people; would exploit their own mother if it benefited them; cold and aloof; extremely sarcastic, enduringly bitter; uninterested in the feelings of others; has been accused by other people of being cruel to people or animals; doesn't feel bad if they lie; doesn't feel bad if they hurt others; cold and calculating; can be rude; has a difficult time relating to others; can be callous; more dark hearted than warm hearted; obscure; more likely to wish they didn't have a family; more bad than good; hard for them to feel bad about people they have hurt; contradicts others; finds most people irrational; unmoved by violence; apathetic in situations most people show concern; sometimes miss or don't value the people part of a situation; finds being uncaring, unhelpful rewarding; has an aversion to caring about, helping others; does not believe in right or wrong; identifies with the line 'the ways of those with whom I live, and probably always shall live, are as different from mine as moonlight is from sunshine'; has had the thought/feeling that they wanted to hurt someone; sometimes feels as if they must injure someone else; conventional morality means nothing to them; doesn't like most people; hates everyone; gets burned out, fatigued if they spend time helping others; believes it's safer to trust nobody; doesn't understand having pride in one's culture; their philosophy is 'fuck everything'; does not believe in social responsibility; has murderous ideas/impulses; unsure or anti having kids; can be callous; dislikes people who are nice to everyone; dislikes tv shows or movies that are preachy; enjoys pissing people off; more likely to have had a history of physical fights; doesn't have empathy so they fake it; feels weird at funerals because they know they should feel sympathy but they don't; more likely to self describe as a sociopath; feels awkward and blank if a friends cries in front of them; doesn't get bothered by seeing humans injured or in pain; more likely to be sadistic and evil; dislikes people and the world; believes in trusting no one, look after themself alone; detached, passive-aggressive loner with authority issues and an unforgiving nature; confrontation-ally derogatory; more likely to cheer for the bad guys in films; prone towards violent fantasies


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